How To Be In Your Feminine Energy With A Man – 11 Tips

August 16, 2023 |
Updated On: August 16, 2023
feminine energy with a man
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If you find yourself unhappy in your relationship, then you might want to look into how to be in your feminine energy with a man. These days, feminine energy characteristics are considered weak by the public. But we are here to tell you there is nothing more powerful than a woman who fully radiates feminine energy.

Let’s take a look at how to be in your feminine energy with a man. You might be wondering, what is considered feminine energy? Is it only when a woman cooks and cleans for her man? Times have changed and the definition of femininity has changed too. Feminine energy characteristics are so much more nuanced and complicated than just ‘cooking and cleaning for my man’. Honoring the feminine has always been about being your truest self.

How Do You Tap Into Feminine Energy In A Relationship?

Oftentimes we will be faced with the question, “What is considered feminine energy?”. It is believed that a person is made up of two energies, the masculine and the feminine. Everyone is made up of different masculine and feminine energy levels. To know the tips to keep a relationship strong and happy, you have to first figure out who possesses the most masculine energy and who possesses the most feminine energy.

Think of Blake Lively before she met Ryan Reynolds. Before Blake Lively, she was with Penn Badgley. The couple looked like they were contradictory in nature, and he couldn’t connect well with her brand of femininity. This is why Ryan and Blake look so good as a couple: their masculine and feminine energy balances well with each other.

The masculine and feminine exist in balance. Therefore, the more feminine you can be toward your man, the more your man has the security to show off his masculine side. This balance in a relationship creates harmony. The big question then remains, how do you tap into feminine energy in a relationship? and what is considered feminine energy? This article might just help you answer those questions!

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11 Tips To Be In Your Feminine Energy With A Man

Assuming you’re a woman who possesses feminine traits, there are many ways to increase your feminine energy. The display of femininity isn’t rigidly defined in any regard. But it is commonly understood that a woman who is fully in her feminine energy will always be taking care of herself, will know how to get rid of traditional gender roles, will be graceful and poised, and will know how to stand her ground.

When you think about strong feminine personalities, you might think of the beauties of yesteryear like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. And they are indeed considered the epitome of femininity. However, the practice of femininity is very personal. It’s ultimately up to you to decide how the practice of femininity looks for you! Given below are a few tips that will help you tap into your feminine energy in a relationship.

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1. Be true to yourself

There are many feminine energy characteristics. One of the most important feminine energy characteristics is to be true to yourself. Feminine energy manifests itself in many ways. However, women radiate feminine energy the most when they are true to themselves. Being true to yourself takes a certain level of energy and commitment. You will find that once you truly connect to yourself, your relationship with your man will improve too!

2. Be emotionally vulnerable

These days, people are so closed off to their emotions that it becomes hard to be emotionally vulnerable. An important feminine energy characteristic is being emotionally vulnerable. Women tend to be looked down on by society for showing their feelings. When in fact being articulate about your feelings can be an act of strength and bring you closer to your man. It’s one of the female features that attract a man.

Think of Chrissy Teigen and how she allowed her emotional vulnerability to capture the world’s attention. She has always been open about her mental health. She shows incredible strength by acknowledging her emotions, and it is one of her strongest feminine energy characteristics.

Therefore, learning how to be emotionally vulnerable can be one of many ways to increase your feminine energy. Allowing yourself to be emotionally connected to your man allows you to better your relationship.

3. Be more open with your man

In the same vein as being emotionally vulnerable, you should also learn how to be open with your man. For example, learning how to ask for help makes him feel wanted. Learning to ask your man for things you need is a feminine energy characteristic. It’s one of the ways to build intellectual intimacy in a relationship. Not only are you taking care of yourself by asking for help when needed, but your man will feel like he’s contributing to your happiness too!

Ask for your man’s help

When you find yourself asking, “How do you tap into feminine energy in a relationship?”, you are usually looking for ways to feel more desired in a relationship. The best way to feel desirable is to just ask for your man’s help. Something as simple as asking your man to help you unload your car or to help open a jar of pickles can make you radiate feminine energy. This doesn’t mean you are weak, it just means that you aren’t afraid to ask for help from your man. It is never weak to ask for help.

4. Alter your perception

The way you view the world can also alter the way you view femininity. If you believe that ‘man runs the world’ then there is no way you could comfortably explore yourself in your femininity. The trick is to genuinely believe that the world is made for everyone and to strive to work toward that. One of the key feminine energy characteristics is to not care about what the world thinks of you.

Femininity also strives to make its own reality. Women who believe in true equality radiate feminine energy. You have to believe that you and your man are on the same team. That way you can strengthen your relationship through femininity.

infographic on how to be in your feminine energy with a man
How to be in your feminine energy with a man

5. Know that the energy you give out will come back to you

A man will naturally be attracted to femininity. Therefore, a woman who radiates feminine energy will attract their man. The more you learn the secrets to how to be in your feminine energy with a man the more your man will be attracted to you. The energy you give out is one of the ways to get a man to chase you.

As we discussed before, every person is made up of a combination of masculine and feminine traits. The more you find ways to increase your feminine energy, the more your man won’t be able to take his eyes and hands off you. Know that playing off of your feminine energy and his masculine energy will create a stable and fulfilling relationship.

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6. Learn to be trusting of your man

If you have been hurt in the past then you might find it difficult to be trusting of anyone. However, it can be hard to foster a fulfilling and open relationship without trust. Learning how to trust your man radiates feminine energy. Learning how to trust someone again, especially when you have been hurt in the past, can be an especially hard task.

