15 Best Dating Sites And Apps For Professionals

Dating for professionals.
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Everyone likes the idea of dating an artist. They appear to be romantic, sensitive, and caring at all times. Maybe they’d even make some art for you, what could be better? But sometimes, you need to come home after a day’s work and rant about your unbearable colleagues to someone who understands, not someone who’ll make a painting of your misery. That’s when you realize you may need to ditch your Picasso and hop on some dating sites for professionals.

Nothing really feels better than your significant other truly connecting with your tirades about your impossible job. All you need to hear from your partner is a simple “that sucks” that validates all of your feelings because you know they’ve been through them too.

And if you’re lucky enough to find someone working in the same field as you, it’ll make connecting that much easier. We’re here to help you make your own luck by bringing you the 15 best dating sites for professionals, so you can find your office romance (outside of your own office, of course).

15 Best Dating Sites And Apps For Professionals

You must be tired of the same old “biggest risk = installing this app” bios by now. The traditional dating apps seem to be working fine for the kids, but if you had to swipe for another minute, you might just lose your mind. Tired of meeting people who were always annoyed at him for replying five hours late, Jason tried looking for dating sites for financial personnel.

Once he found a dating site for professionals that he liked, he matched with Hannah, who understood what it was like to never have time on their hands and religiously looked forward to the weekend. Like clockwork, they’d both text each other at lunch hours and as the clock approached 5 P.M. since they were so busy the rest of the day.

Finally, Jason had met someone who truly understood why Monday is so universally hated, instead of someone who scoffed at the workplace complaints/stories he tried to tell them. Getting along together wasn’t hard for Jason and Hannah, and pretty soon they had already planned a long-weekend trip to Vermont.

Just like Jason, you might be tired of the constant grind at work and then having to swipe through endless individuals only to realize after a week of conversation that you two have nothing in common. When you get on dating sites for professionals, that will be taken care of for you.

You’re a professional, an adult. You don’t get enough time to cook yourself breakfast, you’re not going to spend any of it swiping through profiles of kids fresh out of college brimming with excitement for that “prestigious” 9-5 job they haven’t joined yet (give it a year max, kids). Let’s hook you up with like-minded people through these top dating sites for professionals.

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1. eHarmony: Science-based matchmaking

That 9-5 rarely ever stays a 9-5, does it? You never even get the time to put all those cooking videos you see to use. Maintaining that work-life balance is hard enough already. Naturally, you don’t have time to mindlessly swipe through an endless list of undeserving candidates.

eHarmony only matches you with people extremely compatible with you, based on its 29 dimensions model. And, with a decent subscription fee, you know you won’t receive any hookup inquiries, which makes eHarmony one of the top dating sites for professionals.

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Free to download, and useful subscription packs are available

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2. EliteSingles: Putting your college degree to good use

Almost 85% of the user base on this website boasts at least a graduate degree, making EliteSingles an almost exclusive dating site for professionals. A lengthy personality evaluation, along with a high monthly subscription fee, will make sure the college students are kept at bay. Unless, you know, they have a trust fund.

Whether you’re looking for the best dating sites for engineers or marketers, we’re pretty sure you’ll meet someone like-minded on this great platform. No longer will you have to work around someone’s schedule just to be able to text them.

While the free version doesn’t have many features, the paid version features are so worth it. They show you 7 compatible matches every day, and most of them are working professionals. Something tells us you’re going to stalk all your matches on LinkedIn.

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Free to download but subscription plans are expensive

Top dating sites for professionals make it a lot easier to find matches
A good dating site will make it easy to find the perfect match

3. OkCupid: Get to know people quicker

It’s an incredible pain to try and get to know everyone you’re talking to on that dating site from scratch. OkCupid, apart from being one of the oldest and best dating apps for relationships, also helps in really getting to know someone before you even text them.

Based on the number of questions they answered about themselves, you can find a lot of information about someone just by going through their profile. So, you don’t have to make needless small talk and ask them what college they went to. Also, make sure you don’t accidentally text, “how was the 9-5 today” to the chef. Instant turn off!

