Thinking About Divorce

what to do when your husband abandons you

What To Do When Your Husband Abandons You?

When your husband leaves you for no reason, or at least no apparent reason, the emotional toll of this abandonment can be debilitating. We’re here to help you make some sense of this catastrophe and deal with it as healthily as possible

Divorce counseling

Divorce Counseling: Benefits Of Pre- And Post-Divorce Therapy

If you’re trying to understand the benefits of pre and post-divorce counseling, we’re here to tell you all you need to know, with inputs from experienced lawyer Tahini Bhushan who specializes in gender violence and sexual harassment cases.

arjun and meher

Why Is ‘Happily Married For 20 years’ Turning To ‘Married No More’ These Days?

In our grandparents’ age, why weren’t there more stories of people separating after decades of staying married? And why is it now that couples, who look seemingly happy, announce separation? What has changed in the last few years? Mehr Jesia and Arjun Rampal are “not a couple anymore”, read the headline. My ever curious 75-year-old …

Why Is ‘Happily Married For 20 years’ Turning To ‘Married No More’ These Days? Read More »

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