9 Easy Ways To Get His Attention Back From Another Woman

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Updated On: March 24, 2024
how to get his attention back from another woman
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Almost every woman on earth must have thought “How to get his attention back from another woman?”, at some point. The‘ wandering eye’ syndrome is not as common in women as in men, but almost every couple must have gone through issues due to someone’s wandering eyes. This article is meant for every woman who has to go through the stress of competing with another woman for a man. At this point, you’re either:

  1. taking some time off from the relationship, or 
  2. on the verge of a breakup, or 
  3. in the early stages of starting a relationship

and another woman is involved. And annoyingly, he’s crazy about her. There could be a million reasons why your man’s attention is wandering. He doesn’t feel loved by you anymore, or the other woman gives him more attention, or as Samantha says to Carrie in Sex And The City, “You can’t change that about a man. It’s part of their genetic code, like farting.” And that’s true about everyone. Being in a relationship doesn’t render the rest of the human population unattractive. It’s completely normal if your man looks at other women. It only gets problematic if he can’t let go of the gaze.

9 Easy Ways To Get His Attention Back From Another Woman

“How to get his attention back from another woman?”, this is not a question of love, it’s a question of how evolution has affected the human relationship. Studies on evolutionary psychology suggest that for any species, procreation and continuation of that species are its highest priorities. 

Therefore, men and women are hardwired to check each other out for the best possible features they can get to produce healthy offspring. However, humankind is not primitive anymore, and modern people do have a choice in relationships to not wander around even if their eyes do. So, if one were to use evolutionary psychology, the answer to “How to get his attention back from another woman?” lies in convincing him that you are the best for him. How, you ask:

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1. Love yourself

That’s what every list is going to say in every article that you googled for “Get my man back from another woman”. But a modern woman has spent so much time being ridiculed by her parents, society, and the internet, that nobody really knows how to go about loving herself. So, start by accepting yourself the way you are. Sagging boobs, fat thighs, dark skin – they are all beautiful. 

Learn how to love yourself the way you would love someone else. You would want them to feel secure, you would ask them to leave self-doubt, and you would protect them from anyone malicious. Do the same for yourself. How to get his attention back from another woman? Be the Elle Woods of your own story. So, start by thinking about yourself. Dress to please yourself. Stop killing yourself for making mistakes. Trust yourself. Don’t compromise for others, not even for him. He’ll stop taking you for granted.

2. Be unpredictable

Everyone says ‘men like an enigma’. Women are not puzzles meant to be solved. But when men think they know you inside out, you no longer appear exciting to them, unlike the other woman who appears mysterious like a Bond girl. “How can I make him forget about another woman?”, you ask. By being unpredictable. Do things he’ll never expect. Turn it upside-down for him. Tell him one thing, do another, and say, “I changed my mind”. Don’t give in to his demands like before. Make him question his knowledge of you. 

Neuroscientist Bill Gordon postulates that unpredictable women create a dopamine deficiency in men, somewhat similar to gambling. During gambling, rewards appear better when they come at higher stakes and after considerable struggle. Similarly, how to get his attention back from another woman? You have to convince him he has to work harder to understand you. 

3. Communicate regularly

Once you’ve started putting yourself first, and have indicated that your mind is a labyrinth, you have to maintain regular communication. Let him revel in the knowledge that you find him interesting enough to talk to. How to get his attention back from another woman using communication? Do it in a non-desperate way using believable excuses.

During conversations, talk confidently. Present your opinion and don’t be afraid to criticize him. Don’t give him any unsolicited advice. Let him talk more than yourself. Use pauses and pointed gazes to get an upper hand in conversations. Show appreciation where it is due. Smile, but judiciously, so he feels rewarded at the sight of it.

More so if you’re in a long-distance relationship. If you’re asking, “How to get his attention back long-distance?”, then the answer lies in communication. Communication is essential to ensure that you and your man don’t drift apart because of someone else’s presence. There are many funny ways to start a text conversation and get responses. Point is, don’t let the conversation die.

4. Make him jealous

The answer to “How to get my man back from another woman?” every time. And, perhaps the oldest trick in the book but, no doubt, very effective. The trick is to make sure he doesn’t get to know that he is being played. How to get his attention back from another woman if you are co-workers? Talk to male colleagues at work and make sure he sees you doing so.

