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When he turned out to be my aunt’s neighbour, I gave him my mobile number

They weren't really sure about trying out an online matrimony site, but it turned out well for them
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Apurva and Adnyesh speak to Team Bono about their serendipitous meet on Bharat Matrimony … and the love marriage that followed.

How did it all start? Why did you try a matrimonial website?

Adnyesh: I wanted to find a girl on my own. If you meet someone through references and if it doesn’t work out, then saying no becomes awkward and messy. I decided to try out Bharat Matrimony, which was a mature website by the time. Fortunately, the second proposal which I saw clicked and we were chatting online soon after. Our chats went off well, we connected and felt we should take this further.

Apurva: To be honest, I was wary of meeting anyone online, you know how it is! But meeting someone on a matrimonial website had higher chances of connecting me with someone actually interested in marriage and commitment (as opposed to finding someone on a social networking site) so I took the step. Once we started chatting I felt this was different, that there could be a future here. But I was wary and didn’t give him my phone number. I asked my aunt to speak with him first.

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How long does it take to fall in love in an arranged marriage?

There’s no such thing as a love marriage or an arranged marriage


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