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“What attracts a woman to another woman?” my friend, Jo, wondered out loud a few weeks ago. She’d just confessed to me that she was attracted to a female colleague at her new job. Jo is in her mid-40s, has identified as straight her whole life, and is married to a man. Having known her since our college days, I never thought this day would actually dawn upon us. Honestly, all this time that I’ve known her, I never even saw the signs a straight girl is curious, in her. Now, she was suddenly attracted to a woman and confusedly wondering, “Why am I attracted to another woman?”, and I was just as surprised, but also excited for her.

Human sexuality is no longer bound by rigid social constraints and binaries. Sexual and/or romantic attraction, too, has become far more fluid. Perhaps it always was, but greater openness toward the subject was required so people could freely express what they were feeling. And it happens to a lot of people. You could have been attracted to men for most of your life and may suddenly experience female-to-female attraction.

Maybe it’s the new girl who’s joined your office and smiles at you when you walk in with your coffee. Maybe it’s your best friend who you’ve known all your life. Either way, you could be battling a married woman crush on another woman situation, losing sleep over what it is about her that attracts you.

So, what are some unique traits and characteristics that attract a woman to another woman? We spoke to clinical psychologist and social worker Devaleena Ghosh (M.Res., Manchester University), founder of Kornash: The Lifestyle Management School, who specializes in couples counseling and family therapy, to get some insights on same-gender attraction and how it may come about.

Can A Straight Woman Be Attracted To Another Woman?

Seeing a woman with another woman is becoming more common now. But when you see a woman, who has been straight her whole life, seeing other women now, you might question whether she’s just rebelling after a nasty heartbreak or is actually exploring her sexuality.

Before we understand what attracts a woman to another woman, it’s important to note that it’s completely okay and normal for a woman to discover her sexuality a little late in life. The fluidity of this spectrum is what makes it so exciting. So the next time, your friend approaches you and tells you about a little crush that she has on her barista, instead of raising eyebrows and barraging her with questions, try to show her love and support.

Perhaps, this is her delayed coming out story. Or just a short stint on the other side. Whatever the reason or the backstory, the answer to whether a straight woman can be attracted to another woman is yes. A study quoted by the BBC, even suggests that no woman is completely straight and a lot of underlying biology can explain it. So on that note, It’s time to break out of stringent labels and see attraction for what it can really be.

Signs That A Woman Is Interested In Another Woman

To like a girl as a girl is no crime. “There are always tell-tale signs that a woman is attracted to another woman,” Devaleena says, “Maybe she mentions being interested in another woman earlier, which means she’s dropping a hint. Or perhaps she tries to get you alone and create a private, tender moment where she’s especially ardent and affectionate.” Let’s look at a few more signs of same-gender attraction, straight from the expert.

“If a woman is attracted to another woman, she might show extra concern or get extra emotionally intimate by sharing something exclusively with the woman to whom she’s attracted. There’s also the intimacy of making a lot of eye contact even when other people are around. This isn’t necessarily the feminine stereotype of checking out what another woman is wearing but could also be an expression of admiration and signs of having a crush,” she adds

Finally, a woman attracted to another woman will remember minute details about her crush. “She’ll remember the cocktail you ordered, your opinion about toe-socks, and how you feel about your boss, if she likes you,” Devaleena says. Now that you know the signs of female-to-female attraction, let’s try to understand what attracts a woman to another woman.

What Attracts A Woman To Another Woman – 15 Things

Devaleena cites a study conducted by Boise State University in 2011, which found that 60% of straight women had admitted to being attracted to another woman. “About 500 women were subjected to this case study. Having feelings for another woman even if you’ve always considered yourself attracted to men is totally normal,” she assures. So while the answer to “are all women attracted to other women” may not be yes, there is a high chance it could be true for a large number of women.

“It invariably starts with that feeling that this woman just “gets you”. You can’t help but keep thinking about her and look for opportunities to connect with her. You start feeling that you’re comfortable with being your most authentic, vulnerable self in her presence and you’re far less guarded. There’s a sense of similarity and also familiarity,” she adds, speaking further on what attracts a woman to another woman.

