50 Incredible Responses To The “Dating Me Is Like” Hinge Prompt

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Updated On: April 23, 2024
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Are you one of those who go straight to stalking their potential match on social media as soon as they win the swiping game on a dating app? Let’s accept it, waiting to break the ice on the first date doesn’t work for most of us in this fast-paced era of online dating. And this is where the “dating me is like” Hinge prompt comes in.

Don’t you want to know a good deal about that hot guy or girl you’re about to date, right from the time you set your eyes on them on a dating site? And we’re sure a social media profile helps, as their lives are probably laid out like a reality show on it. But most often, the photos, posts, and other information that we get about a guy or a girl online before venturing to date them, can cause a sensory overload. Don’t worry, friend.

Hinge prompts not only help you put your creative hats on but also help you tickle that funny bone of your potential match. Through the 50 “dating me is like” Hinge prompts in this article, we’ll try and help you score not just someone to date but someone who’s compatible with you and shares your sense of humor and interests. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get straight to our list of Hinge prompt answer ideas and “dating me is like” examples.

What Is The “Dating Me Is Like” Prompt On Hinge?

In spite of the sea of information available these days, both on social media and online dating sites, the quest for a perfect match on online platforms may often end up futile. This is because it’s a trend these days to hit up a person one likes online, chat for a few days, and then meet them in person. And by the time one has a proper physical date, a person may have created an enigmatic image of the prospective date in their minds.

And when the date doesn’t live up to what their online or social media image promised, there’s bound to be a huge disappointment, which will end with a few days off from dating apps, and then an eventual return, with a new search for a soulmate. For instance, you may have chosen to go on a date with a girl after going through her photos at a dance party. But she turns out to be a science nerd when you meet her. Or you may have decided to hang out with a guy who’s undeniably cute on social media, only to find out later that he is not even mildly thrilling.

Hinge has been an effective dating app for young people for quite some time. And the Hinge prompts are great tools that allow people to get to know their prospective dates better. One such Hinge prompt is the “dating me is like” prompt, which is a great ice-breaker.

Dating me is like examples
Dating me is like changing a password

All a person needs to do is fill in the blank with a funny and quirky answer to attract hot singles of their type. It lets you showcase what makes you unique and is like a ‘perks of dating me’ section, but a little jazzed up! It also lets you describe your traits in just a few words and in a creative manner. How? Well, it helps people:

  • Showcase their strengths and interests
  • Highlight their wit and sense of humor
  • Provide a gist of their entire personality, telling your potential matches what to expect
  • Escape monotonous and boring online dating profile descriptions
  • Offer great conversation starters to their prospective dates

In this article, we’ll help you break the ice with your would-be date by providing you a few funny, flirty, goofy, sentimental, and low-key responses to this popular “dating me is like” Hinge prompt, that will surely get you a match you’ll get along with. So, let’s begin.

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50 Responses To “Dating Me Is Like…” — Keep Your Matches Hooked

Now that we know how the “dating me is like” Hinge prompt helps people showcase their uniqueness through just a few words, let’s find out a few answers to this prompt that are sure to make your prospective matches laugh out loud and approach you with positivity. The very idea behind these responses is to make you look approachable. We’ll avoid being too serious though. After all, we don’t want to scare your matches away, do we? So, let’s tickle those funny bones and explore our creativity.

We’ve divided these incredible answers to the “dating me is like” Hinge prompt into 5 categories: funny, flirty, goofy, sentimental, and low-key. And we’re sure that with these mind-blowing answers, coupled with your charisma and enchanting personality, you will definitely take the online dating world by storm. So, here it goes…

Funny “dating me is like” answers

How do funny Hinge prompt answers help? Well, it’s extremely crucial to highlight your sense of humor when you’re looking to date someone. Of course, people have different levels of wit and humor, and not all jokes will go down with everyone. But that’s the point. With these funny “dating me is like” Hinge prompts, you’ll attract exactly the kind of person you want: one who will enjoy your funny bone and maybe even crack a joke or two with you on your first date. You may even include some self-deprecating humor or some funny lines from your favorite humor shows. So, here are some hilarious answers to “dating me is like”:

1. An unexpected direct deposit hitting your bank account when you’re broke: you’re hella lucky
2. Entering the wrong movie theater
3. Going viral on social media with your first reel. You’ll get what you never expected!
4. Getting 3 jobs at once after being unemployed for 3 months. You’ll get more than what you bargained for
5. Having 2 Sundays in a week

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6. Receiving a mail saying a secret benefactor left you his million-dollar fortune and all the bills are paid! You won’t believe you’ve got such a great deal!
7. Being called on to the stage by Taylor Swift (you never know what you’ll be asked to do next)
8. Winning an ‘all you can have’ meal at your favorite restaurant. You can never have enough food at my place, and I’m always ordering from new restaurants
9. Being kissed by a new puppy — It’s all love, but a little clingy
10. Watching Barbie and Oppenheimer on the same day

Hinge prompt answers
Dating me is like…watching Barbie and Oppenheimer on the same day!

Hopefully, these funny Hinge prompt answers will help you meet someone who shares your sense your humor and appreciates it. And if you’re scared of rubbing them the wrong way with these prompts, we assure you that a witty “dating me is like” joke can’t do much harm.

