12 Ways To Say “I Love You” In Math Code!

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Updated On: November 3, 2023
I Love you in math code
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We all know that love can be expressed through romantic poems, grand gestures, flowers, hugs and kisses. But did you know that there exist codes too, to say that you love someone? And that those codes involve mathematics? March 14, every year is International Mathematics Day and on this day let’s get into the mathematical equation of love and write “I love you” in numbers and codes.

Creativity has no limits. And when communication entered cyberspace, all communication got short coded. Our favorite codes are the ones for love! Do you like ingenuity and creativity? Maybe you’re a fan of math. Aware of the i<3u math trick? If not we are coming to it. Or perhaps you just are not comfortable saying lovey-mushy things. If you say ‘yes’ to any of the above, then read ahead to discover a world full of mathematical codes for love!

How To Say ‘I Love You’ In Mathematical Code

On International Mathematics Day surprise your love with these mathematical codes. This is the cutest way to say those magical words. Try this. Just go ahead and write “I love you” in numbers.

1. 143

This one is the most common mathematical way of saying I love you and you probably know of it already! The numbers 1,4,3 represent the number of alphabets that are present in each of the words of the phrase ‘I love you’. That is: I = 1, love = 4 and you = 3.

This sweet and simple set of numbers is the code for “I Love You”. And irrespective of the fact whether your crush likes math as a subject or not. They will understand it and appreciate your little gesture.

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2. 831

This code is lesser-known and means I love you as well. It is a cyber term where the number 8 represents the number of alphabets in the phrase ‘I love you’. The number 3 stands for the number of words in it. The number 1 stands for the ‘one’ meaning. This is the designated meaning of the cyber term 831.

If you are wondering how to say I love you in numbers, but also don’t want to sound cliched, then this is a perfectly ingenious way to propose to your partner. Not used very frequently, this might be a head-scratcher for some people. But if your special someone is a math major, then they will love your ‘out of the box’ technique of saying “I love you” in numbers.

3. 721

There are quite a few versions of saying I love you in a mathematical way. While 831 is a code for “I love you’, similarly 721 is a code for ‘love you’. It also stands for the seven alphabets in the entire phrase, comprising of two words, one meaning ?

The best part about these little romantic sets of numbers is they help you communicate your feelings to a loved one in a concise and private manner. And unless someone has really done a lot of research on how to write I love you in numbers, chances are they will not comprehend these codes even if they come across them. So, your words are going to be private and safe.

I Love You In Math Code!
Love You

4. K3U

This is a really innovative one. What is so special about it? Well, here is the magic. Narrow your eyes just a bit so that everything looks a little blurry. Now look at K3U,  you will notice K3U looks also like I <3 U which everyone knows stands for I heart you or I love you. 

 If you are wondering how to say I love you in numbers to your partner because you are in a secret relationship and not ready to go public with your relationship, then this is the perfect way for you. Write it down on a post-it and stick it on your partner’s lunch box. Your partner will receive your affections and no one else will be any wiser about it.

5. n3λ0lI

This code is a lot of fun and an imaginative answer to “how to write I love you in numbers?”. It starts with the alphabet n then there are- the number three, the Greek letter Lambda, zero, the lower case letter L and upper case I.

It looks confusing and won’t work for desktops or laptops. But if you are texting a person who is using a handheld device, they can turn the phone upside down to read and it will reveal what it is meant to say – which is ‘I love you’! A very practical and mathematical way to say I love you? Yes. Is it romantic too? Also yes.

6. The equation

We have seen there are quite a few codes out there that help you express your feelings. But if your partner likes a little bit of challenge then what better way to convey your feelings than saying I love you in math equation.

There are many maths equations that are famous as well for revealing your feelings. If your other half enjoys maths you can tell them to solve those exciting equations! Sharing one with you here where you can tell your other half to solve for i.
2(2X-i) > 4X – 6U.
It solves as 4X – 2i > 4X – 6U
-2i > – 6U or 2i < 6U or 1 < 3 U which becomes i <3 U / i ❤️ u! 

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7. Bonus code 224

To the above codes, one can add the numbers ‘224’ as these numbers also stand for today, tomorrow and forever (2-day, 2-morrow, 4-ever)! A cute little code for ‘I love you’, except this time it is more along the lines of a promise to a loved one.

When a person expresses their feeling to a loved one, the thought is, that this relationship will last till the end of time. The code 224 conveys exactly that thought. A promise to be there today, tomorrow, till eternity.

 8.  128 980

Let’s be honest, math is not everyone’s cup of tea, some people do struggle with it throughout life. Also ask someone to try and say I love you in a mathematical way, and they are sure to fumble. For a lot of people, math and romance are like two parallel lines. They can never meet. They are unable to imagine how one can say I love you in numbers.

So lo and behold, we present to you a set of numbers saying just that. You might be wondering how can 128 980 translate to “I love you?” Well just cover the top half of the code and voila there you have it ‘I Love you’ in mathematical way.

9.   sin² t + cos² t= 1

If your partner is good at math and loved trigonometry and you are looking for a way to say I love you in math equation, then this one’s perfect for you. A little note that goes along the line of “You and me are like sin2t + cos2t” and your special someone will figure it out right away.

In case you are the one with an affinity to math and want to profess your love through the subject, and you want to indulge in a little romantic texting, then you can always say something along the lines of “You are sin2t and I am cos2t. Individually we might go through many changes, but together we are always 1”

10.    Say it with a graph

Now this one is absolutely creative. But it also requires a little bit of work to depict. The idea is to take a graph paper and a pen and ask your partner to map these equations on the graph paper. It is best to use separate graph sheets for this. Once your partner solves these codes, watch their face light up with pleasure as they realize what the equation represents.


 x2 +y2 =9

 y= |-2x|,

x= -3|sin y|

Y=1/x will come up as ‘L’ on the graph. X2+Y2=9 will show up as ‘O’, Y=|-2x| shows up as ‘V’ and x=-3|sin y| as ‘E’. Put the Unsolved equations and the graph sheets in an envelope. And in front of the envelope write “All you need is some…” A beautiful way to say I love you in math equation.

i love you in numbers
Drawing ‘love’ on a graph paper

11.    Until π runs out of decimal places

Pi (π) is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. If you don’t find this little information romantic, well that is because it is not. But what is interesting about Pi is that as a number it is irrational (quite like love). Another interesting thing about it is, just like unconditional love, the decimal places of Pi neither repeat nor does it end.

So, if you are wondering “how to write I love you in numbers?”, then Pi is the most romantic number out there. Another good thing about the Pi is that most people know about its special features. So even if your partner is not a math enthusiast, they will still know about it. Just saying something along the lines of “I will love you till Pi runs out of decimal places” is sure to make your partner blush.

12.    The love formula

If you wish to profess your feeling to your crush and your crush loves all this mathematical, then this is the perfect equation for you. Ask your special someone to map this equation on graph paper.

X2+(y – 3 2 )2 =1

  When you graph this equation, the resulting image that pops out is a heart. I assure you, your crush will absolutely love this mathematical way to say I love you and the creativity of the confession.

Telling your loved ones that you love them is always wonderful, and saying it in new, creative and fun ways is always thrilling. Also, it comes in handy in situations when you cannot say the words openly and need a secret code.

Every couple should say i love you as often as possible. And these math codes are a huge blessing for those who don’t like to write mush but their loved ones do deserve to be told that they’re loved. For the rest, this simply adds an element of zest added to life!

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