So, if you have more questions about the behavior of a woman with another woman she is in love with or what attraction signs exist between women, you’ve come to the right place today. Here are some things to look out for.

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1. Confident about herself

“Confidence in women is often hard-won since we’re constantly told to downplay our achievements and ourselves,” Devaleena says. Therefore, she says, if you’re suddenly thinking that you like a girl as a girl yourself, it could be because she’s confident in who she is and what she has achieved, professionally and personally.

“I love a woman who knows who she is,” says Katy. “I remember a woman I was dating in college – she was older and just so sure of herself, without being overbearing. I was barely 21 and still struggling to find my place in the world. I loved being with her because it was a glimpse of someone I could be in the future.”

2. Willing to be vulnerable

What attracts a girl to another girl? A willingness to be open and vulnerable is right up there. As women, we’re so often hard-wired to build up protective shells against a world that’s forever trying to overpower us and stomp out any budding individuality.

Maybe your female-to-female attraction began with a drunken meeting in a girl’s bathroom and you ended up having a deep conversation about your first breakup and the tattoo you got in hopes that you were reinventing yourself. Maybe you went out for a casual coffee with a coworker and confessed all your deepest fears to each other. Mutual vulnerability is a powerful factor in what attracts a woman to another woman.

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3. Financially independent

“Why am I suddenly attracted to my female friend?” Well, perhaps it could be because she’s a self-made woman and you’ve always admired that about her. Perhaps, a part of you even wants to emulate that very thing about her and feel financially independent like her.

Money matters in every relationship, no matter how hard Hollywood tries to convince us that love is all that’s important. And honestly, there’s nothing sexier than a financially independent woman because you know she’s probably had to fight very hard to get there.

“I managed to move out of home at 18 by working part-time throughout high school,” says Molly, “I’d always known I couldn’t be with a woman who had coasted through life on family money and had never had to hustle. And all my crushes, flings, and relationships have been with women who built up their own bank balance. Money relationship goals are important and I love a woman who has her priorities straight.”

What attracts a woman to another woman
Financial independence is sexy in any relationship

4. Comfortable in her own skin

“Before loving or liking anyone else, we must form a loving relationship with ourselves,” Devaleena says, “Being comfortable in your own skin is one of the most attractive things we can be, especially since as women, we’re constantly being held up to narrow and unrealistic standards of beauty.”

Mind you, there’ll always be days when we’re hating our hair or sighing over our bodies, but a basic level of contentment with your physical and mental self is a lovely thing to live with and fall in love with.

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5. Intellectual curiosity and political awareness

“I’m really, really attracted to women who always want to know more,” laughs Emily, “I’m in my 40s, and I’m too old and set in my ways to pretend that a woman who doesn’t know or care what’s going on in the world is my type. Know things beyond your world, have political integrity, and you’ve got me.”

What attracts a woman to another woman? Well, carefully note this one. Love might be centered in the heart but the brain plays a major role in attraction too. Who doesn’t love someone who always wants to learn new things, who is clear about their politics and just not afraid to wear their intelligence and passion on their sleeve?

6. What attracts a woman to another woman? Emotional intelligence

So maybe you’re smart about lots of things but what about your emotional quotient or EQ? “Emotional intelligence in relationships governs your ability to acknowledge and healthily express your emotions. Therefore, someone with an evolved EQ, or at least working toward it, automatically becomes more attractive,” Devaleena says.

If you’re nursing a married woman’s crush on another woman, chances are you like the way she’s aware of her feelings and how she handles them. She probably doesn’t shut down when she’s upset or angry but manages to express herself with calmness and dignity. What’s not to love?

7. Secure in her sexuality

“I don’t need someone who feels sexy all the time, I don’t think that’s possible,” says Kristen, “But I am always attracted to women who are aware that they’re sexual beings, no matter where they are on the sexuality spectrum. Also, it would be nice if they were open-minded about what sex and sexuality entail.”

