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6th love language

Exploring The 6th Love Language: ‘Feeling Known’

This article explores the possibility of a sixth love language, over and above the five love languages suggested by Gary Chapman. It is believed that the sixth love language is nothing but the idea of ‘feeling known’.

physical touch love language

Physical Touch Love Language: What It Means With Examples

Do you think it is wise to speak Chinese to an Italian, and expect to have your message conveyed? That is what happens when we speak in a love language that is different from the one our partner understands! Today, we deal with the love language of physical touch.

words of affirmation love language

How To Use Words Of Affirmation As A Love Language?

Genuine words of love and affections are critical for a healthy relationship. So much so it is a love language of its own. If you or your partner has words of affirmation as your love language then this article is for you.

two hands are joining together to form a heart

What Is Your Love Language Quiz

Take this interesting quiz to know your love language in a relationship. Dr. Gary Chapman, an American author wrote The 5 Love Languages, in which he coined the term “love languages” to explain the fundamentally different ways we express and receive love. There are five primary love languages- Words of Appreciation, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Physical …

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quality time love language

Quality Time Love Language: Meaning, Ideas And Examples

Dr. Gary Chapman is an author and counselor who devised five broad love languages that people gravitate toward and respond to. Our love language determines how we actually perceive love, what we do to cherish it, and how we give and receive it.