This is why married couples don’t get to have daytime sex

Devraj Kalsi
Day time sex

The radiant rays of the sun falling on her curves turn you on. Her sun-kissed bosom invites you for an exciting round. Despite a strong desire building up within, you are unable to make her agree to have it during the day. Not that she is not in the mood to respond to your overtures. Not that she does not fancy variation in the hours of play.

Her reluctance stems from domestic compulsion, the lack of privacy and the possibility of sudden intrusion. A knock on the door must be answered promptly – with clothes on, not with a bed sheet wrapped around. A delay raises the suspicion of intimate activity behind barred doors. Other women take the opportunity to tease her with comments about her whopping appetite for sex that cannot be fulfilled at night.

Sh! Koi dekhega

If you live in a joint family, jettison the idea of engaging in daytime sex. Many young couples, despite feeling the urge, have to suppress it. They prefer to sacrifice their afternoon nap and stay awake just to avoid being suspected of having carnal fun at odd hours. Yes, daytime is considered odd for a sexual romp in traditional India. There are fixed hours for certain kinds of jobs and you are not allowed to upset this established order.

If you are not living with an extended family, there is unlimited scope to bang whenever and wherever you feel like. The entire house belongs to you. No need to bother about finding a suitable place for that. Every corner of your house offers absolute freedom to enjoy sex and therefore it makes no sense to perform in the bedroom all the time. Kitchen top, staircase, floor or couch – start wherever you feel the urge.

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What about the kids?!

The presence of full-time domestic help discourages couples from enjoying daytime sex. They have the habit of disturbing you on some pretext or other – for trivial clarifications or meaningless consultations. Couples with small children or teenagers have a similar plight. The persistent anxiety that they will watch through the keyhole lurks in the mind. You have to make sure they are frolicking in the playground with friends or fast asleep. As a responsible parent, you do not want to be burdened with the guilt of having set a bad example for your kids.

Some couples prefer to suppress it and some do not enjoy it in broad daylight. It is an act ideal for darkness – when they do not wish to see each other’s face while performing monotonous sex. Daytime sex does not let you relax. After the bout gets over, you have to get up and resume a chore or go out on an errand. Moreover, you feel you are ‘unclean’ to worship in the evening if you have a strong religious mind-set. At night, dirty sex is fine as you get up and have a quick bath in the morning. Hence it is all clean and purified before you say your prayers and enter the sacrosanct kitchen.

Unmarried folks patronise daytime sex because this is the only option available to them. Strict family codes rule out staying out at night. Going out to college or office allows youngsters the opportunity to fulfil their sexual desires. They can manage a couple of hours for a steamy session at a friend’s place or in a guesthouse. Nobody in the family raises questions unless condom packs are found in the trouser pocket.

Sex as recreation

Daytime sex appears to be a rage with promiscuous married partners who are into casual sex with multiple partners or prolonged affairs with mistresses. Paid sex lovers prefer quickies during the daytime at secret spots to avoid detection. The wives do not suspect mischief unless the husbands come home wearing a new feminine perfume or with lipstick marks on the collar.

The popularity of daytime sex is yet to become a trend among married couples in India. Different kinds of problems are attached to it. Most importantly, the environment does not stimulate such desires. Given the wafer-thin importance granted to sex in Indian families where it is seen just as a means of procreation and not recreation, daytime sex is unlikely to become popular in this part of the world in the future.

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Rajeev Pundir December 1, 2017 - 11:02 am

Daytime sex is a fun in real. One must enjoy.

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