Why am I attracted to another woman, you might be wondering. When you meet someone who is not afraid of being a woman with another woman, that itself might be enough for you to feel attracted to her. To own one’s sexuality and be confident about it, is one of the most attractive things about anyone.

As we’ve already said, confidence is one of the most attractive traits, and being secure about your sexuality, your needs and non-negotiables is very much part of the confidence package. So when you see a woman strut down the street looking as hot as ever, unafraid to ask what she wants or pursue who she wants, not only will you feel irrevocably attracted but it will also spur some sexual tension between you two.

8. Created a life for herself outside society’s expectations

Women often lead lives circumscribed by what other people expect of them. A good wife, a devoted mother, a life spent in service to family, and so on. It takes great strength and individuality to break away and create a life that you want, independent of what the world expects from you. And what’s more attractive than strength and individuality?

“I live in a recreational vehicle and travel all over the country doing gigs and parking wherever I feel like,” says Sharon., “It comes as a shock to many people that I, as a single, queer woman, live like this. But it’s what I like best about myself, and anyone I partner up with will need to appreciate that and accept me for it too.”


9. Is deeply affectionate

Physical and emotional intimacy manifests in many ways, and showing affection is significant to that. In light of this, do note that physical affection isn’t always sexual or hot and heavy. A forehead kiss, a touch on the arm, and a clasping of the hands all show that this is someone you love and care about tremendously. And when you see a girl indulging in this a little too much when she claims to be straight, it might just even be one of the signs a straight girl is curious.

Emotionally, affection can also come about with private, loving nicknames, always having one another’s back, and standing up for the other person in a challenging situation. What attracts a woman to another woman, you often wonder? Well, deep and heartfelt affection is a no-brainer for all kinds of healthy relationships, so why should this one be any different? Remember, lack of intimacy in a relationship is often a red flag.

10. Takes care of herself

You know what they say, you can’t pour from an empty pitcher. In terms of love and relationships, this translates to, “self-love is hugely important if you’re going to be able to give and receive love from another”. “I had the biggest crush on this teacher in high school,” says Nicole, “She was funny and always talked to us like we were equals. But apart from all that, she always wore gorgeous red lipstick, and her nails were always done.

“When I was graduating, I plucked up the courage to ask her how she found the time. She said, “No matter how down I feel, dressing up and taking care of myself reminds me I can go on.” And even now, I love a woman who takes time out for herself, who manifests self-love. Whenever I ask myself why am I attracted to another woman, it’s almost because she takes care of herself.”

11. You have shared interests

While opposites can indeed attract, it’s a boon to be attracted to someone who likes at least some of the same things as you, Devaleena points out, “The initial attraction, especially, can be based on similar interests that come up in early conversation.”

“I’ve bonded with women over small things such as having the same coffee order or similar hairstreaks. And then, it’s also been more serious stuff such as agreeing that feminism is important and that Spiderman is the greatest superhero of all time,” laughs Charlotte. Shared interests make for good conversation and it’s always a comfort to know you have common ground with someone you’re crushing on. What attracts a girl to another girl? Sometimes, it’s just that you both like extra whipped cream on your coffee.

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12. Why am I suddenly attracted to my female friend? You like her sense of humor

“I’d been dating men for many years, and then found myself terribly attracted to a friend’s girlfriend,” says Dinah, “I wasn’t sure what it was at first. And then, as I got to know her, it was that she never put anyone down as a joke.

“It sounds like such a little thing, but I realized I’d had years of hearing both men and women tear each other down because that was the only humor we knew. And here was this woman who had a dry sense of humor, managed to be funny and even inappropriate sometimes, but never dragged anyone down. Even as I wondered, “Why am I attracted to another woman?”, I knew it was because of this.”

13. Listens actively and attentively

Are all women attracted to other women? We doubt it. But if she’s a fantastic listener and can make anyone feel comfortable and welcome in any situation, it’s possible that as a woman you could fall for her. Active listening is possibly the greatest gift we can give to those we love, to reassure them that they are being heard. If you’re going through a married woman crush on another woman situation, it could be because you finally feel heard.

