First date

Casual sexism on dates

Casual Sexism On Dates That Women Go Through

From explaining to the woman what she “really” means to assuming that he has to order for her, the casual sexism on dates can make itself apparent. Let’s take a look at the common manifestations of it.

signs he wants to kiss you

Physical Signs He Really Wants To Kiss You

Whether you are in high school or have just left your child with a babysitter to be with that special someone, the problem is first dates don’t come with the certainty of a first kiss. To make sure you’re not left deliberating “does he want to kiss me or not?” throughout the entire date, let’s take a look at what you should be looking out for.

First date body language

5 Things To Analyze In Your First Date’s Body Language

In this article, dating coach Geetarsh Kaur,  founder of The Skill School which specializes in building stronger relationships, talks about how you can catch the signs that a first date went well by just noticing their body language. 

Dating in college

Dating In College Vs Dating As An Adult – 5 Differences

As you might have noticed, dating as an adult seems starkly different from your wild college stories. Each all-nighter feels worse than the last, cheap booze starts to become intolerable, and the foreign concept of personal space is now becoming more important. Let’s get into the nitty-gritties of it, and list out the differences.

first date topics

21 First Date Topics To Impress And Engage Your Date!

Does the “I perform well under pressure” you put into your CV hold true on dates as well? Don’t worry even if you lied about it on your CV, these first date topics to talk about will get you through to the second round without a hitch.

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