Struggles and Scars

This is what the teacher did when her student fell in love with her

He was a troublesome student and then he announced he'd fallen in love with her. How to deal with him?
teacher teaching

(As told to Himani Pande)

He was my rescue child. As an institutional trainer, I was friendly but no pushover. I believed in fellowship. He being a sulking student, I was always trying to reform him! I wanted him to be a performer, a student proclaiming his rarity. In the chalk-dusted classroom, I was, however, daily dealing with my ‘crucible of pain’. He would interrupt my sessions, fool around, get punished and stand outside like a statue.

An unwelcome message

Come Friendship Day I received an unwelcome notification on my mobile. ‘Happy Friendship Day Ma’am! Love Abhimanyu. ☺’ I was not a teacher of easy affection and physical display with male students. Only during counselling support services would I become affable. I’d asked him two months back in our school bus, “Do you have a personal problem?” Abhimanyu vigorously shook his head side, “No Ma’am!” I’d reassured him that I would always be there as a guide. I returned the text, “Happy Friendship Day! Take care my child! Love…” Next what I read in Caps Lock hit me like a meteor. “I DON’T LOVE YOU AS A TEACHER, BUT AS A LOVER. I ACT DIFFICULT IN CLASS TO GET YOUR ATTENTION. PLEASE ACCEPT MY FRIENDSHIP. DON’T TELL ANYONE.” I was shocked.

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  1. This is indeed true ma’am…as everyone at some point of the life comes across such a situation where our mind don’t know how to react exactly..nd i Totally agree that instead of creating an issue of any problem it’s better to deal with it at our level…nd nothing can be better than ignoring such kind of a person,as making a big issue can create very serious problems in our life itself…nd ma’am the way u handled this situation is impressive,it gave us a new perspective of dealing with such situations…. because we as a human being are very talented at creating mess all-around when we get such situations in our lives.we should be well known about the outcomes of everything what we do and how we do…it was great story nd the lesson we get from it is more than great,as it can solve so many problems of our lives.
    One last thing to say is,u took the right and smart decision.

    1. Thank you Himanshi bawa. There is a lot of maturity in your perspective. Our response to such situations had best be a ‘ controlled’ yet firm one. Good to read your thoughts.

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