“I’ve been married to a man for 15 years, and was quite content,” says Olivia, “And then I met a colleague of my husband’s. It was nothing at first – we just talked. And then I couldn’t get through a day without talking to her. In the midst of our rushed lives, I felt seen and heard when I talked to her because she listened to me more than anyone else. I realized I was falling for her but didn’t want to break up my marriage.”

14. Uplifts other women

There’s something about a woman who always looks out for other women. In a society where women are so often pitted against each other, a woman who holds up the sisterhood and actively uplifts other women is extremely attractive. There’s no rule that all women have to be best friends or like one another.

However, small things such as respecting another woman’s fashion and/or lifestyle choices, promoting women-run businesses, etc. go a long way toward making a woman genuinely attractive. “I love a woman who comes up to me and compliments my outfit or who stands up for the only other woman in a roomful of men,” says Astoria, “It shows intelligence, compassion, and awareness, and is sexy as hell.”

15. Kind to herself and others

As far as I’m concerned, the ‘nice guy’ has gotten a bad rap forever for no reason. The whole premise that being nice gets you nowhere in love and lust is utter nonsense. Choosing the good guy is a good idea. And that goes for women too. Kindness and niceness are stellar qualities and the older I get, the more I value that elusive quality of ‘nice.’

“Why would I crush or fall for someone mean or rude or ill-mannered?” wonders Mia. “If I’m feeling a female-to-female attraction, I want someone who is nice to others, kind to animals, polite to service staff, and so on. I want a nice girl!” What attracts a girl to another girl can be complicated, especially if you’ve never really felt or acknowledged romantic feelings toward another woman.

Remember not to panic or assume that there’s something wrong with you. Don’t write it off as a fleeting emotion, but don’t base major life decisions (like leaving your husband) on it either. Sit with it and feel your feelings. “It’s important to accept that it’s okay to be attracted to another woman, even if you’ve known yourself to be heterosexual until now. But it entirely depends on the individual whether they want to act on these feelings of attraction or keep them closeted,” says Devaleena.

Key Pointers

  • Sexuality is fluid and if you identify as straight today, does not mean it’s your identity forever
  • Same-gender attraction can result from spending quality time together, feeling understood by the other person or just appreciating how confident they are
  • Don’t be harsh on yourself if you are attracted to another woman. It may be confusing but try to enjoy it!

Whatever your decision, make sure you’re doing what makes you happy. Accepting that your sexuality is more fluid or entirely different than you thought is a tremendous change. Be kind to yourself and give it time. Love comes to us in many forms, but it is up to us how we choose to receive it.

Where you go seeking love also matters because an unpleasant experience right at the outset can deter you from exploring your sexuality. If you’re seeking to connect romantically with an attractive woman who checks most, if not all, of these boxes, reputed online platforms like the Taimi dating app are a good place to dip your toes into this exclusive dating pool.

At the same time, if you’re struggling to make sense of these feelings of attraction, talking to a trained professional can be immensely helpful. With Bonobology’s panel of licensed and experienced therapists, many of whom specialize in issues concerning sexuality, the right help is only a click away.


1. What makes a woman attractive to another woman?

Several things make a woman attractive to another woman. It could be a great sense of humor, confidence, deep emotional intelligence, etc. There are also factors such as a woman who makes you feel heard and really gets you that make for female-to-female attraction. As with any form of attraction, both physical and emotional factors come into play when a woman is attracted to another woman.

2. Is it normal for a straight girl to be attracted to another girl?

It is absolutely normal to be attracted to another girl, even if you have identified as straight your entire life. You could have had exclusively male partners until now and may even be married. Don’t beat yourself up if this is the case – let your feelings come, acknowledge and accept them, and then make an informed decision as to what you want to do next.

3. What is it called when a girl likes a girl?

If you like a girl as a girl, you can call yourself a lesbian or queer. The relationship is also referred to as a lesbian relationship.

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