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dating a firefighter

11 Things To Know When Dating A Firefighter

There are some unique perks and challenges of dating a firefighter. If you’re thinking about going out with one of these first responders, here’s what you should know.

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how. to date yourself

13 Beautiful Ways To Date Yourself

While playing ‘Truth or Dare’ with my friends, I was dared to reveal my search history. My friends were shocked to find the words ‘How to date yourself’ in my search history. For sure, those were the last words they might have expected to find. Post pandemic, my friends had high hopes for my dating …

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feeling sad and lonely in a relationship

11 Signs You Are Single In A Relationship

A major sign you’re single in a relationship is that any time you ask for time, attention and so on, you’re immediately accused of being too demanding.

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Is online dating easier for women

Is Online Dating Easier For Women?

It’s pretty well known that women tend to get a lot more matches and messages than the average male on a dating app, but does that make online dating easier for women? Let’s find out.

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Talking stage

The Talking Stage: How To Navigate It Like A Pro

In this article, dating coach Geetarsh Kaur tells us all we need to know about the talking stage, the things you shouldn’t do, and the things you should try to do to make sure you’re not stuck in the talking stage for eternity.

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