Flirty responses to “dating me is like”

We also have a few incredible “dating me is like” prompts for those who wish to keep their flirty side alive. Yes, being funny does attract people. After all, who doesn’t want a good laugh to begin with? But it’s also crucial to showcase your flirtatious nature before you meet so that your date isn’t taken aback by your flirty hints. So, here are a few flirty ways to answer the “dating me is like” Hinge prompt:

11. Changing your Facebook relationship status to ‘in a relationship’ after being single for years: pretty cute, but nobody (not even you) expected it!
12. Snuggling into a cozy blanket while it rains outside!
13. Finding your soulmate after 10 failed relationships. Even you won’t believe yourself!
14. Receiving flowers every day — a new flower each day
15. Getting an “I love you” text from your crush
16. Reading a cross between a ‘Mills & Boon’ volume and Pride and Prejudice. There’s mush everywhere!
17. Being treated to a candle-lit dinner by your celebrity crush! It doesn’t feel real
18. Finding your soulmate while on a vacation!
19. Getting trapped with your crush in an elevator. And you’ll hope it never ends!
20. Getting your favorite song dedicated to you by your crush on national TV! Corny, but romantic

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We hope the flirty answers mentioned above will help you find someone equally flirtatious. But flirt with caution, as just like in the case of jokes, flirty words too may get you into trouble if you’re playing the game with the wrong person.

“Dating me is like…” — Goofy answers only

Okay, so some of us are just goofy and clumsy. But we can be funny in our own weird and silly way. In fact, being goofy together is a great sign that a match might stand the test of time and turn into a long-term relationship. After all, we are all special because of our quirks, and once in a while, we can express our goofiness with the help of a “dating me is like” meme or a quirky answer. So, let’s take a look at a few goofy “dating me is like” answers:

21. Finding an extra chicken nugget in your ‘happy meal’!
22. Taking a big sip of your favorite vodka! You know you’ll be slightly unstable soon but you still love it
23. Changing a password and getting the “New password can’t be the old password” prompt. It’s not easy to change me
24. Watching the last season of Game of Thrones. You might wonder “why”!

Dating me is like answers
Dating me is like… watching the last season of GOT

25. Finding your favorite Sour Patch Kid flavor! You’re probably too old for it but you’ll still love it
26. Deciphering a doctor’s handwriting. You’ll be happy you did it!
27. Hitting the remote when it’s not working, instead of changing the battery. You’ll try to make me better but won’t try to get a new guy
28. Laughing out loud at your own jokes. Silly, but funny!
29. Getting on a never-ending ride on your favorite rollercoaster. It goes on… and it’s exciting!
30. Winning an Oscar! Yes, you’ll be honored

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You have no idea how a silly “dating me is like” meme can bring you together. Instead of hiding your goofiness, let it all out and see the magic! These funny answers to what makes you unique can help you reach out to ‘the one’. Maybe, your date too is waiting for someone just like you! And you’ll eventually get to know how effective a “perks of dating me” meme can be.

Sentimental “dating me is like” responses

Yes, being sentimental is known as “being corny” these days. And young people mostly prefer “dating me is like” funny answers. But if you have a soft side to yourself, why not highlight that too on Hinge? Who knows, you might just find someone who believes in sentiments and emotions! Here are some such sentimental answers to the “dating me is like”
Hinge prompt:

31. Never having to wait for “good night” texts again!
32. Not having to wet your pillows with tears again
33. Being treated to a cup of hot chocolate by your crush on a cold winter day. Yes, it will be rejuvenating!
34. The final airport scene of rom-coms
35. Making love under the open skies… it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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36. Getting a warm hug after a hard day at work. You won’t know how much you need it until you get it
37. Early morning yoga. It will cleanse your soul
38. A hot shower on a snowy afternoon. It’s all you want at the moment
39. Cooking a favorite meal together
40. The first rays of the Sun after hiking up a mountain in the dark. It may be difficult but worth it!

Sentiments and emotions may not be appreciated by just anyone these days. But if you’re the kind of person who likes a little depth in your relationships, these sentimental prompts will get you closer to the right one for you.

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Low-key responses to “dating me is like”

It’s true, not everyone is looking for an adrenaline rush when it comes to dating. Not everyone is trying to attract attention by being ‘different’ either. So, how can those who believe in low-key attraction try their luck on Hinge? Worry not, my friend. If you are one of those who love subtle hints of romance and intellectual compatibility, without being too flashy, here are a few “dating me is like” Hinge prompts for you to try:

41. Watching a TED Talk: deep and insightful!
42. Finishing a Netflix series
43. Cliff jumping under the sunny skies
44. Stumbling upon a rare artifact at a thrift store
45. Closing a deal at a flea market
46. A Sunday brunch with friends
47. A day out at the museum
48. Cooking up a new dish every day
49. Watching a sunset on your terrace. Quiet but soul-soothing!
50. The thrill of buying books every time you visit a bookstore

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Low-key responses will work for you if you don’t want just about anybody responding to your Hinge profile. People who try low-key answers know they’re unique in their own way and are willing to wait for the right one. They believe in brains and intellect over beauty and brawn. After all, a person can be absolutely flawless in social media photos or Tinder profiles and a dull dud in reality.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our list of “dating me is like” examples and that we’ve been able to show you how to answer Hinge prompts effectively. The best part of the “dating me is like” Hinge prompt is that it allows you to be original. Aren’t we all tired of looking at tags such as ‘wanderlust’ and quotes from our favorite authors in dating profile descriptions? Plus, with these prompts, you’ll have something to discuss, apart from your favorite band or the first episode of your favorite Netflix show. With creative Hinge answers, one can get a sneak peek into the person they’re about to meet.

Remember, attracting a prospective date isn’t rocket science. But if you’re someone who wants to look beyond a person’s appearance on social media, the “dating me is like” prompt might just be the perfect tool for you to score a match. Hope our list of prompts, ranging from witty “dating me is like” jokes to sentimental and low-key prompts, helps you in your search. We also hope you find your potential matches chuckle at these unique answers and “dating me” memes and that your journey of finally finding someone ends on a positive note soon. So, don’t wait anymore. This is perhaps just what you’ve been looking for. Explore Hinge and the world beyond.

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