If you’re posting pictures with a new man, make sure there’s a cryptic caption. Suggest the presence of a new man in your life, pretend to be texting or in phone conversations with someone. Keep it all subtle. If he gets jealous, remind him you two are not in a relationship. This is to make him realize that he has feelings for you. Don’t overdo it, and don’t continue to play with his feelings after this. You’ve made your point.

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5. Be seen with people whose validation he needs

Everyone craves validation – from their family, peers, friends, and role models. You need to show him that you have approval from the people whose validation he craves. That means getting in the good books of his family. If you’re co-workers, it’d be a great idea to be seen with the people he reports to, like his manager or any senior colleague he respects.

How to get his attention back from another woman using his friends? Spend time with them. His friends can be a great asset to you if you want to get back with him. There are far crazier things people have done to impress others, and you can certainly impress his friends. This also works well if you’re living apart from each other. So, if you ask, “How to get his attention back long-distance?”, get his people to like you while he’s away, and send him pics.

6. Hint you’re interested in him

Research shows that people are likely to choose partners who they think would like them back. So, your man is likely to choose a woman who likes him too. So, while pretending to not be desperate for him, hint that you like him.  How to get his attention back from another woman in 5 seconds? Ever heard of the copulatory gaze? It’s the most common mechanism used by species to express their interest in a mate.

You just stare at him for 5 seconds, then look away, and pretend that nothing happened. Ensure there are no witnesses to it. He should be completely confused, and not able to confirm your interest in him with anyone. Remember, subtlety is the key. Not only will this add to the unpredictability of your nature which he’ll find so alluring, but it also keeps you in his thoughts long after you’ve met. A copulatory gaze is the way to go to make him beg for your attention again.

get my man back from another woman

7. Show you are better than your previous version

If you have drifted apart because you have flaws that he couldn’t deal with, then show that you’ve overcome them. Try to overcome these flaws not just to get him back, but to better yourself as a person. I know they say don’t change for someone, but flaws that affect you and the people around you do need to be worked upon.

Jacob liked Mindy but her aggression was too much for him to handle. He eventually drifted toward Robin. Three months later, he found her at a bar laughing at comments about her hair. He had expected her to throw her drink at the person making the comments, but she was sitting calmly and was truly transformed. He was attracted to this new Mindy, but she had moved on. How to get his attention back from another woman so he starts thinking seriously about you? By becoming a better version of yourself.

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8. Challenge his intellect

Why do you think Mills and Boons are the ultimate romantic novels? Because Mills and Boons heroines often question the heroes. They are not subservient, and it creates intrigue for the hero who is used to docile women. Learn about the things he is passionate about, and challenge his knowledge in ways he never thought of before. You don’t have to just appear interested, you have to stimulate his mind to make him beg for your attention again.

Challenging your partner is one of the things that make a good relationship.No one is sexier than the person who knows more about the things we love. So, if he loves Shakespeare, better start a conversation on Macbeth and tell him how PTSD could have affected the king before he turned homicidal. If he likes camping, you should be able to tell him the correct way to store his food so as to not get attacked by bears. If he likes international politics…., you get my point.

9. Be nostalgic but insist on having moved on

This is the final step, and must not be done any time before the other steps. Once you’ve proven yourself to be an ‘enigma’, shown you’ve improved and have moved on, get nostalgic. Talk of the days when you spent time together. Surprise him by mentioning details that only the two of you know. Make him relive the good, old days. The answer to “How can I make him forget about another woman?” lies in nostalgia.

Get the idea inside his head that you two were a good couple, and it can be better now if you get together again. It is important that you appear to be in the last stage of grief, i.e. you have moved on. Remember, the answer to “How to get his attention back from another woman?” lies in his conviction that he has to work to get you. It’s not fun if you’re waiting for him already.


1. Is he trying to make me jealous by talking about another girl?

That depends on the context. If you have had an argument recently, or have threatened his sense of security, then it’s possible that he is using jealousy to control you. Sometimes, he’d do this without realizing it, in which case his intention is not to make you jealous. But, when he mentions her and compares you to her, then it’s obvious it’s being done to make you compete with another woman for a man.

2. How do you get a guy to like you more than another girl?

You have to ensure that you stay in his thoughts more than any other girl. This can only be done if you do things that challenge his understanding of you. The more you appear as an enigma, the better it is for you to appear interesting. He may like you if you are subservient and take care of him. But as soon as the next girl comes, he’ll forget you. So, if you ask me, “How to get his attention back from another woman?”, I’d say it’s not about what you can do for him, it’s about what he thinks of you.

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