Plus, given how busy you are, getting as much information about a person before you invest a week into texting them always seems like a good idea. As one of the best dating sites for professionals, OKC’s success stories aren’t hard to come by.

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Free to download, the premium memberships just make it better

4. Zoosk: Personalizing your matches every day

After working the entire day, fighting traffic on the way home and eating dinner, you look up to see you have about 3.7 minutes of free time left. You don’t want to spend that time trying to mindlessly swipe through people you’ll never meet, right?

That’s where Zoosk slides in. Not only does its algorithm constantly personalize your experience by picking up on your preferences, but it also has a “mega flirt” option that sends an automated message to singles who are compatible with you. Chat away with the ones who reply for the rest of your 3.7 minutes. However, Zoosk does require you to pay to chat with other members.

By knowing that every person you’re texting has paid for the app, you’re also making sure that they’re serious about finding someone. Sure, just because they’ve paid an amount doesn’t mean this is now a dating site for CEOs, but hey, since Zoosk continually personalizes your matches, who knows, one day you’ll only be matched with CEOs.

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Free to download but you need to subscribe to text/match with people

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5. Coffee Meets Bagel: Adorable name, adorable matches

Though the name might not suggest that this is a dating site for professionals, the way this platform makes it so easy to meet people qualifies it for that title.

Coffee Meets Bagel will send you matches every day at noon through its matchmaking algorithm. Guys receive female profiles first, and women will then receive profiles of guys who have already liked them. All that’s left for you to do now is talk to her and impress her.

Making sure that your plans and chats don’t get lost when the stressful work days roll around, this app also pushes users to meet and text each other. Comes in handy when you come home but your mind is still at the office.

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Free to download, optional subscription plans are available

6. Match: The dating site that gets personal

Match is one of the oldest dating sites for serious relationships. How it gets that title is by taking its matchmaking seriously. And we mean, very seriously. When you sign up, Match needs you to fill up a long questionnaire about you (so maybe don’t pull this website up while you’re at work). 

Once you’re done with that though, you’ll be rewarded with a bunch of features. You can search for common interests, get “match suggestions” where you view profiles compatible with yours, and a neat feature called “missed connections” which shows you profiles of people you crossed in real life. Match also features a more mature user base, making it a great dating site for professionals over 40.

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Free to download with premium subscriptions available

7. The League: The exclusive matchmaking club

The name makes them sound all high-end and fancy, right? That’s exactly what this dating site is. The league isn’t here to mess about. Considered one of the best exclusive dating sites for professionals, they even put you on a waiting list after you’ve signed up.

You can sync your LinkedIn with this app, to match yourself with professionals like you. Continuing the classy vibe, a concierge (supposedly a real person) sends you your matches every day at 5 pm along with a bunch of rules and etiquette you should follow. If you’re tired of the “wanna hook-up?” messages, consider joining this website.

Given the formal decorum and how you can sync up your LinkedIn profiles with the app, this is undeniably one of the best dating sites for CEOs, or simply one of the best dating sites for professionals. You and I both know you’ve stalked someone on LinkedIn, now is your chance to tell them how hot that management role they just secured is.

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Free to download after a waitlist, and premium subscriptions are available

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8. Bumble: Where ladies make the first move

If you’re a woman, chances are you’ve been bombarded with messages from matches on dating apps. You might have experienced workplace harassment and as creepy as it sounds, some have even received flirty messages on Linkedin.

Bumble empowers women to text their matches first. Only once they text will the men be allowed to send a text back. And the fact that it’s free makes Bumble one of the best free dating apps for serious relationships.

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Useful free version and premium subscriptions with multiple benefits

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9. Belinked: So you can leave LinkedIn alone

Randomly stumbling upon someone cute on LinkedIn? Thinking of sending them a message? Please, we beg you, please stop. Sending flirty messages on LinkedIn is beyond creepy, and what if you send it to someone who’ll be taking your job interview soon? Say bye-bye to that job offer. 

