15 Sureshot Ways To Make A Guy Text You Every Day

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Updated On: October 6, 2023
how to make a guy text you every day

How to make a guy text you every day? This question is on my list of top ten infuriating things about having a crush on a guy. The others are: “How to get him to notice me?” and “How do you make a guy text you first after a fight?” But you don’t get a guy to open his eyes and see all the hints you drop by making lists. You do that by showing concern, empathy, and some flirting.

My friend, Archie begs to differ. She says feelings for someone should come organically. One can’t manufacture them. So, when she came running to me asking, “How do I make him message me?”, I knew she was going to need my help. Lots of help. 

She is not alone. Like her, many women out there find themselves wrestling with the same questions when they catch feelings for a guy and don’t know whether he feels the same way. We’re here to help you figure out some of the answers and share some tips on how to make a guy text you every day.

Will A Guy Text You Every Day If He’s Interested? 

Archie says he will. Her logic was that she would text someone every day if she was interested. But I do not agree. Research suggests that men suppress emotions due to societal expectations of gender norms. So, will a guy text you every day if he’s interested? It depends on the guy. While there are some undeniable signs that he likes you, texting is not one of them. If he is secure and confident of your interest in him, he will express his interest.

However if he’s nervous or feels intimidated by you, he may not be comfortable making the first move. It’s also possible that he doesn’t enjoy texting or is super busy. In that case, don’t expect many texts from him. The worst-case scenario is that he’s a player. He’ll text you frequently but only when he’s available. He may not be interested in you, but texts you every day just to keep his options open. The bottom line is that there is no one right or wrong answer to whether a guy will text you every day if he is interested. This also makes figuring out how to make a guy text you every day that much harder but not impossible. 

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Do Guys Wait For You To Text First?

Archie says girls should wait for guys to text them first or basically make any move. But as Aneesa from Never Have I Ever told Devi, it is old-fashioned and stressful to wait for a guy to make his move. Expecting a guy to make the first move is a vestige of the archaic chivalry model. It is a little misogynistic, and we are not living in those times anymore.

Besides, guys may like it if you text them first. Sometimes, a guy may not text first because he likes you but is afraid of rejection. Sometimes, they’re recovering from a breakup, or not looking for a relationship. In such cases, you can judge from his response if he is interested in you. So, it’s not a bad idea for you to text first. However, if he is interested in you and not afraid of showing it, he’ll definitely not wait for your text.

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15 Sureshot Ways To Make A Guy Text You Every Day

However, when Archie saw her crush, Ethan, smiling at her, she chickened out. She insisted that she didn’t want to text him first. So, we did some quick research, talked to a bunch of girls and guys, and created a list of tips on how to make a guy text you every day. It worked well for Archie, and I hope it does the same for you.

1. Give him something to look forward to 

How to make a guy text you every day? Once a conversation has begun, you can make a guy miss you through text only if he enjoys it. Keep your conversations light and fun but be willing to lend a patient ear if he wants to vent. Find out what he’s into and use that to make your conversations more engaging. While texting a guy you just met, keep your conversations in the platonic territory, at least in the beginning. This makes sure he doesn’t get any weird ideas about your motives.

2. Give him a reason to text you

Unless there’s something strong going on between the two of you, there’s a very minimal chance that will get someone to text you without texting them. In such cases, you need to give him a reason. Get to know if he has any problems, try to think of a solution for it, and let him know you can help. The guy Archie liked was a coworker, who was struggling with finishing some of his reports. So we let everyone know that she was great at automating reports. This started a series of texts that she kept alive with the next steps.

3. How do I make him message me? Analyze his texting style

Does he respond with ‘Ks’ or use emojis? Or does he use long sentences or voice notes? Are his replies instant or does he leave you on read? Does he ask questions to get to know you better? The answers to these questions hold clues about someone’s interest in you. 

If you notice a lack of interest in texts or face-to-face conversation, he’s not into you. Sad to say, but better drop it and move on. It’s not going to work. But when the guy likes you, he will leave certain hints. Look out for long sentences, emojis, and quick responses, that’s how guys text when they like you. This step will ensure that you don’t waste your time and energy in figuring out how to make a guy text you every day when he isn’t even remotely interested in you.

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4. Mimic his pattern

Reply quickly if he does too. Whether he writes long sentences in one text, multiple texts to say the same thing, or voice notes, answer in the same style. Research suggests that behavioral mimicry creates a positive response in the person who has been mimicked. This positive response will make him text you subliminally.

