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Amol Ahlawat holds a degree in journalism and has been writing about all things relationships, lifestyle, travel, tech and everything under the sun. With a keen interest in human psychology and relationships, he makes sure to impart valuable information validated by experts, to help those anxiously Googling their troubles. Whenever he can, he aims to add a pinch of humor to whatever he writes.

real signs of true love from a woman

19 Signs Of True Love From A Woman

Here are 19 signs of true love from a woman, so you won’t be kicking yourself a year later when you eventually realize she was into you.

How to make someone fall in love with you

13 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Is there a way to make someone fall in love with you without getting the voodoo books out? We’re not sure what your definition of “love” is, but we sure can help you put your best foot forward. Let’s take a look at how to get someone to fall in love with you.

fall back in love with your boyfriend

Rediscover The Spark: How To Fall Back In Love With Your Partner

Being in a long-term relationship is great. But if the last few gifts you got each other were things you can use around the house, you may need some work with getting the love back in a relationship. We’re sure these 21 ways to fall back in love will help reignite the lost flame you yearn for.

Signs you need to take a break in your relationship

9 Signs It’s Time For Taking A Break In A Relationship

If you’re ignoring the glaring reasons to take a break in a relationship, you’re basically writing its obituary. Here’s a list of 9 signs it’s time to take a break in your relationship, lest you lose your mental sanity while giving CPR to a dead relationship.