Affair and Cheating

Why am I tempted by this younger man who is the opposite of my husband

Her husband is a perfectly good man and she loves him, but...
Handsome young man

As told to Irewati Nag

I’m Reshma, an artiste, raised in a conservative South Indian Brahmin family by a strong feminist mother, married to a man who has a comparatively progressive mindset, but is an extreme introvert and who just doesn’t seem able to express his feelings. We have a daughter, an adorable 6-year-old and I am in two minds at this stage of life as to whether or not to go ahead with an extramarital affair.

I married Sriram about 9 years ago. I was 23 then. Before Sriram, I used to be head over heels in love with Karanjeet. He was this hot and tall Punjabi boyfriend of mine who drove around the city on a Bullet and was a year my senior in college, but at least 4-5 years older. When my mom got to know about my affair, she advised me to give him up. Although initially I thought she was interfering and domineering, later on I understood what she meant.

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  1. I am quite ashamed to learn that you as a human being have no ethics. All you are doing is to give in to your pleasures for sex. You are cheating on Sriram and enjoying the stability that his hard earned money has provided for you. Think: your lover Sanjay would most likely not have touched you if you had a baggage with you in terms of financial support and a child to raise. He would not have been with you for even more than one day. He would not even be generous to spend his love nectar with you if there had been any baggage in your life.

    Actually you are acting like a whore. Whores and hookers take money for sex. You are almost doing the same but with one customer Sanjay. And the person who is getting cheated for no reason is Sriram, whose libido is low because he is stressed out making money for the family, while his wife Reshma is whoring around.

    You and Sanjay need to be publicly shamed.

  2. It’s a very very difficult situation you are trapped in , firstly you are doing Justice to your Ownself undoubtedly by being with Sanjay and by being your ownself with him, you enjoy his company because he is giving you all what you expect from your partner to give like time ,fun, may be that closeness, talking naughty, taking out for a good date, bla bla, but darling the trouble comes where you are forgetting you have a daughter and Husband (Sriram) ,who is lost somewhere in between his work , you know it’s not just the society that is stopping you from moving forward with Sanjay it’s just your inner conscience ,your guilt that you might are doing something wrong and it is there because of Sriram who is a good husband may be in terms of giving you all the good food , clothes and expensive things may be ? But not his time & needed love & attention.
    My suggestion to you is that extra marital affairs are never a good idea & can’t work long plus will give you a lot of mental stress. Either you leave Sriram & be yourself & happy with Sanjay or if you cannot do this Forget Sanjay but stay loyal to Sriram. “No one can ever cross the river sailing in two boats together”
    Good luck 👍
    Says Angel

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