21 Uncommon Romantic Gestures For Her

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Updated On: November 8, 2023
Uncommon Romantic Gestures

They say women are more romantic than men. To be honest, there is no research to back up this claim; after all, how can emotions be gender-specific? However, when you come up with romantic gestures for her, you can be certain that your girlfriend feels a little extra special.

Every woman needs to be told that she is loved, cared for and valued. It doesn’t matter if she is super independent or has a stern, “don’t mess with me” vibe. What is important is that the man she loves, loves her back and is not hesitant to show it. If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how to let her know how much you value her without ever saying it, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is take a look at these romantic gestures for her and take your pick.

21 Uncommon Gestures For Her

Making a woman feel special isn’t just about showering her with gifts, planning a grand celebration, or constantly giving her compliments; it’s all about putting some feelings or emotions into what you do for her.

All men have it in them to be romantic, so don’t go all “I don’t know what to do, I’m clueless when it comes to powerful romantic gestures.” And no, going overboard on romantic gestures for her is not lame. There is nothing “lame” or “non-macho” about these cutesy, lovey-dovey gestures.

A declaration of love is pure and unfiltered. All you have to do is make sure it comes from a place of unmatched adoration. Let her know how you think she has the cutest smile in the whole universe, and you’re already set on your way. If you are short on ideas, here are 21 unique ways in which you can make her blush and smile.

1. Pick her up and drop her off

Yes, she can drive. Yes, the date venue is close to her house. Yes, she doesn’t need a man to help her reach her destination. Even then, go and pick her up before the date and drop her off at home. It is just one of those old-fashioned, wonderful romantic gestures for her that shows you care.

Think of it this way, instead of having her go through the hassle of calling a cab or fighting traffic herself, tell her you’d love to do it for her. It’s not because you think she needs to be picked up and dropped off, it’s because you’d love to help her in every little way imaginable. Tell her you want to make her life easier and it’ll end up being a small romantic gesture for her.

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2. Make her breakfast in bed

There is something adorable about a man cooking up a messy breakfast for his woman. It need not be anything elaborate, but just waking up before she does and serving her coffee and croissants can melt her heart. Who doesn’t like waking up to the smell of coffee?

To do one better, go ahead and make her favorite breakfast. Even if it’s something complicated, as long as you don’t completely burn the bacon, we’re pretty sure she’ll appreciate the effort. Romantic gestures for her don’t get any easier than whipping up a couple of eggs.

3. Give her a treat after a stressful day at work

If she tells you she has had a lousy day at work, how about easing her stress by welcoming her home with a warm dinner, either made by you or ordered from her favorite takeaway, and opening a bottle of wine? Give her a little spa day at home, help her relax. Indulge in such thoughtful romantic gestures for her and she will be forever grateful to you.

4. Offering help with the chores is a romantic gestures for her with no money

She might be the most efficient domestic goddess, but even she needs a bit of a break every now and then. Offer to completely take over her half of the chores, even if it means working an extra hour to nail that presentation at work. Sharing chores equally in marriage is more important than you think it is. Some couples would literally credit it with maintaining the peace in their house.

If she does more than her bit around the house, make sure you take over those chores every once in a while. And yes, seeing a man running around doing domestic duties is rather romantic for women.

5. Surprise her with PDA

Surprise Her with romantic gesture
Surprise your girl with a cute gift

Don’t overdo the PDA if she is the kind who gets embarrassed easily. But giving her a cuddle or putting an arm around her casually during a movie session or giving her a slight peck when she’s asking for your opinion during a shopping spree works like magic.

It’s really a cute thing to do with your girlfriend. In fact, these spontaneous romantic gestures for her add to the spice of your relationship.

6. Be protective

There is a difference between being protective and being controlling. Please know the difference. We’re not asking you to be her bodyguard who shields her from all harm by not letting her have a speck of freedom. If you do that, you can kiss the relationship goodbye. 

Instead, show her your concerned and protective side by checking in on her when she’s late from work. Ensuring she’s carrying an umbrella if she has to travel when it rains or that she reaches safely when she’s out. Look after her when she’s sick, lend her an ear when she’s ranting about work, offer to help her and not just if and only when she asks for it. Romance means showing concern too.

7. Take note of her rituals and habits

Nothing could be a more heartwarming romantic gesture for her than her man taking care of the smaller details. If she stays away from you and spends a night at yours, ensure that your home is equipped with things you know she needs – maybe a lip balm, body cream, or some similar ladies’ toiletries.

Stock the things she may like, from her favorite snack to her favorite movie. Buy that lotion she can’t live without. Stock up on the midnight snacks she’s always craving. Romantic gestures for girlfriend can be as simple as remembering the little things.

8. Buy her concert tickets of her favorite artist

This wonderful romantic gesture for her will make her your fan for life. Make a note of the interesting activities in town, preferably concerts or sporting matches (depending on her interests), and surprise her with a front-row ticket. Who wouldn’t like to be surprised with tickets to their favorite band? She might just consider you a hopeless romantic.

Not only will it tell her that you remember her favorite artists and care about her taste, it’ll also show her you’re considerate enough to want to see her happy. Watch her fall for you all over again as she proudly boasts about your special gift for her in front of her friends. If you’re looking for romantic gestures for her birthday, this is definitely one of them.

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9. Write love notes

Did you just say, “Eww, who does that?” Well, guys who love their girls do! Write sticky notes with funny references, messages, or cute one-liners and paste them in unexpected places for her to find. Make it a special day or night by making a game of it where one note leads to another, with a surprise at the end. 

