17 Signs Of True Love From A Woman

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Signs of true love from a woman can be spotted if you carefully read between the lines. However, since men sometimes (rather, most times) have a hard time deciphering what to say when asked, “Do I look fat in this?”, they can have a really hard time trying to “read between the lines”. 

When a woman loves a man, most times he may be completely oblivious to it…until she spells it out for him, of course. But before things even get to that stage, she may lose patience and move on.

Perhaps you’re having a hard time figuring out the signs of true love from a shy woman, or maybe you just don’t know what the signs look like. Read on to find out the 17 signs of true love from a woman, so you won’t be kicking yourself a year later when you eventually realize she was into you.

17 Signs Of True Love From A Woman – She’s The One 

Figuring out if there’s a mutual attraction between the two of you is all about how well you communicate or read her body language. Chances are, if she’s really into you, she’ll let you know one way or the other. 

Modern relationships can be unnecessarily complicated. If she leaves you on “seen” in her DMs and replies a day later, you might be left thinking there’s nothing there. And if she doesn’t text you on Instagram but checks all your stories…well, it can’t get any more confusing than that.

However confusing it may be, try not to overthink it. You don’t have to be from Mars and she doesn’t have to be from Venus. Good communication and observation will put you two on the same planet, perhaps under the same roof if things go well. So instead of trying to rack your brain thinking ‘what are the signs of true love from a girl?’, all you have to do is keep reading to see if these signs apply to your situation. 

PS: Let’s be clear about one thing – you should never expect any of these from your partner. If you two are truly in love, they’ll flow naturally. Expectations in relationships often end up harming them, so make sure you don’t have any unrealistic ones.

1. She really cares about you 

From the way she talks to you, it may be apparent that she really cares about you. Very soon into the relationship, she may show signs she is madly in love with you by the way she cares for you. Through her ways of showing affection, you’ll be able to see without really trying to, just how much she cares for you.

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No, she won’t mother you outright (nor should you want her to), but she’ll push you to be the best version of yourself. If your confidence/motivation is at an all-time low, she’ll make sure she does what she sees fit to get you back on your feet again. She wouldn’t want to spend the rest of her life with an unmotivated person who doesn’t take care of himself, would she? 

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2. Signs she is madly in love with you: She sacrifices for you 

If you’re trying to answer “how to know she’s the one”, try taking note of if she ever sacrifices a few things for you. Perhaps she adjusts her schedule a bit so she can make time for you, or maybe it’s something major like going to that sports match you like instead of that play at the theater she’d much rather go to. 

When coupled with all the other indicators, frequent sacrifices made for you might be a sign she is madly in love with you. Now if you’re not already in a relationship, you wouldn’t expect her to shift her meetings around to be able to make time for you, would you?

Again, we hope you don’t end up expecting these things from her. Just take a note of if it ever happens, and you’ll have your answer to ‘how to know if a woman loves you truly’. 

3. She wants to see you do better 

She’ll put an actual effort into making sure you achieve whatever goals you have. If she sees you being dissatisfied with where you are in life, she won’t just leave you to it. Instead, she’ll make sure you see that she cares enough about you to push you onward. Make sure you’re not blind to it. If you really do see her trying to support you and help you remind you of your purpose, who knows, perhaps there could even be a cosmic connection there!

Also, try to put in some effort of your own if she’s putting effort into making you a better person. If you don’t, she won’t stick around for much longer. Catching real signs of true love will be the least of your problems then.

4. She cares about your happiness

Sign she is madly in love with you: if she cares
If she cares about you, she’ll make it apparent she wants you to be happy

Physical signs of love from a woman do exist, but the affectionate signs are often more prominent and abundant. If she truly cares about you, she won’t just leave you to deal with your problems when you’re not in the happiest state of mind. When she’s pushing you to be better because she cares about you, it’s a great sign she likes you.

Only people who really do care about you want to help you through the rough times. If you think she’s one of them, you should just go ahead and start planning your wedding now. We’re kidding, don’t go about planning your wedding prematurely. Plan the engagement ceremony first.

5. if she’s her true self around you, it’s a sign of affection from a woman

The inhibitions, insecurities, and self-doubt all dissipate when she’s with you. Building trust in your relationship will never be a problem since you two don’t even have to hide anything from each other. You notice her being extremely comfortable with you and she doesn’t need to think about what she has to say to you. If this is the case, she’ll probably tell you about it herself. So this sign of true love isn’t too hard to catch! 

6. The signs of affection from a woman can be seen in her eyes

A split second of eye contact here, a lingering gaze there. If you’re really paying attention, you’ll be able to see if she’s interested in you just by the way she looks at you and notices you. This could be a great way to catch signs of true love from a shy woman.

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7. She’s not unreasonable with you 

Everyone gets irrationally angry from time to time, but if she values your existence in her life, she’ll be the first to admit she’s being unreasonable if she really is. She won’t have unrealistic expectations of you. Even if she does, sooner or later she’ll realize that she was being unreasonable.

If you’re figuring out how to identify true love of a girl, take note of how she opts to reconcile after a fight or two. If you can see that she’s making an effort to make things better between you two, it’s generally because she values what she has with you and wouldn’t want to lose it.

How to control anger in a relationship is something every couple has to work on, but at least you two will eventually want to work things out. That in itself should be enough to get the ball rolling. Take note: this only applies to when she’s actually being unreasonable, not just when you think she is. 

8. She wants to spend time with you

The two of you could just be lazing around, eating pizza while Netflix plays in the background and still have the best day ever. You don’t need to do much to have a great time with her, because she likes just being with you. The next time she asks you to accompany her for grocery shopping for the fifth time that week, something’s definitely up.

