Struggles and Scars

She thought she was supposed to flirt with her boss, but the move backfired

New jobs, new work cultures, and brazen behaviour can be misleading for young women
woman biting man's ear

(As told to Anney Sam)

A different work culture meant a different sexual culture

The call centre is a melting pot of people and along with a milieu of young adults are their values, attitudes and behaviour and ideas about fun and sex. We had kids from the seven sister states of India, lots of Anglo 20-year-olds and then there were the south Indians, some far away from their native villages and towns. They were given British or American names for their telemarketing jobs and suddenly it seemed like they had a split personality.

Sexual freedom was like a newfound hobby and sometimes when we would step out for our coffee break and smokes we would find the staircase lined with cosy and more than cosy images of young people getting ready for coitus, at 2 a.m. IST. Life was good with the sweet smelling Lady Jane in the air; it just felt like an extension of college life in a hippy era. None of this was permitted, mind you, and you could be thrown out if you got caught.

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A fresher in HR who got into trouble

This is the story of a young HR person, a fresher from a local college for whom this was all too much excitement. The HR department got to know everything that happened in the office. Everything, and it was the role of young ER’s or Employee Relations staff to do the spying and reporting. Our young HR-ER was named Vijayalaxmi and though on the face of it she loathed the culture she was seeing, the things she was seeing equally intrigued her. She was following the Vice President Operations, a lady in her late 30s, who was pursuing another VP who was just 28, nearly ten years younger, and even saw them in a compromising situation in one of the conference rooms.

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  1. Oh god! This holy planet is so much full of stories, complications, understandings and even more misunderstandings. She changed so that she can be thought as normal but it turned out to be something else. Not much good happened to the poor old lady.

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