Just by being a little creative, you’ll make sure she understands how much her happiness means to you. Perhaps you could also implement this as one of the romantic gestures for her during lockdown, since it doesn’t even require you to leave your house. 

10. Buy small gifts on regular days

Romantic gestures for her need not be grand or expensive. In between the big special gifts that you plan for her birthday or anniversary, spoil her with the little things that may seem silly to you but matter to her.

Fenty Beauty’s latest red lipstick or Ted Baker’s mobile cover, for instance, or maybe even something small yet elegant like a butterfly ring, a dainty necklace, or a pair of pearl stud earrings. Just look up her latest Instagram posts or a fashion mag to get some inspiration if you are clueless about what gifts to get her.

11. Planning the perfect date is a powerful romantic gesture

When you have been dating for a while, you know what her tastes are. Sometimes, women like men to take the lead in planning the perfect date. So go ahead and plan one that she’s never going to forget. Keep it a secret till the end and take her out to a new place she’s been dying to try.

Perhaps she’s told you about a place she’s always wanted to visit, or she’s talked about how she’s always wanted to go horseback riding. If you can’t remember anything of the sort, do a bit of research about the best places in town.

12. Buying her a souvenir

We are leading increasingly busy lives that leave less time for love. But you can always indulge in cute romantic gestures for her even when you are not together.

For instance, if your job involves a lot of traveling, pick up souvenirs or little gifts to give her on your return. It’s a small step to assure her that she’s always on your mind. Plus, who doesn’t like it when a friend or a partner brings back a small gift for them from their latest trip? It may not be a grand romantic gesture for her, but it’s still enough to put a smile on her face.

a romantic gesture
Getting her a small souvenir will go a long way

13. Get her what she needs

When you get her something she badly needs, love turns into gratitude. Unless you’re dating a high-maintenance girl, chances are, getting her small gifts will brighten her day. Has she been complaining about her battery running out all the time? Get her a battery pack the next time you meet her. Offer to fix her cable or buy her a gadget that lessens her stress at work, coasters for her house, a set of new knives, a cutting board, a new picture frame, a new pair of earphones…the list goes on

Buy her whatever she needs. It’s a great romantic gesture for your girlfriend. When she uses what you gave her every single day, at least she’ll be thinking about you when her phone manages to stay alive thanks to the portable battery you got her.

14. Whisk her off to a stay-cay

Those big holidays and a lovely grand trip to Italy can wait until you both manage to find the money and the time for them. Until then, plan a weekend staycation for her at a resort in town. Too much work from home can be bad for your health and boring too, so what better surprise than a romantic gesture for her? Take her away for a short and sweet trip.

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15. Wear what she’s gifted you

When you plan a big night out, deliberately wear the shirt or perfume that she’s gifted you. Make it a point to thank her for it again and say how much you loved it. As a couple, you might be exchanging gifts regularly, but when you show you value what you receive from her, the love and warmth increase.

Imagine if you got her a jacket and were worried about whether she’d like it or not. And if she’s donned it the next time you see her, you’re undoubtedly going to be over the moon, even if she’s wearing it to be nice. Who knew something as simple as wearing a t-shirt could be one of the most romantic gestures for her?

16. Organize a surprise party

Agreed, you may not like all of her friends or her entire family, but make an effort to be nice to them. Organize a surprise party on her birthday and invite all of them, including the cousin she has not seen in ages. Just imagine the look on her face when the lights go on. Ensure she doesn’t get a whiff of your planned surprise. This is a proven way to show her you love her. 

17. Being chivalrous can end up being a romantic gesture for her

No, chivalry is not dead. Even in this day and age, etiquette like opening the door for her or pulling out the chair, is not dead. You don’t have to stop being a gentleman just because you don’t have to impress her any longer. If you want to keep your love alive, treat it every day as a new romance.

No, you don’t have to put your jacket on that puddle of mud so she can walk over it. No, you don’t have to make every decision for her. Make sure you know how to navigate the line between being chivalrous and being condescending.

18. Be her cheerleader

Never hesitate to show how proud you are of her. Let the world know that you root for her, be it a shout-out on social media or complimenting her in front of others. A simple positive comment on her photos can be a great way of making a romantic gesture for her online. 

Of course, do not overdo this as it can come across as showing-off, but genuine shout-outs and words of praise are truly wonderful romantic gesture for her and will make her value what the two of you share.

19. Work out with her

Couples working out together can be a lot of fun. Signing up for a Zumba class or a Couples Yoga session can be a fun romantic gesture for her that also makes for an enjoyable date session.

If both of you are health freaks, set fitness goals together and encourage each other to meet them. You know what they say, couples that gym together, stay together.

20. Touch her

Keep the chemistry between the two of you alive by touching her and remaining close to her. Play with her hair when you are sitting close. Clasp her hand when you are out for a walk. Feed her a little at dinner. Small romantic gestures for her will increase the connection that the two of you already share.

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21. Send her romantic texts

Always stay connected through texts. A simple, “I miss you” or “Thinking of you” text sent amidst a hectic workday can make her happy. Even if only for a few seconds, a funny or sexy text acts as a pleasant distraction. This doesn’t mean you bombard or disturb her with calls and messages, just that a sexy reminder of what’s in store for later increases the anticipation.

When you are in a relationship, you can’t afford not to be romantic. Every woman (and even man) needs affection and that doesn’t just mean sex or occasional gifts. There is a lot more to a relationship than just the physical or even the deeply emotional side, and it’s time you took control of your bond by taking the lead and increasing the RQ – romantic quotient.

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