25 Body Language Signs A Man Is In Love With You

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Updated On: December 18, 2023
love signals from a man

When a man loves you, you just know it. You can sense his feelings, the butterflies in his stomach, and the love in his eyes. But is it always that simple? Not if you don’t know how to decode the love signals from a man. The truth is, it can be quite perplexing to figure out if a man is in love with you. And I know what your situation is. Your gut suggests he’s into you, but he isn’t saying a word to that effect.

At this point, you may want to address the elephant in the room, or should I say, the love bug in the room. But before you take the leap, it helps to have some assurance that the feelings are mutual. If only there was a magic trick to help you out of this conundrum! Turns out, there is, not one, but 25. And these magic tricks, aka love signals from a man, are backed by science. Now before we discuss the signals you should be looking out for, let us first understand their meaning.

What Is Meant By Love Signals From A Man?

When a man is in love, he may find it difficult to gather his thoughts and romantically articulate his feelings. So, if you’re out there wondering how to understand his feelings, pay attention to his love signals. Love signals from a man are the non-verbal cues hidden in his body language. These body language signs of attraction can be deciphered by paying attention to:

  • Facial expressions
  • Eye contact
  • Physical behavior
  • Tone of voice
  • Hand gestures

These body language signs have the power to communicate his emotions more effectively than his words. 

25 Body Language Signs A Man Is In Love With You

Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 Communication model states that 7% of the meaning of our feelings and behavior is conveyed through the words we use in verbal communication, 38% of the meaning is conveyed through the tone of our voice, and the remaining 55% through the body language we use, particularly our facial expressions.

So, it won’t be a stretch to say when a man is in love with you, his body language will betray his feelings long before his words do. Let us dive straight into 25 body language signs to help you understand whether that guy has fallen head over heels in love with you.

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1. He makes a long eye contact 

“The eyes, Chico, they never lie.” Sounds familiar, right? Scrolling through Instagram, you must have stumbled upon this famous dialog from the 1983 American film Scarface at least once in your life.

So, what does eye contact between two people reveal about love and romance? If a guy makes eye contact with you far too often or doesn’t take his eyes off you, he might be falling in love with you. He wants to stare at you and admire you. He wants to tell you, “Look at me, I’ve got you no matter what.” 

2. He tries to walk with you on the inside

Jane, a magazine journalist, shares with us, “I knew my boyfriend was in love with me when he started walking on the outer side of the sidewalk, closer to the road. He’d do this every time we met. I understood he really cares about me, and guess what? Three months later, he proposed!” If a man tries to walk with you on the inside, it’s a signal that he is protective of you, and that protectiveness likely stems from his feelings for you.

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3. Playful and light touches

If you’re wondering about gestures a man shows when he’s in love, try this simple trick. Initiate a playful and light touch, perhaps tap him gently on his arm. Notice how he responds. If he touches you back, we’ve got some good news – he’s smitten. Playful touching is one of the signs he likes you.

4. He tries to stay in your proximity

Remember the meetings at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in The Office? Jim always found a seat next to Pam even before they started dating. Of course, this is the body language of men in love and we know Jim has always been in love with her.

But how will you know if the guy you’re going out with is in love with you? If you’re looking for signals that a man likes you, let us share something about proximity. When a man has been bitten by the love bug, he will stay close to you. For instance, if you both are sitting with a group of friends, he may leave his seat and choose the one that’s next to you. 

5. He mirrors you

One of the major subconscious signs a man likes you is that he mirrors you. He will start to imitate your body language and facial expressions now and then. If you smile, a smile appears on his face. If you sit with your legs crossed, he does the same without even realizing it. These unconscious love signals show that he is attracted to you and actively engaged in the conversation.

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6. He leans toward you during a conversation

Leaning toward you is one of the gestures a man shows when he’s into you. But the setting also plays an important role here. If you are at a noisy cafe with loud music playing in the background, leaning in may be more of a necessity than a choice. So, when does it indicate attraction? When he leans in instinctively even though he doesn’t need to.

Are you in a quiet room and talking to a man? If he’s in love with you, you will notice that he will lean toward you even though he can hear you perfectly well. It indicates that he is interested in talking to you and wants to be closer to you.

7. His eyebrows raise when they see you

When a man is into you, his eyebrows will raise when he sees you. He feels excited and he can’t get enough of you. This is one of the most interesting signs a man is in love with you and we’ll tell you why.

In the series The Human Face, psychologist and documentary maker Dane Archer explains, “If we are trying to mask our feelings, we do it with our lower face. The upper face is under a little less control.” Archer has also explained that the eyes, brows, and forehead are “more authentic than the lower face, which we use to perform polite smiling and other things”.

Body Language Signs A Man Is In Love With You

8. He is aware of your needs 

If a guy remembers and respects your boundaries, it is a green signal. He is aware of what you need and that is important for any healthy relationship. You can experience this on several occasions. For instance, if you happen to tell him that warm hugs are your go-to pick-me-up, he will make sure to engulf you in a bear hug if you’re having a bad day or feeling low for some reason. 

9. He’s not glued to that phone

We know it can be really annoying if you’re out with someone and that person is constantly on their phone. How to tell if a guy is interested in you? When a guy puts his phone away when you’re with him and engages in a conversation without checking his notifications now and then, take it as a positive sign. He respects your time and he values you.

10. His hugs feel warm and intimate 

In a study conducted by researchers at Goldsmiths university, longer hugs were found to give people an immediate pleasure boost as compared to shorter ones lasting for a second.

