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Updated On: July 14, 2023
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It’s probably safe to say that all of us, at some point in our lives, have believed that sex can never get boring. And, to be honest, sex should never get boring. But if you find yourself in a relationship that considers sex an obligatory part of the weekly routine, you know better! If you’re married, you might find that being turned on has become more mechanical than ever with your partner hitting the same keys every time. Or maybe you’re getting older and you can’t help fearing that you might be ‘losing it’. That’s when playing a few sex games could really change the whole scenario. But if things are getting a bit boring there is nothing to get worried. That’s totally normal. But try some couple play in bed and see the difference.

8 Sex Games For Couples

First things first: it’s okay. With work hours and household chores occupying a massive chunk of our lives, it’s easy to fall into a life where arousal takes a back seat. But sex is so much more than undressing with stoic expressions and ‘getting it over with’. What on earth happened to follow your instincts in bed and the thrill that came with not knowing what to expect? No matter how old you are, you couldn’t have tried everything out. So, if you’re up for revisiting the days of breathless nights and dishevelled bed sheets that you thought you lost, here are 8 sex games for couples to spice up your sex life. When married couples indulge in some sex games, trust us the results could be thrilling.

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1. Roleplay

If you haven’t heard of roleplay yet, this might just be the thing that’s keeping you from the sex life you deserve. Talk to your partner and delve into your deepest fantasies. Be it a burly fireman or a gorgeous professor, for the span of your steamy sessions, you or your partner could be anyone you want to be.

Remember, everyone has their fantasy and sometimes it gets buried under time. Just resurrect those fantasies and have a ball playing sex games as couples. You could buy some clothes and props to enliven your sex games. All the stuff are available online. Those who have done roleplay say it gets heady especially when you don’t know what your partner is going to do when they are playing a particular role. The element of surprise absolutely breaks the monotony.

2. Truth or dare

This is a sex game you must play with your partner. While there’s a lot of scope for creative foreplay, there’s only one rule: your partner can’t dare you to have sex with them. Try playing it with the beer bottle after you drink. With the alcohol making your partner desire you, even more, you’ll have a great time teasing and being teased while both of you pine for sex. Through this sex game, you would also get to know your partner better, their desires, their likes and dislikes. This is every daring couple’s preferred sex game – Truth or Dare. 

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3. Roll the dice

Whoever said that the bed was the limit? Make a list of places in your house where you’d love to have sex. It could be against that wall or upon that desk. Assign each place to a number between 1 to 6. Your man rolls the dice 6 times and makes a list of the places. He has to have sex with you in all those places and in any convenient progression in one session. Imagine the steamy sessions that would follow. Is the thought of this sex game already making you feel clammy?

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4. Keep talking dirty

Get your partner to talk dirty to you while you take the charge of pleasuring them. While you undress them as slowly as you can, they focus on the talking. Pull her legs towards your face and go down on her. If she stops talking, you stop, too! Hear them go from speaking articulate words to mumbling and moaning while you work your tongue. This is the most fun sex game couples could play and the stop and start mechanism could really keep turning you on.

Sex games for couples
Put down the rules and play some game!

5. Replay that scene

Do you know how steamy bits in certain films and books get your heart racing? As a couple, we’re sure you watch a lot of films together. When in bed, get your partner to enact the scene without asking questions, and reverse roles to keep it interesting. And if you’re into it, porn is not off limits! But there are plenty of steamy scenes in Hollywood films shot beautifully and can give you some goals in bed. Try replaying those scenes when you play the sex games in bed and see the kind of pleasure you have. It’s another way of acting out your fantasy but there’s a template in front of you.

6. Keep your clothes on

If you think that’s counterproductive, hear us out. This is a game where your partner only gets to keep their clothes on until they moan. Go ahead and do whatever, wherever you can to break them. With no scope to moan, your partner’s facial expressions and heavy breathing will say it all, thereby making you desire them more and more! And once they break, off come the clothes.

When you are playing this sex game you can do it while playing cards or playing a game of chess too. The winner gets to decide which bit of cloathing would come off. So with every win someone has to undress and it happens slowly building a momentum till you can’t hold it back anymore. This is an ideal couples sex play. Just try it.

7. Don’t finish

This could be hard we know but when you are playing this sex game with your partner this edging could add that spice in your game. So many men have trouble lasting in bed, and we’ve got the perfect game for that. While it can be a great way to tease your man, it’s also an exercise that trains him to build control. But don’t worry, it can also work wonders when teasing women.

Take charge of the bed and do whatever pushes your partner to the limit. Just before they’re about to finish, have them say it.

This is when you stop and make them go down on you instead! They might be annoyed at first, but trust us: when they finally finish, they’ll thank you like never before.

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8. Keep it rough

If you enjoy playing it rough, you’ll love this! Start by pushing your partner down on the bed. This is when you take that dupatta out and tie their hands over their heads or behind their back. Get your partner to tell you how they’ve been very, very bad; and spank them with a spatula for every sin. We suggest you wear old clothes to the bed since this game involves ripping as a means to undress. This game has no losers. However, when playing it rough, always remember to have a safe word. Couples who can play this sex game just love it.

Go ahead, then. Get your sex lives back on track with these 8 games!

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