Are women hardwired to seek validation from men?

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Updated On: March 9, 2023

Most times, in every aspect of life, women find themselves in need of validation from menfolk around them. Most often we do it without even thinking. Our need to get a ‘yes’ for our actions from the men in our life involuntarily entered our system by the time our womanhood began. To discover what our readers think, we asked them about this and these wonderful ladies shared their thoughts.

Question: Are women hardwired to seek validation from men?

lack of validation from partner is difficult to survive

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Absence of validation in your childhood is helpful

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Constantly understand and love yourself first
Believe in yourself and don't seek validation from men

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Readers Comments On “Are women hardwired to seek validation from men?”

  1. Not really. I know many, many students, wives, professors, doctors who do not live their lives seeking validation from men. Hard-wired? I don’t think so. But then these women I mentioned have a stronghold professionally which is why they do not need approval or validation from anyone, let alone from men.

  2. I personally feel Indian women are hardwired to seek validation.I guess its also because women are taught to put others before themselves.Things are a bit brighter these days in the urban scenario, but in rural areas women are denied even the right to choose. Being independent is probably the only way out of this

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