5 reasons why Indian men find it difficult to communicate

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Updated On: March 9, 2023
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Patriarchy has been a deep-rooted cause for a lot of things. One being how men are sometimes such a distant partner, charting an unknown territory of how healthy communication works. The way Indian men argue is pretty fierce and aggressive. They will advocate the cause they best believe in. But when it comes to how Indian men communicate with their partners, it’s not as well articulated as it must be. They find it difficult to communicate with their partners. 

5 reasons why Indian men find it difficult to communicate

Since very early on, boys are taught to be ‘manly’ and what consists in being manly is to be brooding, quiet, mysterious and tough. This toughness has helped and hurt the gender in both ways. Well, our patriarchal society hasn’t been of much help to any person at all, honestly. It has boxed both genders to some societal norms and expected them to conform to such notions. It is pressuring and unhealthy. It’s because Indian men lose their ability to really talk openly, hurt openly, love openly, all the confusions arise.

Besides that, maintaining this mysterious, quiet attitude just kind of attracts women like a magnet. There’s always something to unravel about such men and the excitement of what’s next to come, keeps a lot of women on their toes, awaiting special moments to happen.

But over time, this same attitude begins to cause problems too. ‘You don’t talk to me,’ ‘You don’t tell me things,’ or ‘You don’t love me anymore’, become common expressions in the relationship, all because there is a lack of communication. 

Here in the video, we list five reasons why we think Indian men find it hard to truly communicate with their significant others. Watch it and let us know what you think about it!

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