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I need to remarry for myself, not for my son

Divorced and with a young son her sole responsibility, Jaibala has been reconsidering how she approaches possible future relationships
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The society and the people around us invariably expect just one thing to happen in everyone’s life: Settle down. For men, this means landing up with a well-paying job and for women, this happens when she ties a knot. Sometimes, even progressive people define women by this very yardstick. So how would the same people react to a woman who got divorced merely two years after “settling down”. To top it all, she has a son, too, to look after since her ex-hubby refused to shoulder his share of parenthood.

I went through all this around three years ago. The day my divorce got finalized, I felt like celebrating the freedom from the trauma of marriage. That was, ironically though, also the same day when search for the second ideal man on matrimonial sites started afresh. Though my parents never push me to re-marry, but they did remind me of the responsibility of my son. “Think about S (my son)” speeches were given to me to make me agree, grudgingly though, to the second innings of marriage.

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