Amol Ahlawat

Amol Ahlawat holds a degree in journalism and has been writing about all things relationships, lifestyle, travel, tech and everything under the sun. With a keen interest in human psychology and relationships, he makes sure to impart valuable information validated by experts, to help those anxiously Googling their troubles. Whenever he can, he aims to add a pinch of humor to whatever he writes.
Sure Signs He Doesn’t Want Anyone Else To Have You

15 Sure Signs He Doesn’t Want Anyone Else To Have You

How exactly do you figure out that he has eyes just for you? Or, more specifically, that he wants you to have eyes just for him? Let’s take a look at a few sure cues that he’s got the hots for you and wants to be your one and only. 

Right person wrong time relationship

9 Signs You Are In A ‘Right Person Wrong Time’ Situation

You’ve found your match, the perfect partner. You both share so many common interests and are so similar, everything should be going smoothly. But for some reason, it just isn’t. And, you find yourself wondering – is ‘right person wrong time’ a real thing? Read on to find out the signs and what you can do about it!

Signs a man is unhappy in his marriage

13 Tell-Tale Signs A Man Is Unhappy In His Marriage

To make sure you don’t let things get to the point of no return, catching the signs a man is unhappy in his marriage early on is critical. With the help of psychologist Nandita Rambhia, let’s take a look at the signs you need to know.

reciprocity in relationships

Reciprocity In Relationships: Meaning And Ways To Build It

What exactly is reciprocity in relationships? Is the “give and take” as simple as exchanging gifts with each other? What does it mean to reciprocate love? And what happens when you don’t have it? Let’s answer all your burning questions.

Signs you need to take a break in your relationship

9 Signs It’s Time For Taking A Break In A Relationship

If you’re ignoring the glaring reasons to take a break in a relationship, you’re basically writing its obituary. Here’s a list of 9 signs it’s time to take a break in your relationship, lest you lose your mental sanity while giving CPR to a dead relationship.

Revenge cheating

What Is Revenge Cheating? 7 Things To Know

Does revenge cheating help? Is it a legitimate form of expressing your anger? Or will it send your already tarnished relationship into complete shambles? Let’s answer all your burning questions with the help of emotional wellness and mindfulness coach Pooja Priyamvada.

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