Here’s how Indian parents react to their daughter’s guy friends

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‘You will understand once you become a mother!’ Have you heard of this line from your parents’ n number of times? Every girl goes through some set of reactions when it comes to her guy friends. We may have nothing more in our minds than just a simple, innocent friendship for a boy. But for our parents, we are already dating and planning a life together. And no matter how many explanations you offer, they are never convincing enough for them.

Here are some reactions from Indian parents that every girl has definitely gone through in their life:

1. When a guy is on the other end of the phone

Whenever a guy calls you, be it your colleague, a friend, or your friend’s boyfriend, once your parents know that there is a boy on the other end of the line, they instantly tune in their antennae to hear the conversation and also study the tone of your voice. This is their method to gauge if you are already in a relationship with this guy or in the process of getting into one. You may hate the guy for all you know, but for them, that is the only possibility in their minds.

Young girl talking with his friend over phone call
When a guy is on the other end of the phone

2. My ride awaits

They are cool as a cucumber while you make dinner plans with your friends and send you off after instructing you to be home on time. And then your lift for the party arrives, who is a boy on a motorbike. “Who is the boy?” comes the first question your way. When you casually tell them it’s just a friend, they will ask you at least once if it is necessary to go with him. Not only will they dislike you going with him but also not want him to drop you home at 12 am. “Log kya kahenge? A boy dropped you off so late?”

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3. Photo stories

Some of us add our parents to our social media accounts as friends while some avoid for obvious reasons. For the ones who don’t mind their parents entering their social media lives are already prepared for allied questions. You upload group photos and selfies with your dear ones. But if you upload a selfie with a boy or are standing too close to a guy in a group picture, you are sure to get questions like “Was it necessary to be so close to him for the photo?” or “Why is it just you two in the pic?” You may answer their questions and move on but be sure that the topic is not even remotely over for them. They will be closely monitoring your photos and check—in tags every time you do one and keep a track of the number of times you two hang out together.

Young Indian college friends checking out photo in phone
Photo stories

4. Bottoms up

While for you it may be totally harmless to drink with a guy, Indian parents most certainly do not approve of this. When you try to explain that times have changed, that it is totally cool to do so, and that all your friends and even your cousin does it, two people are in trouble. Now that you have ratted out your cousin, your aunt is about to get a phone call about her daughter’s latest achievements. Good job!

5. Vacation diaries

Finally, Goa is on and when you share the list of people going with you, Indian parents want to meet all the people going, especially the boys. They will give you examples of all the horrendous incidents that are happening with girls over the world and especially in Goa. And be rest assured that in all those stories, the boy harming the girl was either her friend or boyfriend. This is our parent’s way of trying to stop us from going to the trip without actually saying so. In the end they leave the decision to us with a very melodramatic face a.k.a. blackmail.

Whatever our parents do or say might irritate us at times, but remember, that they are just being parents and nothing else. They have had protective feelings for their children from the day they brought them home from the hospital and those feelings just grow stronger with time. We can try our best to put our parents’ worries to rest by finding out methods to stay in touch with them or updating them regularly about our whereabouts. Just know that this is going to be you in the next few years and your kids are probably going to give you a tougher time. So girls, enjoy while it lasts and take it easy with your parents the next time they grill you over a boy.

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  1. True!!!

    These are actually the queries our parents had. I remember whenever my friend used to pick me up for tuition, my mom used to go in the balcony and watch us and when he used to drop me, she used to come and open the door (as she knew the time) and if I got late, questions pe questions!!!

    I used to get irritated that time but I feel like laughing at this incident.

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