When trying to answer “what are the signs of true love from a girl” just think about how much time you two spend together and how compatible you are with each other. 

9. When a woman loves a man, she tends to get jealous about things 

Being excessively jealous isn’t really a good sign, but healthy jealousy in a relationship can actually signify a few good things. You don’t want her to be mortally angry at you when you receive a DM from an unknown girl, but you don’t want her to be completely nonchalant when you tell her you’re meeting your ex as well. 

Subtle signs of jealousy don’t scream out trust issues, but they can signify that she cares about having you in her life. 

10. Notice her body language for real signs of true love

When she’s too shy to tell you what she’s feeling, her body language will scream it out instead. Body language signs of attraction like eye contact, fixing her hair and blushing are very easy to catch and impossible to fake. You don’t require a crash course on body language to be able to catch true love signs from a girl. If she leans in while talking to you and removes barriers between you two, it’s a good enough sign.

On the other hand, if she’s greeting you with a handshake every time you two meet and crossing her arms in front of her body when she’s with you, perhaps consider moving on. 

falling in love

11. She’s always trying to be kind to you

Without playful teasing, no relationship can exist. Can you really not make even a single joke if your partner gets an embarrassing pimple a day before a meeting? You won’t have to ask yourself things like, “How to know she’s the one” if she makes fun of your tummy, but is also very kind to you.

She doesn’t have to go completely out of her way and bring you your favorite cheesecake for it to be considered kind; the signs a woman is in love can be seen through the little kind gestures she may do for you. Is she paying more attention to you when you’re in a group? Perhaps she’s always complimenting you and telling you how good you look. Because she cares about you and your happiness, she’ll always try to remain kind to you, and yes, she would expect that kindness from you too. 

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12. Signs she is madly in love with you: She tells you things she likes about you 

“I love it when you talk passionately about things you care about.” 
“I like it when you take care of yourself like that.” 
“I like that you’re so nice to me.” 

If there was ever a sign she is madly in love with you, this is it. Think about if she’s ever told you things you do that she likes. Hopefully, she’s indirectly telling you that she likes you and would like you to keep doing those things.

Sometimes, when you’re figuring out how to identify true love of a girl, all you have to do is notice what she’s saying to you. If she’s shy, however, you better just stick to trying to read her body language. 

13. If she sees a future with you, it’s a sign a woman is in love

When she talks about a possible future with you, know that it’s one of the biggest signs of love from a woman. She won’t waste her time trying to envision a future with someone she thinks is not worthy of her respect and adoration. It could be as subtle as her hinting at getting a dog with you, or maybe even suggesting moving in with you one day since you two get along so well. 

While you’re imagining a future with the girl of your dreams, make sure you ask yourself, “Am I falling in love too fast?. Infatuation can soon take over and cloud your judgment.

14. If she confides in you, it can be a real sign of true love from a woman

She will only confide in you and tell you all her secrets if she trusts you deeply and values your opinion. You won’t judge her or belittle her for anything, so the communication with you will always be honest and open. Would you open up to someone you don’t feel comfortable with? Similarly, the fact that she’s capable of having a conversation with you about her life goals is a good indicator.

It doesn’t even have to be secrets she’s never told anyone before. If she can rant with you at the end of a long day, it’s one of the purest real signs of true love from a woman. The next time she’s talking to you about something that has been bothering her, make sure she feels like you’re attentively listening. Resist the urge to try to solve her problems until she asks for help, the ‘superhero’ card only works in the movies.

15. She respects you

Mutual respect in a relationship is a great indicator of how healthy your bond is. When someone who doesn’t respect you is talking to you, it ends up feeling like they just wait for you to stop talking so they can get to talk again. With her, however, conversations are always engaging and you always feel heard. She won’t disregard your opinions and what you say will matter to her a lot. 

16. True love signs from a girl: She doesn’t take you for granted

When there’s love, adoration and kindness, she won’t take the things you do for her for granted. It’ll be pretty obvious that she respects the bond she has with you and doesn’t steamroll over it, thinking it doesn’t need any nurturing. 

When coupled with the other signs we have listed out, a genuine display of respect may well just be a real sign of true love from a woman. Think about it, why would she waste her time being respectful to someone she didn’t care about much? If she appreciates the things you do for her and doesn’t only talk to you when she asks for favors, we’d say there’s a basis for something more.

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17. She tells you what bothers her

Sometimes with a friend or an acquaintance, you may let some things slide because the arguments that ensue may not be worth the effort. Since she thinks this relationship is worth working on, she’ll tell you if you piss her off. It may not necessarily be a sign a woman is in love, but it definitely means she values her input in your life.

She won’t let things die down on their own and will be honest about her feelings and her expectations. If she didn’t care about you, she wouldn’t put in the effort. 

How to know if a woman loves you truly depends largely on figuring out if you see reciprocation for the effort you put in. You’ll never feel lonely in your relationship or as if she doesn’t care much about what you say. When you do realize that there are real signs of true love here, hurry up and put a ring on it. For all you know, you might just have found “the one”.


1. What are the signs of true love?

Signs of true love from a woman include her showing obvious gestures that she cares about you and your well-being. She’ll be kinder to you than most and will actively try to spend more time with you. She’ll put in an effort to nurture your relationship with her and will never take you for granted.

2. What does true love feel like for a woman?

When a woman is in true love, she will experience an intense connection with you, prompting her to be kind, supportive and caring. She will push you to be the best version of yourself and experience true happiness when she is with you. She will lose all her insecurities and trust you completely.

3. How does a woman show her love?

A woman will show her love by showing how much she cares for you and by being supportive and kind. She will respect you and never take your relationship with her for granted. She will push you to be the best version of yourself, supporting you every step of the way. She will open up with you and be as comfortable as possible, without any fear of being judged.

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