Am I Ready For Marriage? Quiz

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Updated On: May 3, 2024
Am i ready for marriage quiz
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Wedding bells are chiming, hearts are aflutter, and the “I do’s” are just around the corner! But before you dive headfirst into happily ever after, take a moment to breathe, grab a cup of tea, and ask yourself the important question: Are you truly ready for marriage?

This “Are You Ready for Marriage?” quiz, created by a seasoned relationship counselor, isn’t a test with pass or fail grades. It’s a personalized exploration designed to guide you through emotional maturity, communication styles, financial responsibility, compatibility with your partner, and much more.

Delve into your expectations in relationships, uncover potential challenges you might face together, and assess your financial readiness as a couple. Remember, marriage is a beautiful journey, but it’s one best embarked upon with open eyes and clear hearts.

So, before you walk down the aisle or commit to forever, use this quiz as a marriage preparation tool. Remember, a strong foundation paves the way for a lasting and fulfilling union. Ready to explore your readiness? Take the quiz, gain clarity, and embark on your next chapter with confidence and joy!

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  1. Are you in a long term committed relationship with someone?
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. We haven’t been dating long but it is serious
  2. How do you feel about marriage?
    1. I think it’s a lifelong partnership
    2. The old ball and chain for life
    3. It’s intimidating
  3. How comfortable are you with sharing your living space?
    1. I’m okay with the idea
    2. It sounds like a nightmare! I need my space
    3. I could probably adjust
  4. How do you feel about your life right now?
    1. I feel like there’s something missing
    2. I’m perfectly satisfied
    3. I need a change
  5. What do you enjoy most about being in love?
    1. The attention
    2. The safety
    3. The companionship
  6. Do you think being in a marriage is restrictive?
    1. Yes, it’s like a jail sentence
    2. There will be some restrictions
    3. It’s just a new chapter of life
  7. Do you feel safe and comforted by your current partner?
    1. Yes
    2. Not really
    3. Doesn’t apply to me
  8. Do you have a steady income?
    1. Yes, i am financially independent
    2. No, but I have control of my funds
    3. Not really
  9. Are you the legal marriageable age?
    1. Yes, I’m old enough
    2. I only recently became old enough to marry
    3. No, I’m a minor
  10. Do you like spending time by yourself more than spending time with others?
    1. Yes, I hate hanging out with others
    2. Yes, but I still enjoy being with people i like
    3. I enjoy both

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