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Why lust is important to understand love

Experiencing lust is the key to discovering the true meaning of love
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Lust has mostly been considered a dirty, low frequency word by most and yet it is the cardinal passage to cross on our journey to understanding love. It has often been described as a raw emotion without any discipline, but love, it is refined. Do these two emotions co-exist in a healthy relationship?

Love or lust?

Most of us, especially the ones who got married early, find it hard to distinguish between love and lust and we don’t even consider it as something important to delve into. After all, if you are happily married and getting your regular dose of sex, why bother to understand whether it truly is love that is binding you together or lust that is keeping the marriage intact? Mind you, both are essential.

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  1. How you view and judge the article Chandni, is a reflection of how you perceive it and how you understand both lust and love . .it has NOTHING to do with what the writer has written or why this was written. Stay blessed !

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