19 Signs Of True Love From A Woman

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Updated On: September 18, 2023
real signs of true love from a woman

When you love her to the moon and back, it is natural to wonder if all her thoughts revolve around you too. But the signs of true love from a woman don’t always line up like the constellations. Studies have shown that when it comes to love, men fall fast and confess their feelings early, while women are slower and more deliberate. Often, when a woman loves a man, he tends to be completely oblivious to it…until she spells it out for him.

But what if she is waiting for you to pick up on the clues and make the first move? What if she tires of waiting and moves on, thinking you don’t feel the same way about her? That’s why it’s crucial to figure out how to know if a woman loves you truly.

We’re here to help you do just that, with a lowdown on the signs a woman loves you deeply. Read on to find out so you won’t be kicking yourself years later when you finally realize she really was into you and you missed your chance to find true love.

19 Signs Of True Love From A Woman – She’s The One 

How to tell if your feelings for a girl are reciprocated? Chances are, if she’s into you, she’ll let you know one way or the other. But modern love comes with its own questions and confusions. If she leaves you on “seen” in her DMs and replies a day later, does it mean there’s nothing there? And if she doesn’t text you on Instagram, but checks all your stories…well, what should you make of that?

Sometimes, it’s best not to overthink things. You don’t have to be from Mars and she doesn’t have to be from Venus. Some good observation and communication can put you both on the same planet. Or, perhaps under the same roof – if things go well. 

So what are the signs of true love from a girl? Or, signs she loves you deeply, but secretly? And what are the signs she wants a relationship with you? If you need help figuring this out, we’ve got a list. Remember not to turn these signs into expectations and complicate things. They will be there naturally if you’re both in love.

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1. Her body language holds clues about her true feelings for you

Early body language signs of attraction, like sweaty palms, racing hearts, playing with hair, and giggling or smiling often, are easy to catch and impossible to fake. You won’t need a crash course in spotting these physical signs of love from a woman.  They will be evident in the way she behaves around you. Yes, even if you’re looking for signs of true love from a shy woman. Here’s what these signs look like:

  • She tries to get closer to you. For instance, she leans into you often or puts her head on your shoulders 
  • She blushes when you come closer
  • She touches you often, like patting your arm when you talk
  • She mirrors your gestures unconsciously, mimics your posture, or matches her steps with yours

These are clear psychological signs she likes you and loves to be around you. However, if she flits between flirty and distant and makes a habit of sending out mixed signals, don’t mistake her hot and cold behavior for real signs of true love. 

2. Her eyes speak volumes even if she hasn’t spelled her feelings out yet

Eye contact can be another good physical indicator if you’re looking for early signs of true love from a shy woman. Locking eyes with you for a split second here, a lingering look there. If you pay attention, you’ll be able to see if she’s interested in you just by the way she looks at you. 

So, stop raking your brains over questions like, “If she looks at me like she loves me, what does it mean?” If she has eyes for only you, it is one of the unconscious psychology signs a woman is in love.

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3. She loves spending time with you

Wondering what are the signs of true love from a girl? Just think about how much time you two spend together and how compatible you are. If she’s into you, she’ll like just being with you. It won’t matter if all you both do is stay in, eating pizza and watching Netflix on rainy days and lazy nights. 

Also, if she likes you, she will make time for you and want to spend every free minute with you. She may even choose to ditch her friends to be with you. And she will find excuses to be with you. So when she asks you to come grocery shopping or help her with something, for the fifth time, in one week, know that she’s craving your company. And perhaps you. On the other hand, if she isn’t emotionally invested, she’ll only call or want to meet up when she’s got nothing better to do.

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4. When a woman loves a man, some jealousy is natural, too 

Excessive jealousy isn’t a good sign in any love relationship. After all, you wouldn’t want her to be mortally angry every time an unknown girl slides into your DMs. However, you won’t want her to be completely nonchalant either when you tell her you’re meeting your ex. So, some healthy jealousy can be a good sign indicating stirrings of real love. These subtle signs of jealousy don’t scream out trust issues, but indicate that she cares about having you in her life:

  • When someone tries to flirt with you, she jumps in and breaks up the conversation
  • Or, she complains your new hobby is taking up all your time – and eating into your time with her 

And what does it mean when a girl tries to make you jealous? It could mean she’s insecure or unsure of your feelings and wants to test how you feel about her.

5. Signs a woman is falling in love: She tells you what she likes about you 

Sometimes, identifying the signs a woman loves you is about taking notice of the things she says to you. Maybe read between the lines a little. Statements like these may be her way of indirectly telling you that she likes you:

  • “I love it when you talk passionately about things you care about”
  • “I like that you’re so nice to me”
  • “I like it when you take care of yourself”

Combined with other indicators, these could be signs of true love from a woman or signs she secretly loves you but isn’t ready to ‘fess up just yet. 

6. How to tell if a girl loves you? She finds ways to show you she cares about you

Signs of true love from a woman
She wants to know and remembers all the little things about you.

