Top 3 Dos And Don’ts For Happy Relationship

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Dos and Don'ts of Relationship
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So, you have found the love of your life and the two of you have decided to spend the rest of your life together, well, congratulations! When you’re riding the high of a dizzying honeymoon phase, seeking relationship advice to make your bond stronger may be the last thing on your mind. As much as we hate to burst the ‘happily ever after’ bubble, the truth remains that falling in love is the easiest thing to do, it’s staying in love that requires all your focus and attention.

Maintaining relationships for most couples is not a walk in the park. There are disagreements, arguments, and a lot of fighting and making up. If you’re looking for relationship advice on how to maintain a healthy relationship despite all the fights and bumps along the road, keep reading!

Relationship Advice For Couples – Dos And Don’ts

Every relationship requires work and a little bit of effort. You will have your fair share of ups and downs, but remember that in the end, it’s worth it. There’s no better feeling than the feeling of being in love. So, even though the amount of work you need to do to make things work sometimes may seem like a lot, as long as it makes your partner happy and your relationship stronger, you will realize the value of putting in the effort.

But no matter the amount of work you put in, there might be times when things still go wrong. People often complain that relationships do not come with a manual. But that’s not true at all! In fact, there are certain things – a few dos here and a couple of don’ts there – which, when kept in mind, can make your relationship flourish and grow stronger over time. So, when you are getting ready to spend your life with someone, also put effort into knowing the dos and don’ts in a relationship.

One of the most important things that people need to remember when working on keeping a healthy relationship is that open and honest communication can make everything better. If you are used to being single and have always depended on yourself for everything, it may sometimes get difficult to ask your partner for help or to fulfill your little wants and desires. But remember, every relationship is a partnership.

This means that none of your problems and heartaches are just yours anymore. So, share your anxieties, needs, and vulnerabilities with your partner openly. If you want to work on keeping a healthy relationship, make sure you do not keep things from them just to avoid conflict or because you think you can deal with things yourself. We all like doing things for the people we love. Chances are, your partner does too. So, if you keep depending on just yourself and never communicate your hurts and wants with them, they may start feeling like you don’t want them around or just don’t care.

Knowing what not to do in a relationship is just as important as knowing what to do. Of course, we all make mistakes and wrong judgments now and then. But there are a few things you should avoid – things that can often turn into red flags if often engaged in should be avoided at all costs. For example, it is never a good idea to disrespect your partner.

Mutual respect is one of the most important elements for maintaining a relationship. Whether you are arguing or in situations where your partner is offering you their opinion or advice, treat it all with respect. Try to understand their position even when they are saying things you don’t like. Don’t get immediately defensive if they tell you that you did something wrong. Listening is key. Everyone can talk and say their piece but listening is a superpower that not many put effort into developing even though it can single-handedly solve most problems couples face.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. There are a lot of other things you should do in a relationship to develop a strong, happy bond through the years. Continue reading to discover some of the best relationship advice regarding the dos and don’ts in a relationship you’ve ever received.

you should do in a relationship
To keep your relationship functional, you have to make time for each other

Relationship Dos – Things To Do

These are all the things you must prioritize in a relationship to make it work. Missing out on any of these can take a toll on your compatibility as a couple in the long run. Pay heed to the three big dos of a relationship, and make sure you follow them:

1. Communicate

This relationship advice tops our list of things you should do in a relationship hands down. Surprisingly, couples don’t talk to each other enough. Communication is a vital part of every relationship. Without telling your partner what you’re thinking and feeling, you can’t expect them to understand your state of mind. Even so, communication problems in relationships are not uncommon.

The simple act of being open about what you really feel goes a long way in keeping the relationship sorted. If you want or don’t want something, you’ve got to tell your partner. They’re not mind readers. So if you’re feeling down or insecure about something, communicate. If you want to eat Chinese for dinner, tell them. You’re going to be the one suffering if you don’t speak your mind.

2. Spend quality time

Crazy work schedules are playing havoc with the personal lives of many couples these days. Time management is becoming increasingly difficult. To keep your relationship functional, you have to bring in your best balancing act. One of the most important things you should do in a relationship is set aside some quality time for your partner.

Grab lunch together, watch a show or web series, go to the movies, schedule date nights at least once a week. You can do whatever you enjoy as a couple. The idea is to do things together. A lot of relationships fall prey to a lack of quality time, causing the spark between partners to eventually fizzle out.

3. Respect each other’s space and individuality

Before you even think of things you should do in a relationship, remind yourself that you are two different individuals. Both of you had a life before the relationship happened and you two must continue to have it after you get together too. Unwind with your friends with a bottle of chilled beer over a soccer game, and let her enjoy her share of ‘me’ time with her girl gang.

If you start feeling too claustrophobic in the relationship, you will begin to feel a need to break free. You don’t necessarily have to spend time with your respective group of friends. You can even be in the same house and do your own thing. Spending all your time together might actually end up being suffocating and you definitely don’t want a clingy partner. The best relationship advice is to set boundaries and respect each other’s personal space in the relationship.

Relationship Don’ts – Things Not To Do

There are hurdles in every couple’s life. We all mess up sometimes. We hurt each other unintentionally and end up arguing now and then. But while making some mistakes is okay, there are certain things you should not do in a relationship. Make sure to watch out for these big red flags, and learn to work on your flaws:

1. Don’t have unfair expectations

Unrealistic expectations are destructive for any intimate relationship. Just because you are in a relationship, your partner is not obliged to fulfill all your wants. While it is okay to have certain likes and dislikes, wants and desires, what you should not do in a relationship is set unrealistic and unfair expectations.

No partner can satisfy every desire of the other. Set realistic expectations to avoid unnecessary disappointments and bitterness. Never forget that you both embarked on this beautiful journey together. Don’t get into relationships for any materialistic reasons. Love them for who they are. If that is not enough, your partner is not the one for you.

You have to understand that in order to bring out the best in your partner, you have to let them be who they really are. If they’re constantly trying to impress you, they’re going to end up being miserable in the relationship.

Relationship Advice

2. Don’t bring up the past

Chances are that by now you know a lot about your partner, including some unpleasant experiences of their past. Do not use them as a weapon to win an argument. They will never feel comfortable with you again and will always remain fearful that they have shared too much with you.

They have shown immense trust by confiding in you, don’t break it by bringing up hurtful memories during times of stress or otherwise. Doing so will not only leave a deep scar on their mind but will also weaken the relationship.

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3. Don’t engage in the blame game

This is the best relationship advice you can get. Blaming someone else for your own faults is very easy. Steer clear of this habit at the earliest. Even if your partner is guilty of something, try focusing on their strengths instead. Blame-shifting always harms relationships.

Playing the blame game will only increase the negative energy and worsen the situation further. Try to talk it out and solve the problem together as a couple. Don’t let them feel isolated. Show them you’ll always be there for them. Choose to appreciate the positives instead of constantly pointing out what’s wrong with them. Nobody likes a pessimist.

So now, you know the dos and don’ts of every relationship. No couple is perfect but with this relationship advice to back you up, you can try to work on your flaws and make the relationship work. You know you’re better together!

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