7 problems that a shy girl faces when she’s in the dating zone

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Updated On: October 5, 2023
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She is not mad, she is just shy

The world is a difficult place for every shy person out there, especially when it comes to the dating scene. If you think girls have it easy because being shy is expected of them to some extent, then you are wrong. Sure it’s harder for shy guys, but a shy girl faces just as much challenge when she’s out on dates. Her shyness comes off as lack of confidence, she often seems rude and a common perception is that the guys have to work a bit more to work it out with shy girls on dates. While the last part is not completely wrong, there are many myths around shy girls which might not be true.

1. She is often seen as being a snob

If a girl doesn’t socialise she is labelled as being unfriendly. If she is good-looking and shy she is labelled as a snob, because people can’t seem to understand how a beautiful girl could be shy. When it comes to guys, shyness doesn’t come off as being snobbish, but when a girl is shy the world thinks that she thinks she is too good for everyone else.

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2. She is seen as a weak personality

Shy men usually come off as being arrogant on dates, while shyness in a woman is misinterpreted as lack of confidence. She is however not timid at all. A shy girl, in fact, has got stronger character than many of her peers. But sadly she is not good at expressing that part of her outside her comfort zone.

Shy lady hide her face
Shy lady hide her face

3. She is often seen as being socially awkward

She just likes to keep to herself and doesn’t enjoy going out of her way to meet new people. Unfortunately, this makes her look like a socially awkward person in the dating world, while her only problem is she finds meeting new, random people simply exhausting. She would rather be sitting by her window and reading a book alone.

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4. She is not a party person

That exhaustion about meeting people gets tenfold when she has to attend a party. So if her date wants to take her to a happening nightclub to meet his friends she is going to turn him down. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to go out at all. She just prefers to chill with a smaller crowd.

5. She can’t make the first move

She just can’t. She needs enough time to feel comfortable with the guy to open up and express her deep feelings. So if a guy is looking for someone who will take things up to speed then dating a shy girl is not a good idea for him. But for those men who are not afraid to take things slow and are looking for someone to make a deeper connection with, dating a shy girl is a godsend.


6. She is not comfortable initiating conversations

But she is an awesome listener. She notices everything about the guy she is dating and pays attention to every minute detail. She doesn’t like to dominate the conversation, but she is also not likely to take charge of it, unless she feels inspired to talk about something.

man talking lady listening
Man talking lady listening

7. She is not great at date follow-ups

One of the biggest problems for any shy girl on a date is that she can’t help being passive. She doesn’t feel okay to put her vulnerable self out there in the world. This is why she is not likely to follow-up with the guy for a second date even if she is really interested.

Shy girls make the world a more interesting place. So carpe diem, girl! Go get yourself a solid date!

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