3 girls reveal what it is like to sleep with their bestie’s boyfriend

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Updated On: March 28, 2024

Does it count as a betrayal of your friend if you sleep with your best friend’s boyfriend? Do you lose your bestie if you sleep with her boyfriend? How best is your best friend?

Three women reveal what it was like to indulge in an affair with their best friend’s boyfriends.

“Let me tell you right now – it was not worth it.

1. We have been friends for a long time now. But there were moments when I needed my best friend, she was not there. It was not an excuse but I got closer to her boyfriend. He cared about my life and in a moment of weakness, we ended up kissing and making out.

Anita and I have been friends forever. And when she got together with Nigel, I felt a tad sad because they were poles apart. Last year we had a year-end party. Anita got drunk. She as nowhere to be found in the villa. After midnight, Nigel and I got talking and we got closer each minute. I ended up making love to my best friend’s boyfriend while Anita had her moment of making out with another person in another corner of the villa. She told me about her infidelity the next day itself but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her about my betrayal. They have broken up now, but I doubt if she knows what happened that night.”

Couple on couch
Couple on couch

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2. “Dona was my college roommate. We became close friends. We would occasionally visit Dona’s boyfriend Krish’s place. On one such visit, Dona suggested a threesome to which Krish and I said no to. But it stuck in our heads after that. Krish and I took to chatting more than usual. He cooks well and invited me over for tasting a dish he wanted to make for Dona. I must add, I did like him long before Dona set his eyes on him but I didn’t do anything about it. He told me if not for Dona, he would never have met me. I guess it was his honesty that made me lose control. He was a smooth talker, very gentlemanly, and whatever his intentions, it was me who took the plunge first. We had sex on the kitchen counter and on the couch. And when Dona came back we pretended nothing ever happened.

She broke up with him a month later but she never really behaved any different with me. I never asked them the reason for their breakup. And even if my sleeping together with him was the reason she broke up, she didn’t let that affect our friendship.”

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3. “I made out with Ani’s boyfriend while she was passed out on the bed. She might have heard us but she was too drunk to even do anything about it. We went at it on the floor. Once she tossed to one side which made her boyfriend slide under the bed. That was a buzzkill and we stopped the second time.”

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