Love In Movies Vs Real Life

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Updated On: July 13, 2023
love in movies vs real life

We derive inspiration from movies for many aspects of our real life. Their seemingly real ways give us hope, dreams and aspiration about how we envision our lives to be. However, love in movies vs real life is worth digging deeper into so we can put our expectations on a down low and make smarter decisions.

Not every boyfriend will hold a boombox under your balcony and not every woman will leave her entire life behind and sacrifice herself to be with you. Don’t get us wrong, these things do happen. But not as often as movies make it seem.

Love In Movies Vs Real Life

Films are known worldwide for their extravagant portrayal of romance. But that isn’t the case in real life, is it? There are no dance numbers erupting when you’re out on a date, or villains getting beaten up by the guy who eventually wins the damsel’s heart.

Love isn’t as grand as shown in these movies. A comparison of love in movies vs real life is essential for managing your expectations and making smarter choices when it comes to falling in love. Why, you ask? Well, because, real-life can be quite the opposite of the grand posturing portrayed in reel life.

How? Let’s take a look:

1. Leaving everything behind

This is one of the most common notions used in an average romantic storyline. One lover or both of them leave behind everything. Their family, their friends, their possessions and what not to live happily ever after.

love in movies
Leaving behind everything to be with your love isn’t always viable in real life

While that seems amazing and we wish life was that perfect and simple, it quite frankly is not. You’d be lucky to find someone who loves you that much but that is too rare and very hard to come by.

Real life is quite different. The “leaving behind everything” comes back to bite you after some time. It is impractical and not a good decision in most cases. Even after one does that, the resentment might linger. There are outbursts, fights, frustrations and the ‘happily ever after‘ goes for a toss.

2. Sexy in no time

Movies have shown us several nerds with glasses and flat hair who become sexy in an instant. As if it’s some sort of a magic voodoo thing! And then the girl/boy of their dreams instantly gives them all the attention in the world.

Love in movies is truly crazy when it comes to setting the bar of expectations from oneself and one’s partner. Everyone is constantly attractive and dolled up and beautiful! How is that even possible?

In real life, looking sexy takes a lot of effort. A lot. It is a constructed reality, not a natural thing. And it isn’t enough. People aren’t so shallow that they’ll fall madly in love with someone purely on the basis of their looks.

For a romance to kindle, one has to work hard in every department. And that takes a lot longer than the entire duration of a typical movie!

3. The song and dance routine

Ok, let’s all agree that every dance number that appears out of nowhere is ridiculous. And still, you see at least one in every movie! Well, Bollywood movies in particular. Love in movies is incomplete without these dance numbers that make you feel like love is constantly a happy song.

While it elates you in the movie theatre, leave that elation there. Because that is not how real life works at all. Love in movies has painted a very different picture for us.

Romance in real life doesn’t come with a background orchestra with a built-in mic that can magically convey your feelings to your partner. Actual communication is the key to a relationship and you have to master it and do it right.

Music cannot say things for you. You have to walk up to them and say those things out loud and then face the awkwardness on your face.

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4. Holy change of mind

Movies have often portrayed rejection as the fuel to pursue a love interest harder. The hero gets rejected, he still pursues his love, he keeps pushing on, and then, they are finally together. Love and romance in movies is all about proving your love and yourself consistently.

In real life, you’re more likely to get a restraining order for pursuing someone against their wishes, and their affections. Try doing that in real life, without getting an FIR against your name or being attacked with pepper spray. I dare you!

In real life, rejection almost always is the absolute thing with no or little chance of the other person changing their mind.

5. Change in character

Movies often portray romance as a redemption for the sins of the character/s. A bad boy falls for a good girl, who transforms him and their life is pitch-perfect from thereon. People shed away a lot of who they are to pursue love and happiness.

While that is noble – and to an extent real – do not expect that from people constantly. You may come across as too demanding and you can never build a happy relationship with someone who cannot be themselves with you.

Well, turns out this sort of relationship is very toxic in real life and often leads to some major disasters. Love in movies is not the same as love in real life. Neither are the people. You see, there is rarely that level of monumental character changes in people and that is something that you won’t see in these movies.

love in real life
In real life, you cannot and shouldn’t expect a partner to change

Movies have always portrayed romance as a flamboyant celebration, which it is. But the real essence, the real celebration is always hidden behind the glam and glitz. Look closely and you might see a real couple in the background, just sitting and talking to each other about life, complementing and supporting each other. That is the real deal.


1. Does love like in the movies really exist?

Only to a very limited extent. Love in movies really blows things out of proportion. The love, the sacrifice and the emotions are all amplified too much. So do not expect that from love in real life.

2. What is the difference between love and real love?

Love is real love if it is true, honest and considerate.

3. Why real life is not like movies?

Real life has a whole host of problems that movies do not even begin to cover. These problems are natural because life is not so rosy and simple as projected in the movies. The same is the case with love too.

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