How To Tell Your Partner You Need Space When You’re Upset

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Updated On: March 16, 2023
man is upset and needs space

Nobody is born knowing all the right things there’s to say or do all the right things that are to be done. So mastering the art of giving and taking space will take time and happen over the years. What one must need through such a process is to have patience. Humans are complicated and relationships become as messy as you allow them to be. Arguments are inevitable when two people are spending their lives together but it’s always a great idea to switch off for a while. You need space to ponder upon things and allow some room for your partner to breathe. So how should you be asking for space from your partner?

How To Tell Your Partner You Need Space

Now there’s no guide book about what not to say when your loved one is upset, you can still make sure that whatever you do end up saying, is said with politeness and warmth. It’s not so much about what you say but the way you say it that forms the major part of the communication. It’s best to heal a relationship crisis by giving some space. Assure your partner that they’d be your first choice to go to when you are ready to take some help. It’s important they know you’re not mentally, emotionally or physically ready for some conversation to happen.

So how to tell your boyfriend you need space? Just be polite and say you need some time off and you will get back to a conversation when you are up to it. Stonewalling is not something that you should be doing instead just let your boyfriend know you need the space.

It’s no use to talk about something important unless both the partners are sharing the same relaxed state of mind. Nothing gets solved or better with anger. If anything, being impolite, crass, rude or loud is not going to help the matter get any better.

Heal a relationship crisis by giving some space

If you need space it is no sin and shouldn’t be taken as a personal attack whatsoever. Keep your egos aside and stay calm. Things will get through and times will be better.

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