LGBTQ is a newly coined all-encompassing term in the community of people whose gender or sexual identities can create shared political and social concerns. “Queer Community” and “Rainbow Community” are few of the other terms used to describe LGBTQ+ people. LGBTQ people are more likely to face mental health problems as a result of the prejudices and biases they have to face.

Are you LGBTQ identified? Read the interesting individual experiences of being part of the LGBTQ community in our LGBTQ category and gain confidence by learning that you are not alone.

Read interviews of people who are famous and achievers in their fields and how they call themselves LGBTQ with much pride. They share their life stories and advice and suggest the best ways to deal with mainstream society, and they tell us how to find inclusiveness and happiness within it.

There are beautiful stories of how a mother came to accept her gay son and how a woman realised she was a lesbian when she could not enjoy physical intimacy with a man she loved. Browse through for some inspiring real-life stories.

Woman To Woman attraction

15 Things That Attract A Woman To Another Woman

What attracts a girl to another girl can be complicated, especially if you’ve never really felt or acknowledged romantic feelings toward another woman. Remember not to panic or assume that there’s something wrong with you.

Sex worker plight

Sex Work And Love: A Sex Worker’s Story

From the tales we heard, finding love seems irrelevant when your life is threatened while on the job. To understand the problems and the plight of sex workers a little better, we asked Colombian transgender sex worker Mia Gomez about the difficulties she’s experienced while trying to find love.

Types Of Sexualities

18 Types Of Sexualities And Their Meanings

New terms are constantly being added to accommodate the many different ways people fall in love and experience sexual attraction. This article lists and explains 18 of those terms.

transgender dating and the taboo around it

Transgender Dating And The Taboo Around It

If you’re a cishet male/female, chances are you have never thought about how everyone in a restaurant will stare at you and judge you if you’re going out on a date. Things are starkly different for people in the LGBTQ community. In conversation with trans rights activist and transgender model Naaz Joshi, we uncover the problems the transgender community faces while on the quest for love.