5. Build good chemistry

Create a unique connection using addictive flirty texting. This should be a comfortable space for both of you where you can express yourselves. Be empathetic. Make light of yourself – but not in a self-deprecating way – in case he finds you intimidating. But don’t agree with everything he says, challenge him a bit. Create friendly banter without being offensive. Putting some thought and effort into your texting game can be the key to how to make a guy text you every day. 

6. Don’t be needy

Never appear desperate. This is a trick to make a guy text you first after a fight. Don’t always be forthcoming about everything. Make him wait for a little, or ask him to text later. At the same time, exclude each other from your dating pool. Say things like, “Thank God, you’re not my type. It would’ve been so awkward talking to you about all this.” This would subconsciously make him think about you two as a couple.

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7. Be responsive

Don’t just answer his questions. Try to gauge his mood and respond to that. If he appears to be stressed about something, comfort him. If he has a new idea, share well-thought and well-researched opinions about it. This was what helped Archie in her ‘how to make a guy text you every day’ quest. Create that need where he will want to come to you for any advice. This need will make him text you after ghosting as well.

8. Exit the conversation at the right time

Always know how to pull away to make him want you more. The best time to leave the conversation would be while it is still interesting. This is the technique to flirt effortlessly on text. Don’t wait for that moment when the conversation has died down and one of you says they got to go. Additionally, you instill the idea that you’re not waiting for him. He has to stay in the game to get to talk to you.

9. Disappear for some time

This can make him text you after ghosting. He’ll be eager to know the reason why you ghosted him in the first place. But this only works a few times. Make sure you have a valid reason, something that doesn’t give an attention-seeker vibe. 

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10. Post interesting stories

This will, of course, fetch texts from people other than him, but it certainly is a way to make yourself come across as an interesting person. Move beyond those aesthetic color-coded pics. How to make a guy text you every day? Post pictures of you doing things like DIY photography tutorials or stand-up comedy routines. Do things that make him say, “Woah!”

11. Ask questions from his expertise

Learn what his Instagram account tells you about him. Then, make a guy text you first on Instagram by asking questions that only he would be able to answer. If he’s a gym freak, post a question about the right position for a workout. If he’s a Shakespearean scholar, post a question about Lady Macbeth’s ambition. You get the picture.

12. Targeted posts on social media

Make him text you subliminally, use targeted posts to your advantage. Archie’s guy is a Paul Thomas Anderson fan. So I had Archie post a story on Instagram with wild mushrooms and the caption, “I still think he’s too fussy”. There were too many ‘??’ from other people, but her guy responded with a heart-eyed emoji. Archie spent that whole day watching PTA movies so she could keep up with his texts. Mission accomplished. You could use the same strategy to make a guy text you first on Instagram.

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13. Deploy boundaries

Do not give him the impression that you’re constantly available for him. Let him know that you’ve got a very fulfilling social life. Don’t always reply to his texts within seconds, unless it’s an emergency. Tell him you’re out with friends or family. Make him value you if you want to know how to make a guy text you every day.

14. Right signals offline

It won’t work if you’re saying one thing over text and doing the opposite in front of him. Don’t be that person who wears a mask in public. If you like someone, use the body language signs of attraction to convey your interest. Not only will this be encouraging but will also get someone to text you without texting them.

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15. Have fun

I had a terrible time calming Archie down whenever her guy texted or called. She’d be overthinking every text and double-guessing his response if the reply was late even by 10 seconds. It’s not fun if you’re bursting a vein in your forehead. Have fun while you’re talking to someone you like, and you’ll find the experience a lot more satisfying.

Key Pointers

  • Whether a person texts you every day depends a lot on someone’s personality, even if they like you. Texting is an inaccurate way to judge their interest
  • Guys can be intimidated or nervous about texting someone they like, so you can text them first
  • If you want someone to text you every day, make your conversations interesting for them and respond according to their mood
  • Maintain healthy boundaries

By the end of it, Archie’s “how to make a guy text you every day” quest turned out to be a success. The guy did text her first mostly, but I do not understand the need. Texting someone you like can be daunting, especially when you’re afraid to express your feelings. But do not be scared of texting someone first. It doesn’t express desperation or make them think less of you. However if you still want him to text you first, use the methods listed above and see your message inbox fill up every day.


1. How do I drive him crazy over text?

Strike up a good conversation. Create friendly banter. Be flirty at times, comforting at others. Ensure you read the other person’s mood before choosing your response. If you think the conversation is dying, leave politely before it’s dead. Keep the energy alive and make a guy miss you through text.

2. Should I text him first if he hasn’t texted me?

Yes, absolutely. Guys are often nervous about texting someone they like. Plus, it can be stressful for both of you to interact with conventional expectations. Break the rules. If you like someone, text them all you want.

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