Struggles and Scars

What to do when a father abuses his children

When her husband began to touch their sons wrongly, she was determined to put their safety above her marriage. Could she be strong enough?
man abusing child

A client’s story

The first time it happened when our eldest son was eight years old. My husband removed our son’s shorts in our living room and touched his penis. He thoroughly examined it. Our son felt very embarrassed and ran to his room. I had never expected such a bold act from my otherwise shy husband. I told him that our son was embarrassed. He responded that as a father he had to check his son’s development. I watched my husband’s expressions in utter shock. They were not those of a father checking the development of his son, but someone who was amused by the act. I knew right then it was wrong.

We have two sons who were aged eight and five then. He visited their room often and played with them, but I had an eye on their room every time he went there because he always fondled the boys in an inappropriate manner. I raised the concern with him, but he kept accusing me of being very narrow minded.

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