My parents announced their divorce in the middle of my final exams and drag me into their fight daily

My parents broke the news of their divorce during my exams! I am angry at their insensitivity. They are using me as their punching bag daily too.
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Dear Sir,

My parents are going through a divorce and I’m their only child. I was in the midst of my final year exams when they broke the news to me. Both of them are using me as a vomiting bowl and keep bitching about each other. I hate being in this position. I also hate the fact that both of them have been insensitive to me in terms of timing this during my exams. I don’t know how to handle their venting and my own emotions about all this. Please advise.

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Aman Bhonsle says:


Yours is a difficult position to be in.

Secure your future first

You need to be realistic about the situation with your parents

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5 unbelievably weird reasons cited by Indians for divorce

How to deal with mementos of a lost love

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  1. Absolutely CORRECT! AGREE
    Moreover, parents should never be irresponsible enough not to look at the future of the child. Many children who deal with such issues should read this!

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