If you want to understand whether a man is in love with you, pay attention to the way he hugs you. Is it frequent or rare? Does it linger on or is it a quick embrace? Does he smile after he hugs you or is nonchalant? If his hugs are long, assuring, and warm, he feels an intimate bond with you.

11. He’s got clammy hands 

If a guy gets sweaty palms whenever he hangs out with you, it may be because he is a little nervous around you. Chances are he is in love with you and he is scared to confess his true feelings.

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12. He checks his reflection in the mirror 

If you think mirrors play an interesting role only in Snow White and her stepmother’s tale, we’ve got some news. One of the most significant body language signs a man loves you involves mirrors and glass windows. For instance, when you’re walking by a window or standing near a mirror in the room, this man will look at his reflection in the mirror and check his appearance to make sure he’s in his best form.

13. He walks beside you

Think about all the greatest romantic films you’ve watched and I bet there’s a beautiful long walk involved in the story. In Before Sunset, Celine and Jesse, who met nine years ago in Vienna, run into each other again in Paris. Their story is narrated through a long conversation while they just walk beside each other. 

When a guy goes on a walk with you, notice his body language. If he adjusts his pace to match yours or holds your hand, he is sending some nonverbal signals because this is the body language of men in love. What hand holding means to a guy is much deeper than you would like to imagine. They think it’s the beginning of something everlasting.

14. He keeps rearranging his clothes

When a man is in love with you, he wants to present himself in smart and clean clothes and make you admire him. He may check the button of his shirt, adjust his hair, fix the knot of his tie, or straighten his socks. These count as some interesting signals that a man likes you.

15. His lips draw some attention

Do his lips part a little when you make eye contact with him? This is one of the nonverbal signals that he is thrilled to see you. It also happens when a man is about to kiss someone he loves. It shows the anticipation and eagerness in his heart.

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16. He smiles and laughs with you

This is one of the most obvious love signals from a man. One look at his face and you’ll understand that he is really happy around you. His face will have that special glow of joy and he will laugh wholeheartedly in your presence.

17. He always faces you

If you’re looking for signs that a man is pursuing you, it is important to notice if he gives you his undivided attention. He will try to face you with his body pointing toward you whenever he is talking to you. 

18. He fumbles sometimes 

Fiddling and fumbling also qualify as unconscious love signals. with things is A guy who secretly loves you may play with the straw in his drink while looking at you or the coaster on the table. He may fumble while he speaks. This stems from his unexpressed emotions and feelings of vulnerability around you.

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19. His pupils will dilate

By now, you’ve probably realized the importance of eye contact between two people. If a guy has feelings for you or feels sexually attracted to you, his pupils will dilate. That’s what love feels like because being around you causes a surge of happy hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin in his system, which causes the pupils to dilate. The next time he doesn’t take his eyes off you, try to stare back playfully and get a sense of what’s going on.

20. You can see his hands 

Are you still out there wondering what signals guys give when they like you? Trust me when I say this, the hands say it all! If a man does not hide his hands in his pocket or keep his hands behind his back, it is a great sign that he is comfortable in your presence and he loves your energy.

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21. His breathing is relaxed

Ruby, a brand specialist in her early thirties, shares her dating experience with us, “When we talk about body language signs that a man loves you, we often forget to take the language of his breath into account. Because that’s something and I’ll tell you why. If he’s comfortable and relaxed around you, he will breathe at a slow pace.”

So even though he loves you and you take his breath away, his breathing will be relaxed when you both are engaged in a long conversation or just watching Netflix together.

22. He tucks your hair behind your ear

A man may tuck your hair behind your ear during a conversation or when you’re engaged in an activity and your locks are falling on your face. These are some of the gestures a man shows when he’s in love with you. However, he will do this only if you feel comfortable with him and find it sweet. Excessive physical touch is a love language that makes you feel uncomfortable is a red flag and a man who loves you will never cross that line.

23. He likes to hold your hand 

A strong desire to connect with you by holding hands is one of the signs a man is in love with you. He may casually touch your palm and press his palm against yours for a while. He may interlock fingers or walk down the street holding hands, and this simple gesture can make you both feel on cloud nine. 

24. His voice changes into a caring tone

When he speaks to you, his voice has a calm and sweet tone. You feel like he’s honest and vulnerable with you. The way he talks to you makes you feel special and you grin throughout the day. Sounds familiar? Then the guy you’re thinking about while reading this has fallen in love with you. 

25. He handles your stuff with care

Does he throw your handbag to make some space on the sofa or carefully keep it on a chair? Does he recklessly spill his drink on your sweater or does he show respect for your possessions? The care he shows in handling things that are important to you says a lot about how he feels for you. Who knew love signals from a man can be found in the way a man handles your stuff! 

Key Pointers

  • Love signals from a man can communicate his emotions and these cues include his posture, facial expressions, and hand gestures
  • If a man is in love with you, he will give you warm hugs, face you during a conversation, and mirror your body language
  • The body language of men in love can be interpreted not only through his behavior towards you but also through the way he handles your possessions
  • When a man is vulnerable with you and is in love with you, he will give you a light and playful touch now and then by tucking your hair behind your ears or holding your hand but he will make sure that you’re comfortable and enjoying his touch

Now that you know the body language signs of a man who’s in love with you, you can figure out the next step ahead. If the love signals are strong from his side and you can’t stop smiling while reading this article, maybe it’s time to address the love bug in the room.

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