This is why we say that femininity is one of the hardest qualities to perfect because it depends so much on trusting the other person. Almost all the ways to increase your feminine energy will include you opening up yourself and exposing your vulnerabilities. You don’t have to show off your vulnerabilities to everyone. Showing it off to your man will make him feel like you trust him. This will also help strengthen your relationship.

7. Embrace the sunshine and growth

One of the biggest gifts of femininity is the ability to adapt and change to every situation. A key feminine energy characteristic is the ability to make any situation a pleasant one. It doesn’t mean that you have to silently take in abuse. But recognizing a bad day, and doing something as simple as writing a note for him and leaving it for him is how you can radiate feminine energy.

When you are feeling down, you could try doing some simple things to help brighten up your day. Maybe make yourself a good cup of tea, or read a fun uplifting book. This will help grow and nurture your relationship.

Stories on couple goals and more

8. Take a relationship audit

What is considered feminine energy by your man, can be different from what you consider feminine energy. Always remember that feminine energy should give you strength, not make you weak. Feminine energy characteristics shouldn’t make you unequal to your man as a partner. For example, if you are looking for ways to increase your feminine energy because your partner asked you for it, ask them ‘why’. What if they turn out to be narrow-minded and orthodox? That’s why important to know how to outsmart a romance scammer before completely falling for them.

Is it because he wants to be a better partner by taking care of you and your vulnerabilities and trust? Or is it because he has old-school ideas of what is considered feminine energy? Remember, true femininity thrives in the presence of strong masculinity. If your man is asking you to perform femininity to just serve his selfish purposes, then you might need to take a hard, long look at your relationship.

9. You are feminine already. Just step into it

Believe it or not, you already possess your feminine energy. But, the influence of society and the environment can usually suppress your feminine energy. Practicing femininity should be your birthright. It’s admirable to ask, “How do you tap into feminine energy in a relationship?”, but you also have to learn how to find ways to increase your feminine energy for yourself.

Usually, when you take care of yourself, your man picks up on it. He will start to see how you radiate feminine energy and want to value you as such. His masculinity will mirror your feminine energy, ultimately strengthening your relationship.

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10. Spruce up your bedroom

The key to any successful relationship is a great bedroom life. Bring feminine energy to the bedroom by learning how to submit to him in bed. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the norm. Sometimes you can take the lead too. Exuding feminine energy in the bedroom could mean that you’re receptive to your man’s need to take the lead in the bedroom.

A great bedroom life

You could bring in feminine energy in the bedroom by creating an intoxicating and sexy environment for your man. Remember, your feminine sex appeal comes from you feeling sexy and confident in yourself. Something as simple as donning an elegant pair of panties and matching bra will make you feel so much more confident. You need to learn how to seduce a man and make him crazy for you.

Dita von Teese, considered the empress of the burlesque world, knows what is considered feminine energy. She says that the goal isn’t to attract your man, but it is to feel sexy in yourself. When you radiate feminine energy like that, your man can’t help but be attracted to you.

Extend the foreplay by sending innocent yet coy texts that radiate feminine energy. To send feminine energy texts, including how you’re feeling about meeting him, pretend to be shy about meeting him, and tell him how he’s the only man who could ever make you feel like this. Feminine energy texts like these are sure to make him feel proud. And chances are he will be eager to come home and please you. Never undermine the power of feminine energy texts.

11. You should allow time for yourself

It’s a commonly-held belief that couples who are dating should be together at all times of the day. But what people don’t understand is that sometimes taking time off for yourself can be amazing in a relationship. One of the most important feminine energy characteristics is to learn how to step back and take time to regroup when things get overwhelming.

You need to know how to find yourself again in a relationship when you feel lost. Think of Sex and the City, when Carrie and Mr. Big got married. Despite having a gorgeous apartment on the Upper East Side, Carrie still kept her apartment. It was a safe haven for her to turn to when things got too hectic at home.

Key Pointers

  • Use your feminine energy to embrace growth in all the areas of your life including emotional, intellectual, and financial
  • Learn how to trust your man after being hurt in the past by fostering and nurturing your inner feminine energy
  • Be more emotionally open, vulnerable, and true to yourself if you want your feminine energy to shine

Femininity has been villainized by the common media so much that people are scared to even admit they have a feminine side. However, femininity is a strength that when harnessed properly, can be the strongest force in the world. In this article, we discussed some ways to channel your feminine energy into your relationship. But remember: the most important step in the journey to finding femininity within your relationship is knowing how to be honest with yourself and how to be unapologetically yourself.


1. How do you use feminine energy to connect with a man?

By nature, men possess more masculine energy and a woman possesses more feminine energy. By radiating feminine energy, you are creating a magnetic field around you that attracts your man. Your feminine energy will help you strengthen your relationship. 
There are many ways to channel your feminine energy into your relationship. We have discussed most of the tips in this article. However, the most effective way to radiate feminine energy is to be true to yourself and not be afraid to show your vulnerabilities. Feminine energy is a strength that you owe yourself. So, in a way, by using feminine energy to connect to a man, you are indirectly honoring yourself.

2. Do guys like feminine energy?

A woman who is secure in her femininity will always attract her man. This is the rule of nature. Let’s think of the popular power couple Jason Mamoa and Lisa Bonet. They seem to have a functional and healthy relationship with each other. Lisa Bonet’s expression of femininity is very unique. It is rooted in self-expression and her personal strengths. But her feminine energy matches perfectly with Jason Mamoa’s expression of masculinity.  A relationship with a proper balance of masculine and feminine energies tends to be strong. To answer your question, yes, a masculine man will naturally be attracted to feminine energy.

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