Affair and Cheating

Spirituality helped me heal my relationship with a cheating partner

Time might heal a broken heart, but how do you heal a relationship that was broken by cheating?
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Time heals a broken heart, but spirituality heals a broken relationship

In my life of 32 years, I have been heartbroken two times. The first time around I wanted to get “under” someone to get “over” someone, but soon I realised that it did not work. In fact it made me even more depressed. My so-called “friends” whom I call my “acquaintances” kept telling me to give it time. Time does heal a lot of things, but it only mends the broken heart. Little does it do to repair and further strengthen the relationship with your partner. Some of the techniques that I have myself used to overcome heartbreak and make my bond with my partner stronger are listed ahead.

First, let me tell you the story of my second heartbreak.

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  1. This is such an insightful, and meaningful article. No matter how much advanced we become on a material plain, we must remember that spirituality brings us closer to our roots, and it can heal our damaged parts like nothing else can. Relationship is not something like wearing a piece of cloth that we can throw away if it no longer serves us. When we forge a bond with someone, we attach the strings of our hearts with them. So a broken bond leaves us damaged inwardly. And that’s why turning to spirituality is a wise and apt choice when we embark on a journey to heal ourselves. Like the article rightly says, it helps us Let go. And that’s how we set ourselves free. And it is only when we are free from within we can move forward in a true sense.

  2. Spirituality can help in your various of ways even in the ways that you have not even thought of, and one such thing is given here. It is so correct that I could completely relate with it. The story was such that I felt as I thought I am reading my story. I am just sure about one thing, spirituality really helps.

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