foreplay games

21 Kinky Foreplay Games To Turn Up The Heat

Foreplay is a very important part of sexual relationships. Often times, the monotony of the same kind of foreplay can put you and your partner in a rut. Here are 21 ways to spice up the foreplay and turn up the heat in the bedroom.

Are bald men attractive

Why Are Bald Men Attractive? 9 Reasons 

Going bald is one of men’s most common insecurities. But what if we told here there are many reasons why women find bald men attractive. Read the article for 9 reasons why bald is sexy.

how to make a guy text you every day

15 Sureshot Ways To Make A Guy Text You Every Day

How to make a guy text you every day? This question is on my list of top ten infuriating things about having a crush on a guy. The others are: “How to get him to notice me?” and “How do you make a guy text you first after a fight?” But you don’t get a guy to open his eyes and see all the hints you drop by making lists. You do that by showing concern, empathy, and some flirting.

text messages to make him obsess over you

75 Text Messages To Make Him Obsess Over You – Updated List 2022

Sometimes, you may have to be away from your guy due to work, studies, or other things (hopefully not his wife). That’s when you can use text messages to make him obsess over you. You can’t always get on a call but you can, definitely, sneak in a text in between meetings.