Opposites Attract: Being A Couple With Opposite Personalities In A Marriage

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Updated On: January 5, 2024
opposites attract couples

The well known adage – opposites attract – came true for me personally. Before that, I thought going on simple dates, having a few lighthearted conversations was enough to start falling for somebody. Moreover, when dating, I often looked for more similar interests than opposites when trying to figure out my potential partner.

Sadly, all of that went in vain. Breakup after breakup, I realized it was only getting harder to meet someone who was my type and agreed with me on the things that I cared about. I was feeling a little disheartened because I was also starting to get puzzled about what I looked for in a man.

Can Opposites Attract?

Little did I know what was coming when I was forcibly taken by my mom to visit a numerologist. I am a borderline atheist. I believe in God but not all their manifestations and certainly not astrology, numerology and the like. But here I was visiting this ‘Aunty’ to look into my future. My mother felt my marriage was getting delayed despite me having all the credentials to make a good match and my desperate attempts at dating for marriage. She felt I had missed the bus at the grand age of 23.

So Aunty Numerologist asked me some random numbers which she noted down in an old diary. She asked us to come back after 2 days for the results. I didn’t want to go to get the results, as I was never going to believe what she would say and I’d probably laugh at her. Aunty insisted on me accompanying my mom. And her verdict was that I’d get married soon, which resulted in a huge sigh of relief from my mother. But there was a catch to it. We’d never be an ideal couple or a perfectly matched couple.

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I was full of questions

“That means?” I queried.

She said that we would be physically unlike or have opposite natures. It was coming true, I guess. Even cosmically, it is possible that being opposites attracts couples for marriage.

For instance, since I’m short, he would be tall or since I’m fair, he’d be dark and so on. These things seemed superficial and silly to me at first so it was hard to completely believe anything she was saying. If I’m being entirely honest, I found the whole explanation a tad funny. Guess we were gonna be one of those opposite couples that people are always wondering about and saying – “How the hell did these two end up together?”

when opposites attract
But the question still remains – Do opposite couples attract?

Then came the engagement

Fast forward to my engagement day.

My would-be husband and I were the clear epitome of when opposites attract. We were so dissimilar that our immediate families were concerned. Our horoscopes had just tipped the 50% scale of matching, with no clear majority there. I was extremely fair while he was extremely dark. I was short and he was tall. They asked us again if we really wanted to get married to each other, considering we looked so odd together.

These physical attributes did not bother me and I loved him with all my heart. I was looking for a loving human being who would also be my closest friend. And thus, I got married to the man who I knew was the one for me. I got married to my tall, dark and handsome husband who was also the complete opposite of me.

After marriage, we discovered many more aspects of each other. We were perfectly unmatched. Not just physically, but also mentally. Our temperaments were completely opposite.

Do Opposite Personalities Attract?

I’m patient, while he loses his temper at the drop of a hat. I’m a terrible cook, while he is good at cooking and can make a mean lasagna on any day of the week. I’m terrible with money matters, while he is a champion at sorting out money issues.

I’m quite disorganized and thrive on chaos. I don’t panic under a deadline or any stress, as it brings out the best in me, whereas he is meticulous at whatever he does. He plans out every aspect and he will have a plan B and a plan C to take care of any deviations. He wants things to be in a certain place. He loves to keep records. In short, he is super organized, while I just exist and do things at the last minute.

can opposites attract
Can opposites attract? Yes, if they complement each other well

In moments of crisis though, I’m more relaxed than him; read hospital stays, medical emergencies, work contingencies. I love to travel and be outdoors, he is quite happy to be indoors. The home is his favorite hangout. I’m an avid reader; he is not and just reads the newspaper to keep up with what’s going on in the world.

We are also in different professions. He’s in construction, which I do not understand at all. He doesn’t understand computers and programming, while I’m an IT professional and I love my job. So with so many personality differences, one is still left wondering: Does being complete opposites attract couples to come together and be together? And if yes, then how?

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Yes, being opposites attracts couples to come together

So, what do we talk about at home? You must be thinking that we hardly get along, let alone have reasons to love each other. But none of that is true. We actually have loads to talk about and learn from each other. Because of our varied interests, we are always catching up with each other.

falling in love

Though he doesn’t like to read, he loves to listen to my stories. Though he doesn’t understand computers, he loves to know what is happening on the technological front. I love to understand politics from him. Since I don’t like to cook, I’m always grateful when he takes over the kitchen while I catch up on some sleep. We have been married for over 17 years and there has never been a dull moment in our happy marriage.

Was the numerologist aunty right after all? We are mismatched and complete opposites. But now if anyone ever asks me, ‘Can opposites attract?’, I’m going to say yes! From the poles of magnets to lovers like you and me, yes, being absolute opposites attracts couples too.

P.S. This is no endorsement for numerology or the ‘Aunty’ numerologist. I still cannot believe it and I have never gone back for any further readings.


1. Is it better for couples to be similar or different?

Both scenarios have their pros and cons. However, when opposites attract – couples get to learn a lot. They are constantly evolving and shaping their relationship for the challenges are many. But overcoming those challenges, require a lot of love and that’s why you’ll notice that opposite couples, love each other terribly.

2. Can relationships work if you have nothing in common?

Surprisingly, yes. It is not similarities that make up a relationship but how a couple complements one another. So it is possible that personalities that are opposites attract relationship despite seeming so starkly different on the forefront. Love doesn’t come with a manual and handbook. You simply cannot help who you fall in love with!

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  1. Saloni Maheshwari

    There’s always been wonder toward why opposites attract. Yet, we’re told that relationships are stronger and generally easier when you share a lot in common. But is that the truth?

    This piece tells us yes, it is!

    Wonderful couple!

    You both are blessed to have each other 🙂

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