15 Awesome Reasons To Be Childfree

Sanjukta Das
Awesome reasons to be childfree

The concept of DINKS – Double Income No Kids is a trend quite caught up now. And frankly, it’s hella healthy.

There are reasons to be childfree. And no, life is not dull or boring or directionless just because one doesn’t have kids! Couples that opt out of parenthood seem to value their partners more. What’s more, there is a whole movement dedicated to the people who wish to opt out of parenthood.

Earlier child-free meant a couple could not have children and neighborhood aunties would give the sympathetic nod to the woman who could not bear children. Little do they know young Manasa of 25B does not want children because she has no desire to spend the next 20 years of her life to be about cleaning spit-outs, finding nannies (she is full time Assistant manager in a bank) or having arguments with her teenage son who has been caught with a cigarette in his bag.

The reasons for not having kids is more of a conscious choice now. A fertile woman, like Manasa, might choose not to carry her genes forward, might want to reach a level of professional success in a short period and kids do not bring much motivation to them. A couple might be avid traveler and they work to sustain the hobby of theirs. They want time away from work to go climbing, or chilling beachside in Fort Kochi, or toke some amongst the greenery in Himachal. All that is not possible with tagging a kid around. Though this might not be a good enough reason to not want children, here’s another: because some people do not want to have kids.

Going childfree is not a selfish choice. I mean look around the world. The Earth is dying, overpopulated as hell (a lot of people go to hell), child hunger is at its peak and yet there are people who deliberately shame you for not wanting to bring a child into this world.

This is not to condone people who want children and in love with the prospect of being parents. And that should be the sole reason to procreate – wanting to and knowing you’re going to be amazing parents. Any other reason – be it societal pressure, your ticking biological clock or your nani asking for a great-grandchild to spoil – are just not good enough and should not matter.

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What Is Meant By Being A Childfree Couple?

Childfree couple are those couples who deliberately choose not to procreate, hereby not succumbing to the societal and patriarchal pressure of having children.
It does not mean they are selfish. Having children just for pleasing your society even though you have no interest, time or money to raise a kid is stupid, if not selfish. And it’s better to be selfish than be stupid. I mean with the rising cost of education, medical and miscellaneous other expenses, it’s not going to be easy.

Still not convinced? Here is why going childfree is actually a wise choice.

15 Awesome Reasons To Be Childfree

1. Think of all the finances

Babies are expensive

Babies are expensive Image Source

My aunt, a mother of one, says “Raising an elephant will need less money than raising a child”. Though she meant it in a funny way and absolutely loves her daughter, her exaggeration is understandable. According to a Times of India article, the cost of child rearing from conception to college is 67.4 lakh. Imagine the amount of money that goes into raising a child, that is apart from the entertainment and miscellaneous expenditure for the child. So basically, having a child means you will either have to choose between having a fancy car/ house of your own or raising a child who might turn out to be a brat. The choice is pretty simple, no?

2. Environmental benefits

Newsflash: the world is dying. While you talk about having grandkids, Mother Earth shakes her polluted fingers at you and say “Haven’t you heard? Y’all either drown or be gassed to death in a few years”.

World hunger is at its peak.

Population is on the rise.

Snowcaps are melting.

And don’t even get me started on how inhumane everyone has become.

Do you really need a child to grow up in this world because you think they will look after you when you are old?

The best-case scenario is your 45-year-old child wearing an oxygen mask and night vision goggles because Delhi is maddeningly polluted right now.

Or you can do your bit for the planet and instead of adding another mouth to feed you can educate other kids (and adults) not to litter.

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3. You don’t want to be a parent

You are as cool as a couple can be. But you just don’t see yourself as a parent. Being a parent means being responsible for your household and your kid and you have barely learnt how to not sleep through the afternoon on Saturday.

Parenting can get stressful for you

Parenting can get stressful for you Image Source

Parenthood is less of a rite of passage to adulthood and more of a choice.

4. You don’t want to have a legacy

Having someone to pass on your daulat and houses to is not a good enough reason for some to have children. No matter how large the legacy is you can still be put into an old age home by your children.

5. You can always be on the go

If you are the kind of couple who work hard the entire week with the sweet prospect of a road trip to a nearby place during the weekend, which is not possible when you have a crying, pooping toddler who refuses to get dressed.

Without a baby on board, you can choose to travel when you want, how you want. And without the added expense of raising a child, you have the means to actually make impromptu plans. And boy! That’s amazing, isn’t it?

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6. No spending hours at PTAs

You save the time on PTMs!

You save the time on PTMs! Image Source

No kids. No school. No PTAs. No annual functions to sit through. or watch your child practice the same dance seven times in a row now.

7. Have better things in the house

The techno shard edges of the tables contrasts the winding stairs in your house and you love it. It’s not a kid safe place but you like the feel, the vibe of your house and you don’t need to worry about your kid falling down. The Santangelo Altar bowl can be put at the dining table with no fear of a kid breaking it.

Your curtains will be paint free, your walls won’t have random words written with crayons. No spilled milk, no toys lying around, no worries about the half empty wine bottle under your bed. Literally you can choose to have nice things in the house with no thought of having to babyproof the place.

8. You can sleep well

Sleep is a good friend

Sleep is a good friend Image Source

No routine diaper-change call at 2:30 every night for two straight years. No pushing your partner to clean up the bedsheet because little Rahul had an accident last night. You can fall asleep on the couch while binge-watching The Office.

9. Your instinct is more apt in handling your professional work

Your instinct at designing is best when totally channeled to handing work crisis, rather than keeping an eye on your child in his crib. Your instincts are right, just not apt for handling a baby.

10. You and your partner can work things on your own

Sometimes, couples have babies to fix a marriage. But that can give unrealistic expectation to stay in a crappy marriage just for the child. You don’t need a baby thrown in the mix because your partner and you are on the same page and would rather communicate and work on the marriage rather than having a baby to fix it.

11. You have an old age plan

People who explain you need children because they will take care of you when you’re old, I want to statistically show them how the number of old age homes have increased in the recent years.

Being childfree allows you to plan for your old age

Being childfree allows you to plan for your old age Image Source

No, thank you. I do not want to impose on my children for my well-being. I have a forever group of friends who will get old with me. My children can live their life without invading their household. And I happily intend to be childfree.

12. Your faith in the worldly crimes is making you less tolerant

Look at the world. With children, you will spend half of your sleeping hours thinking if they have reached home safely and not getting raped and murdered at an alley.

You don’t need the stress, do you?

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13. You can travel light

And no trips to theme parks and places with water slides. When you go childfree, you don’t need to pack their favorite toys and food and drinks. You can pack a little something and you’re out of the door.

Without kids, you can travel light

Without kids, you can travel light Image Source

14. You won’t feel the urge to be violent

Anyone with children know that they can suck the living lights out of you. Indian parents believe in using a flying chappal than using words. Without kids as a catalyst, you will never have the urge to imagine that if the kids were standing in a line and you hit one of them, the others would go down like a domino. Basically, even if you are a violent person, you won’t have people to abuse at your place.

15. Sex – anywhere and anytime

No crying baby to ruin your orgasm. Parents, when was the last time you had a sexy time uninterrupted?

Disclaimer: This is not to provoke the parents who are doing an excellent job in raising mentally healthy children. Having children or going childfree is entirely a couples’ personal decision.

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