Belinked is a neat little app that logs people in through their LinkedIn. It takes all your career information, mixes in a couple of extra photos of you, and you have yourself a top dating site for professionals. So whether you’re looking for a dating site for financial personnel or a dating site for engineers, Belinked has got you covered.

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Free to download and premium subscriptions are available

10. Hinge: Get to know who liked you 

When you’re looking to date around and not necessarily settle down, Hinge might be the answer. The app prompts you to find a date and even shows you profiles Hinge thinks will be compatible with you.

Hinge even shows you the people who’ve sent you a “like”, so you can pick who you want to match with from them. Through their prompts, this app always encourages a bit of humor in your profile, so you can make your dating profile stand out.

Since you can get to know a lot about a person from their dating app and also see who has sent you likes, you’ll pretty much be saving time. And any platform that saves time is a great dating site for professionals in our book.

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Very useful free version and paid memberships are available with perks

11. Happn: When you walk by your next relationship

Have you ever found yourself at a work dinner but making eyes at that cute guy at the bar? But of course, it’d seem so unprofessional to go over and talk to him. The people you’re with will judge you till kingdom come. So, what do you do? Hope to bump into him like in the movies? No, that won’t happen. This is where Happn comes in.

Happn shows you people you crossed paths with in real life, provided they have the app installed too. If you’re the kind who’s looking for a fairy-tale start to a relationship, this app might be for you. 

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Free to download and premium subscriptions are available

12. Ship: The dating site your friends use for you

For the professionals who have absolutely zero time to swipe about and try and match with people, Ship is a dating app that lets your friends do the swiping for you. Plus, there has definitely come a time when your friends snatched your phone and used your dating app anyway, so give them free rein and let them exclusively operate it for you.

All you have to do is select a group of people who will find matches for you, and they can take care of the rest. You still have to talk to your matches yourself, though.

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Free to download but you’ll have to purchase subscriptions to use necessary features

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13. Inner circle: The dating site that hosts events

Inner circle signs you up on their website through your Facebook or Linkedin. They prioritize your educational and career information, making sure to display it prominently on your profile. So if you were looking to make sure that you’ve found yourself a dating app for financial personnel or a dating app for engineers, Inner Circle is most likely it.

Another neat thing about Inner circle is that they frequently host events where members of the app can meet each other or just enjoy the activities arranged by the company.

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Free to register but you must be approved by the app to use it, premium subscriptions are available

14. Bounce: Match, set, go!

Inner circle is one of the best dating apps for relationships
Bounce makes it easier for people to meet at events

On weekends when you’re feeling extra adventurous but lacking any plans, Bounce could be your savior. This app pushes you to meet your matches by setting up a date, time and even picking a location for you.

With all the work done for you, all you have to do is go up and meet your match (make sure you dress well for the first date!). While all the profiles are verified by Bounce and meeting places are always public, keep your safety in mind and tell a friend where you’re going.

Although, perhaps a notable drawback of this dating site for professionals is the lack of options. The user base isn’t necessarily huge and profiles of new people might come few and far between.

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Free to download and premium subscriptions are available

15. Luxy: The dating site for rich professionals

Put bluntly, Luxy is a dating site for rich professionals. Most members flaunt a high net worth and their flashy purchases. Once you make a profile, existing members decide within 24 hours if you get to join the app or not (so make sure you get your Rolexes out).

It may seem obnoxious on paper, but hey, to each their own right? “Connect with the successful and attractive” says their website, right on their front page. A great way for rich professionals to meet and buy each other BMWs or whatever it is you rich folk do.

So if you’re trying to find dating sites for CEOs, your best bet is this uber-expensive dating app that boasts people flaunting money on their profiles.

Available on: The App Store & Google Play

Paid or free: Free to download but you’ll need to purchase expensive premium subscriptions for useful features

No longer will you have to spend your precious free time looking at profiles you’ll never meet. We hope these dating sites for professionals will make your life a little easier. With your love life getting a boost, maybe you’ll show up on Monday with a big smile on your face? Sorry, we just realized that’s impossible.

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