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5 signs you are entering a wrong relationship

Relationships are risky. But there are ways to find the red flags before you invest in a wrong one.

“Is he really the right one for me? Am I really sure this would work?” It’s totally normal to mull over these concerns before you move into a serious relationship. Perhaps you have been dating for weeks, even if you two have been friends for a long time and recently discovered feeling for each other – there is no way to know for sure if the relationship will be right for you until you give it a try. But there are 5 telltale signs you must watch out for to identify a wrong relationship before you jump into it.

1. You two are very different people

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We don’t mean you and your partner must be alike. In fact it’s healthy to have contrasting yet complimentary personalities for a happy and long-term relationship. But if you two have major personality differences in terms of spending time in your social circles, belief system and personal interests then for a major part of your relationship at least one of you will have to compromise more and so both of you will end up being unhappy.

2. You are not comfortable to act like yourself

If you don’t feel comfortable to be your real self in front of your partner then it’s safe to say the relationship will be taxing. If your date or friend is critical of your looks, emotions or opinions and you feel suppressed to act like yourself then entering into a relationship with them could be fatal to your emotional wellbeing. However if you are not acting yourself because of social anxiety or confidence issues then it’s best to discuss it with your partner and consult a therapist.


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3. You don’t trust each other

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There is no way the relationship would be right for you if you don’t have enough trust in each other. Knowing that your partner always has your back, keeps no secret is the foundation of a good relationship. If you lack this quality right now, there is no way it will be a right union. Especially because if you feel a lack of trust between each other at this initial stage of your relationship then it will most certainly lead to fights and accusations as life gets more complicated.

4. Your goals are very different

Have you talked about your future together? Make sure to know whether you both share the same line of thoughts about your future living arrangements, financial responsibilities and career goals before taking things to the next level. If one of you wants to go for live-in eventually but the other one believes in traditional marriage or if one of you moves to a different city for job while the other one is not okay with long distance relationship, the relationship is not going to work out.

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5. You are not supportive of each other

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If you don’t support each other’s dreams and aspirations, if you are too critical of each other’s views, if you show contempt for each other’s behaviours, then it’s a definite red flag for the future of your relationship. However it’s totally normal to have a little disagreement in a relationship from time to time. It’s a matter of concern when your opinions are regularly discounted and the other person makes you feel inferior. A partnership is only going to work out when no one feels being judged by the other and there is a strong sense of security.
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