10 Ways To Shower Appreciation On Your Husband

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Updated On: October 18, 2023
Ways to shower appreciation on your husband
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I always wondered why there were so many jokes on wives being nagging, pushy, ungrateful and resentful creatures. After reading myriad articles, I realised that the most common issue faced by husbands was ‘lack of appreciation’ by their wives; hence all those jokes were subtle hints to this grave situation.

It never occurred to me that just as I need appreciation almost on a daily basis, my husband would want the same too. That is us, humans right? And that is when I decided to figure ways to appreciate my husband.

I felt it does not take much to be a grateful wife and love and appreciate your husband with small gestures. What does it take to utter a few encouraging words for a hardworking husband? If you can appreciate your husband with small gifts and surprises then nothing like it. He would love you to the moon and back.

Why Is It Necessary To Appreciate Your Spouse?

Every human being craves appreciation irrespective of age or gender. As Sue Fitzmaurice says, Being told you are appreciated is one of the simplest and most uplifting things you can hear. I know it’s easier said than done. Our mundane routines at times make us bitter. That’s when the need to appreciate each other becomes all the more crucial.

Treat your spouse, as a little kid who needs constant appreciation to feel happy, confident and loved. In a world full of critics, your spouse has the power to make you feel special. So give and receive appreciation whenever and wherever possible.

Appreciating each other can make your relationship strong. If a wife doesn’t appreciate a husband then it can make him bitter and frustrated. A little praise for your husband goes a long way in making him happy.

10 Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Husband

Couple happy together
Show appreciation to your husband

Appreciation is the key to any kind of relationship. When it’s your husband you have to know how to appreciate him for the small things. If you can appreciate your husband, he will appreciate you in turn and leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling of love and affection. Here are 10 ways to shower appreciation on your husband.

1. Words of appreciation for your husband

As we said earlier a few praises for your husband can work wonders. Try to include kind and gentle words in your everyday communication, just as you would speak to a luminary or your parents. One simple ‘Thank You‘ can do wonders for your husband’s dull day.

Similarly the word ‘Please’ may make him do the impossible. Encouraging words like You can do it, I can count on you, You are my superhero, go a long way. Simple phrases like I love you, What will I do without you or I miss you, show a lot of gratitude.

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2. Accepting your spouse for who they are

We accept our kids for what they are and stand by them even when they make mistakes. Then why can’t we show the same level of acceptance towards our spouse? After all you fell in love with your spouse, knowing more or less who they really are.

Always keep in mind nobody is perfect. Neither you nor him. Develop the capability to laugh at his quirks and eccentricities instead of letting those irk you. If you can do that then you can sail through your marriage smoothly.

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3. Accepting each other’s differences

You may have a difference of opinion, but you can rationalise that opinion and try to appreciate the positive thought behind it. Remember, every coin has two sides. Try to see the other perspective too.

In fact, since husband and wife are two separate individuals with different life experiences it is inevitable they would have difference of opinion.

Sometimes conflict may arise from that too. But it all depends on how you handle the differences and resolve conflict.

4. Write appreciative messages to your husband

If you are not very vocal about your emotions, write them down. Make small cute post-its, appreciating a job well done or encouraging him to complete a task, and sneak it into his bag or post it on his laptop.

Short messages about how thankful you are can be written on the bathroom mirror as well. An occasional posting of a cute appreciative quote on his Facebook timeline will surely brighten up his day

Message of appreciation for husband
Send a message of appreciation

5. Give gifts to your husband to show your appreciation

Cook or order his favourite meal to thank him for something he did for you or the family. Personalise and order his favourite merchandise.

Compliment him when he is all dressed for a function. A warm hug, a peck on the cheek, a tap on the shoulder, a kiss on the forehead or just plain holding hands can make your husband feel that he is being appreciated. Of course, an intimate session in the bedroom would top the charts though.

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6. Make yourself available

Let your husband know that he can count on you any time. Even when you can’t be physically present, try to be in touch through other communication means. This will definitely show him that you appreciate his work and his struggles too.

Ask him before you make plans with your gal pals. If he says he was planning dinner with you, shift your plan to another day. This is a small thing but that you make him your priority will go a long may in making him feel appreciated.

7. Respect his decisions

Even if you don’t agree with some of your husband’s decisions, especially regarding his work, don’t just outright denigrate it.

Continuous criticism or complaining about life will make him feel that he is not capable of keeping you happy.

Instead try to maintain a cheerful atmosphere at home even at difficult times. A healthy relationship is when two of you take important decisions together, but if he takes some on his own stand by him and encourage him.

8. Don’t try to be a superwoman

Even if you are totally capable of handling every situation that life throws at you, you don’t have to. Asking your husband for help will make him feel essential, thus making him do certain things even beyond his calibre at times.

You win both ways, he feels appreciated and you get your work done. Also, doing things together can be rather romantic. Be it working in the kitchen or giving your pet a bath, if you do it together then it will be great for your bonding too.

Do activities together
Doing things together will be great for your bonding

9. List all his contributions

Whenever possible, acknowledge all his contributions in your life, irrespective of how big or small they were. Appreciate his role in your professional life, parenting process and any other family occasion, from time to time. This will encourage him to get more involved in family matters.

Encourage your your hardworking husband and tell him how much you appreciate what he does for his family.

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10.Praise your husband in front of others

So far we were talking about how to love and appreciate your husband. But if you can acknowledge all that he does for you to make your life easier in front of his family and friends then he will be over the moon and you will make your husband happy.

We have this tendency to criticise and find faults with our partners in front of others, especially when we are upset with them. At all costs avoid that. If you don’t feel like praising don’t say anything but do not criticise him in public. That would hurt him beyond repair.

Praising husband
Avoid criticising him in front of others

Ensure your appreciation comes right from your heart. Don’t use appreciation to become a manipulative wife. That would be the most horrible thing.

Make your appreciation genuine. Acknowledge the small things and spontaneously give him your compliments. This would make a world of difference in your relationship with your husband and will go a long way in cementing your bond.

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