Breakdown in a relationship

Relationship anxiety test

Relationship Anxiety Test

Are you ever left wondering, “why do I feel uneasy in my relationship”? Do anxieties swirl around your partner’s actions or the future of your relationship? If you’re experiencing fear about your relationship and questioning your emotional security, this relationship anxiety quiz is here to put your mind at ease. Developed by a relationship counselor […]

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Dose my ex still love me ?

Does My EX Still Love Me? Quiz

Picture this – you’re sitting alone, replaying memories of your past relationship like a movie. You’re left in a confused emotional state and you’re not quite sure if your ex still has feelings for you or if it’s time to move on. It’s a scenario most of us have faced, and it’s especially painful if

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What Stage of Breakup Am I in

What Stage of a Breakup Am I in? Quiz

Have you recently experienced the pain of a breakup, feeling truly heartbroken? If you’ve found yourself wondering whether things will ever improve or when the tough emotions will start to fade, know that you’re not alone – breakups can be incredibly challenging. Here’s some comforting news: it does get better! Breakups typically unfold in five

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