Signs your ex never loved you.

13 Painful Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend/Boyfriend Never Loved You

Every relationship goes through different stages; a few sustain and a few deteriorate. None of it happens in a blink of an eye or overnight. There are always multiple red flags that you may have ignored because you were so smitten with your ex. However, a lack of clarity about how a partner felt about you can make dealing with a breakup far messier. 

how do guys feel when you cut them off

How Do Guys Feel When You Cut Them Off?

It’s not always easy cutting people off from your lives. Sometimes you know them just for a week, while other times you have been in a relationship with them for years. When you’ve just begun seeing someone, it’s easier to identify the talking stage red flags. But in a longer relationship, it’s difficult to identify them and even more difficult to take the next harsh step.

What happens to a man when a woman pulls away

What Happens To A Man When A Woman Pulls Away? The True List Of 27 Things

Trying to understand what goes through his head when she’s nowhere to be seen still makes for an interesting study. Whether you’re trying to find the answer to that question for research purposes or just to satiate your curiosity, we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at the possible things that a man can go through when all his texts are left on seen and the late-night video calls run their course.

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