How Well Do You Know Your Girlfriend? Quiz

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how well do you know your gf

Think you know your girlfriend like the back of your hand? Ready to put your knowledge to the test and maybe even learn something new? This “How Well Do You Know Your Girlfriend?” quiz, created by a relationship counselor, is designed to be both fun and insightful.

It’s not just about scoring perfectly (although bragging rights are encouraged!). This quiz is about sparking meaningful conversations, practicing active listening, and deepening your connection with your partner. Whether you’ve been together for months or years, strong communication is vital for a stable relationship.

Remember, the true value lies in the conversations this quiz ignites. It’ll help you start discussing her likes and dislikes, how she feels deep down and so much more. Use it as a springboard to listen attentively, share stories, and create lasting memories together. Happy quizzing!

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  1. Could you talk about some of her dreams and goals from life?
    1. Yes, I know them well
    2. I know some of it
    3. I only know it on the surface level
    4. I’m not sure
  2. Do you know what she wants most from you?
    1. I understand her needs
    2. Honesty and loyalty, I think
    3. She might have told me but I don’t remember
    4. It’s hard to say
  3. Do you know her taste in music?
    1. Yes, I can’t escape it!
    2. I know all her favourite artists
    3. She’s shared some songs before
    4. Never asked
  4. Does she like flowers?
    1. Yes, she loves them
    2. I don’t think so
    3. Don’t all women like flowers?
    4. Maybe
  5. Do you know her parents?
    1. Yes, we’ve met many times
    2. Yes, she talk about them
    3. Not very well
    4. No, I don’t think it matters
  6. Can you guess her order at restaurants?
    1. So well that she asks me to pick out food for her
    2. I’m familiar with her tastes
    3. I know what she doesn’t like
    4. Not at all
  7. Do you know what upsets her?
    1. Yes, sometimes even before she does
    2. Yes, I can tell
    3. If she tells me she’s upset, I can guess
    4. No, I can’t read her mind!
  8. Can you tell her mood without talking to her?
    1. I know what she’s feeling simply by being around her
    2. I can tell her mood from her actions
    3. I know when she’s bothered
    4. No, I can’t tell

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