10 Things That Every Girl Wants From Her Boyfriend

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Updated On: October 27, 2021
what every girl wants

The question of what women want and desire from their partners has confused men for years. Movies have been made, books written on the matter. Yet, many men continue to be baffled about what they ought to do to keep their women happy and content. Except, it isn’t a great mystery to unravel. What every girl wants is to be valued, appreciated and loved by her partner.

That doesn’t require grand gestures or larger-than-life expressions of love. More often than not, things that every girl wants from her boyfriend boil down to thoughtfulness, sensitivity and no-holds-barred expression of their real feelings and emotions.

Girls are emotional creatures. They tend to expect guys, who are essentially the exact opposite in nature, to understand what they want in a relationship. Often, without spelling out their relationship expectations. This difference is exactly what fans the confusion over what do girls want in a relationship.

You can stop that from happening in your relationship by being mindful of the 10 things every woman wants in a man.

10 Things Every Woman Wants Her Man To Do

Want to be the guy every girl wants but don’t know how? Perhaps, you’re trying to win over a girl you can’t stop thinking about or woo your girlfriend all over again but haven’t been able to make much headway. This has left you grappling with the million-dollar question: what do girls want in a relationship?

Whether you are looking for ways to make your girl smile a little wider or make her fall in love, knowing what every girl wants will surely stand you in good stead. So, pay heed to these 10 things every woman wants in a man and start ticking boxes in the good boyfriend checklist:

1. Plan surprise dates

Most girls love surprises, especially when they come from the man in her life. A surprise date is a great way to show her that you are invested in making the relationship stronger and willing to go the extra mile for her happiness. No matter how long you two have been together, you are never too old to go out on dates. It shows that you care and also keeps that romantic spark alive for a long time.

If your girl doesn’t like surprises, involve her in planning the date. Nothing will make her happier than seeing her partner take initiative in doing something romantic and thoughtful for her. Planning regular dates should rank right at the top of a good boyfriend checklist.

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2. Pamper her a little more

To be the guy every girl wants, you must know the way to pamper her and make her feel like the queen she is. Girls love being pampered by their significant others. They can look past the materialistic pleasures, but we can never give up on coddling.

Get her a customized gift. Make a bubble bath for her once she comes back from work. Ask about her day. Give her a backrub when she is dealing with PMS and those horrid period cramps. Cook something special for her. These acts of love mean the world to us.

3. Take her shopping

Yes, we know, men generally hate shopping unless it involves hardware, gadgets or boxer shorts. But what every girl wants is for her man to be a little thoughtful at times and shop for her. It doesn’t have to be something over-the-top or grand, but if you stop by a shop to buy our favorite chocolate, a dessert for dinner or lingerie that you liked, she will appreciate the effort.

To her, it’s the thought that counts more than the contents of the shopping bag. Just the fact that you thought of her when you were up and about, and stopped to get her something you know she’d love would be enough to earn you a big tick mark on the good boyfriend checklist.

4. Compliment her without asking

things that every girl wants from her boyfriend
Your compliments can make her heart skip a beat

Compliments are lovely and it feels even nicer if you pay her compliments without her having to fish for them. Tell her how lovely she looks without makeup and see her face brightening up. Appreciate the meal she cooked for you.

If you’re heading out for a party or a date, and you see she has put in an effort in dressing up, stop, stare and let her know she blew your socks off. Compliment her on the things you genuinely like about her, no matter how small or inconsequential they may be.

These are little things that every girl wants from her boyfriend, and if she gets them effortlessly, she’s sure to appreciate you a whole lot more.

5. Be good at repairing things

Sure, girls can manage to fix the broken stuff themselves, but they like it more when their man steps in and offers to take over with glee. Be it the broken bulb, a leaking faucet or her broken heart from a terrible past breakup – girls love her men to be the best Mr Fix-it in town.

Yes, sure, it isn’t and shouldn’t be your job to fix her or her broken heart but being there and lending her a shoulder to cry on can surely help her sail through the moments when she is feeling low and blue.

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6. Act a little protective

Girls enjoy independence in a relationship, but also like a hint of protectiveness in their partners. Every girl wants her man to stand by her and stand up for her, through the good times and bad, even when nobody’s watching.

Having a man who can be her rock and her biggest support system is what every girl wants. Women cherish the feeling of security in a relationship. There is no better antidote to insecurity in a relationship than a partner who says ‘I’ve got your back’ through his words and actions.

7. Surprise with spa coupons

You’ve got to add pampering twice to the good boyfriend checklist because women just can’t get enough of it. If she is struggling with work issues or has had a tiff with a friend or her mother, nothing will cure her of her stresses like a good spa session.

A man who surprises her with a spa coupon when she needs it the most or just because he wants her to have a relaxing weekend is what every girl wants. There is nothing more adorable in the world! Women appreciate men who are thoughtful and subtle in showing love – especially when it involves aromatic candles and a good back massage at one of the nicest spas in the city!

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8. Learn to give mind-blowing foot massage

Did we say add pampering to your checklist twice over? Well, strike that. Make it three times, and then some. The long and short of it is that to be the guy every girl wants, you just need to pay attention to her little needs and desires and fulfill them with her having to ask for it.

For instance, after coming back from work every girl would love it if her man gives her a nice foot rub. It’s relaxing and sensual too. The feeling is even more delightful if you give her the massage without asking.

9. Return the favour in bed

What do girls want in a relationship? Let’s let you in on a secret now: she may not always ask for it in bed, but your girl would love for you to return the favor after she gives you a good head. Nothing is sexier than a man who understands the needs of his woman and never shies away from pleasuring her.

So, master the art of satisfying your woman in bed and be generous, and prioritise her pleasure as much as your own orgasms – you will not only have a rocking sex life but also a woman who is forever pleased with you.

10. Say ‘I love you’ more often

good boyfriend checklist
She knows that you love her but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate it

Yes, she already knows you love her. Yes, these three words may start to seem routine when you’ve been together a long time. But actually hearing the man in her life say it like he means it just lightens up the day for us. This is undoubtedly one of the things that every girl wants from her boyfriend, irrespective of how long you’ve been together. It makes her feel loved and more secure in the relationship, and also strengthens the relationship.

So guys take note of what every girl wants and make the effort to do these cute little things to show some love to your girl. And girls, let us know if you want to add something extra to the list in the comments below!

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