Please Help Me Stop My Emotional Eating

I am unable to get rid of emotional eating. I had been going through some emotional issues and food was like a solace then. I kept eating without thinking of the calories I was stuffing into my mouth.

I want to lose weight now

I have realised that life cannot go on like this and I am trying to desperately lose weight. But I am unable to overcome this habit of emotional eating. I am on a weight loss journey now and trying to count calories and exercise regularly. I still need to lose around 30 kgs. However, this emotional eating is making me overeat. I don’t order or eat outside. But, I am always nibbling biscuits or nuts. I just can’t stop myself. Please help. I urgently need your help.

Dear Lady

I understand it might be very hard to lose weight when it comes to controlling our emotional eating habits.

Food is like medicine

Food is like medicine
Food is like medicine

For so many years, we have been training ourselves to believe that food is like medicine. This means when we are hurt or in pain or feeling uncomfortable in different situations if we eat the food we feel better. We immediately start feeling better. And this method helps because food does help in numbing out certain emotions we don’t like to feel.

Food can be like Bandaid

Food can be like Bandaid
Food can be like Bandaid

However, just by putting Bandaid on a deep wound we can get temporary relief, but the wound will not heal. So with emotional eating too, temporarily you will feel good, but in the long run, the deeper emotions are not taken into consideration.

Ask yourself a question

Try this: Ask yourself what is it that you are really craving for when you are craving for certain foods. Is it a deeper need of love, acceptance or just boredom that you are trying to fill-in?

Do let me know what comes to your mind and I will be happy to help you further around this journey of yours.

Take care,
Riddhi Golechha

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