Just for Fun

What is life without some fun and masti? A relationship is anyway dead if there isn’t a fun element in it. Fun and Masti in relationships as the words denote stand for simple fun and enjoyment.

To have some fun and masti in relationships you don’t need to pay through your nose to hit a waterpark or buy tickets to a dance night. You can just get together with friends and have fun. Talking to friends can be fun, just shaking a leg at home to loud music can be masti and packing some homemade sandwiches to a surprise picnic can be enjoyed.

In this section Bonobology harps on the simple things that can give you joy in life. It could be a simple day out with the girls or just browsing through some hilarious illustrations that would make you go into peals. We are here to make your life full of fun and masti just go through our tips and put your hair down.

is My Marriage Over Quiz

Is My Marriage Over? Quiz

Facing marriage trouble can be incredibly difficult and leave you feeling lost and unsure. Questions like “Is my marriage failing?” or “Is it over?” might swirl in your mind, making it challenging to see a clear path forward. This “Is My Marriage Over?” quiz is designed to offer a personalized assessment and help you gain

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Obsessive love disorder test

Obsessive Love Disorder Test

Love is a powerful emotion, capable of bringing immense joy and fulfillment. However, when love becomes obsessive, it can transform into a source of suffering, both for yourself and potentially for the person you care about. If you’re questioning, “Am I obsessed?” or “Am I in love or obsessed?”, this obsessive love disorder test can

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Do I Have Anger Issues

Do I Have Anger Issues? Quiz

Does anger feel like a constant companion, bubbling just beneath the surface and threatening to erupt at any moment? Do you find yourself frequently yelling, snapping, or engaging in heated arguments? Perhaps you’ve even noticed people slowly pulling away or hesitating to talk to you. If you’re questioning, “Do I have anger issues?” or “how

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Am i ready for marriage quiz

Am I Ready For Marriage? Quiz

Wedding bells are chiming, hearts are aflutter, and the “I do’s” are just around the corner! But before you dive headfirst into happily ever after, take a moment to breathe, grab a cup of tea, and ask yourself the important question: Are you truly ready for marriage? This “Are You Ready for Marriage?” quiz, created

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Am I Falling In Love Too Fast Quiz

Am I Falling In Love Too Fast? Quiz

Have you ever felt swept off your feet by someone new, completely smitten and unable to stop thinking about them? It’s exhilarating, isn’t it? But amidst the butterflies and fireworks, a tiny voice whispers, “Is this happening too fast?” Many of us have wondered if our blossoming feelings might be edging towards “emophilia love,” characterized

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Do I love her Quiz

 Do I love her? Quiz

Ever find yourself gazing at her, wondering, “Is it love?” Does a whirlwind of emotions swirl around her, leaving you confused about where your heart truly lies? Well, my friend, you aren’t the first to get lost in this whirlwind and look for a love quiz online. Life isn’t like the movies and so don’t

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