What Is Your Love Language Quiz

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Take this interesting quiz to know your love language in a relationship.

Dr. Gary Chapman, an American author wrote The 5 Love Languages, in which he coined the term “love languages” to explain the fundamentally different ways we express and receive love.

There are five primary love languages- Words of Appreciation, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, and Gifts.

Ask yourself the following questions to understand your own love language test. What is the way you receive love the best? What you wished your partner knew about.

What would be your top pick which makes you feel loved and cared for, especially when you are down and out?

·      You want a feel-better gift.

·      You want hugs and cuddles.

·      You want them to verbally express their love for you or perhaps give you the much needed ‘you are a tough cookie’ pep talk?  

·      You want them to give you a calming foot massage (without you having to really ask for it).

·      You want them to take you somewhere special.

Well, based on what you find resonance with you will figure out your own love lingo.

Love languages aren’t just for romance, it’s about how you want to be loved and feel cared for. This official love language test will help you guide through what makes you feel special and take you to your happy place. And remember, once you know, you can figure out ways how to communicate this to your ‘person’.  

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