Affair and Cheating

I can’t help sleeping with my brother’s wife

I'm sleeping with my older brother's wife and cannot stop myself
Cheating couples passionate sex

Bhai and I were poles apart. He is nine years older than me. He’s a gem of a guy and I’m a piece of shit. He is a perfect son – well mannered, family oriented and sanskari. The only mistake he has probably ever made was getting married to Kavina. I have no intention of getting married and my family is not proud of that. I’ve never made my folks proud. I’m the black sheep of this family. And what I’m doing now is making me blacker. And I can’t really stop myself, now that I’ve started it. I want to. But I can’t. One thing leads to another. Yes, I’m in a relationship of sorts with his wife.

An unsuited pair

Kavina is 15 years younger than Bhai. After Bhai cleared his CA, Kavina’s father, who is a chartered accountant himself and my father’s childhood friend, came over to our house and directly asked Bhai if he wanted to marry Kavina or not. Bhai didn’t have the good sense to refuse. She was not his type. But the poor bugger had never been with a woman in his life and a Kavina-type girl would be way out of his league. She was hot though she had failed her class 12 exam. She was dumb, for she chose to marry instead of studying more. Actually, Bhai warmed up to the proposition immediately since she was hot.

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The switch in the Bhabhi-Devar relationship

I cheated on my wife just after her delivery but I don’t feel guilty

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  1. Stopping is not possible…I guess moving far away is a must. That way you might get away not hurting anybody. If she is a psycho then you are in trouble. You dishonor your brother and your family. The pain and hurt is not worth a “pussy”.

  2. This is really a difficult situation you have put yourself into ,I would suggest you to go away or stay away from her else you will surely end up spoiling your whole family, I know staying at same house will never allow you to end up with her at all ,you better horn some work place away from your home town , ofcourse all what happened was happened due to you both wanted. Now better stay in your limits it can worsen the situation otherwise.
    Good luck boy.

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