5 Dresses For Your First Date

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Updated On: December 8, 2023
what to wear on a first date
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The first impression means everything when seeing someone, so make sure it’s a good one. A person’s fashion sense could even be one of the factors that will influence someone to date you a second time or end it on the first meet. It’s important to look and feel good during the date, so here are five dresses to wear on your first date with someone special.

1. Mini dress

The mini dress will always be a safe bet when deciding what to wear on your first date. It’s simple but still reminiscent of a ’60s style. The dress is easy to wear and has a lot of flexibility, perfect for a date with walking in mind. It shows off your figure while keeping it stylish, ensuring it’ll be a memorable date for you and your partner.

The mini dress and mini skirt grew in popularity during the 1960s as a form of protest. The youth was evolving away from the conservative post-war ’50s, creating a new fashion era. The mini dress got more attention and was starting to be seen in films and shows. So if you want to bring back the ’60s in your style, try a mini dress on your date.

2. Halter dress

This dress is for people who want a more elegant and sophisticated look for their date. It has a long skirt reaching, or overflowing, at the ankles while showing off a lot of shoulders. It’s perfect for a night out with some conversation and wine with your partner. This dress might suit you if you’re looking for a graceful, not-too-stiff look.

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3. Maxi dress

Gorgeous maxi dresses should hold a special spot in every woman’s closet. With their flattering and flowing floor-length design, they bring a delightful sense of fun. Maxi dresses prove to be incredibly versatile, effortlessly transitioning from a chic and relaxed look to an elegant and sophisticated ensemble, all with the right choice of accessories. They pair well with long jewelry and high-heeled shoes, whether stilettos or sneakers. This dress will make you feel great, and your partner won’t be able to take their eyes off you. 

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4. Sheath dress

The sheath dress is the opposite of the maxi dress; it focuses more on the shape and a professional look. It is a corporate and serious type of fashion, something a successful businessperson would wear. It gives off a look that you have a busy schedule but still have time for fun. This might be your dress if you want to steal the spotlight with your curves and still look professional.

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5. Bardot dress

Named after the model-actress Bridget Bardot, the Bardot dress will make you feel like a celebrity. It gives a daring off-shoulder look, with the sleeves looking like they slipped off. The dress has many variations – You can show off your silhouette or focus on comfort. If you plan on having lunch at a cafe, use this dress and bring out your inner French model.

Find your style

Finding a style that fits you perfectly is never easy, but never be shy to try different things. If a mini dress doesn’t suit you, try out a maxi – There will always be something for you. Keep in mind that first impressions stick, and don’t forget to have fun on your date.

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