Studies show that women are more confident than men in expressing their love, liking, and affection. So, when a girl is in love with you, she will show it, even without saying she loves you, in the way she cares for you. This doesn’t mean she will mother or coddle you outright (nor should you want her to if you want a healthy relationship). But here are some things that can be read as signs of true love from a shy woman:  

  • She wants to know and remember all the little things and small details about you: what you like, what you don’t, and all your newfangled interests and old
  • She makes thoughtful gestures, like tweaking her schedule so you can leave work together, and she makes much of everything you do for her, too
  • If something’s troubling you, she is the first person to spot it, won’t rest till she finds out all about it, and finds ways to soothe or coax a smile out of you

Though if she loves the attention, but not you, then:

  • She will come only when she wants something 
  • She will tell you all her troubles, but never be there for you

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7. She is kind and compassionate with you

When someone adores you, they may make warm and unexpected gestures to let you know you’re on their mind and in their heart. Sometimes, the signs she truly loves you will show in all the small things she does for you regularly like:

  • Leaving love notes in your pocket that will make you smile
  • Picking up your favorite cheesecake “just because” 
  • Calling the airline to make sure they don’t serve you anything with peanuts cause you’re allergic 
  • Making positive comments and compliments, though she may still tease you playfully now and then

She will also listen patiently when you have a grouse to share and make you feel understood and heard. If she already does all this, do you even need to ask: How to know she’s the one?    

8. She cares about your happiness as much as her own

Like physical signs of love from a woman, the signs she cares deeply about you or is developing feelings for you would be evident in the way she will try to make you happy and feel good about yourself. They will also be loud and clear in the way she makes you feel seen, heard, and valued. That means she will be curious about you.

She won’t brush off or ignore your feelings or concerns. And, when bad things happen, she won’t leave you to deal with them alone. At the same time, she won’t say things just to please. Nor will she hold back if she feels you’re doing something that won’t do you any good.

9. She wants to see you do better 

One of the signs she loves you deeply is that she will always have your best interests at heart. And she’ll make an actual effort to support your goals. If she sees you dissatisfied with where you are in life, she won’t just leave you to it. Instead, she’ll make sure you see that she cares enough about you to push you onward. 

If she tries to support you and reminds you of your purpose, take it as a sign. Try to make some effort on your own, too. If you don’t, she won’t stick around forever. Catching signs of true love from a woman will be the least of your problems then.

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10. She is more than your best friend 

Friendship forms the heart of all strong relationships, romantic ones included. In fact, researchers have found that most romantic partners start as friends. So, if you’ve fallen for your best friend, it’s natural to wonder: Is she falling for me? Does she have feelings for me, too? Does she love me back?  

How to know if she loves you and your friendship is turning into something more? Well, if a girl starts to like you more than as a friend

  • She will make the effort to get to know you well enough to read your mind and your moods like a book
  • She will make you a part of all the big and small moments in her life and make sure she’s there for yours 
  • She will take a greater interest than usual in your personal life and all the people in it
  • She will be fiercely protective of you and your connection
  • She may feel nervous and act more emotional or different around you
falling in love

11. If she confides in you, it can be a real sign of true love from a woman

A woman will only confide in you and tell you all her secrets if she trusts you deeply and values your opinion. And, if she is confident you won’t judge or belittle her. According to author and researcher Brene Brown, “Vulnerability is the birthplace of love.” So, if she is comfortable telling you all about her life, fears, and goals without inhibition, take it as a good sign.

It doesn’t even have to be secrets she’s never told anyone before. If she can rant with you at the end of a long day, it’s one of the real signs of true love on her part. So, the next time she’s talking to you about something that has been bothering her, make sure she feels heard. Resist the urge to play swoop in and solve her problems unless she asks for help.

12. If she’s her true self around you, it can be a sign of affection from a woman

If you notice she is extremely comfortable with you and talks to you a lot. Or, she tells you she can be herself and she doesn’t need to think about what she has to say around you. Then, take these as signs she cares about you deeply and is trying to show you that.

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13. She tries to talk things through 

Sometimes, with a friend or an acquaintance, we let some things slide because we feel the argument that would follow will not be worth the effort. But when a woman thinks your relationship is worth working on: 

  • She’ll tell you if, when, how, and why you – or the things you do – drive her mad 
  • She won’t let problems fester
  • She will be honest about her feelings and her expectations 

If she didn’t care about you, she wouldn’t put in the effort to talk things through and have deep conversations.

14. She’s not unreasonable with you 

Signs she is madly in love with you
She values what she has with you.

Everyone gets irrationally angry from time to time. But if she values you, she’ll be the first to admit she’s being unreasonable, if that’s really the case. If you’re figuring out how to know if she loves you, take note of how she chooses to reconcile after a fight or two. If she’s making an effort to make things better between you two, it’s likely because she values what she has with you and doesn’t want to lose it. 

Take note: This only applies to when she’s actually being unreasonable, not just when you think she is. 

15. She is willing to make some sacrifices for you 

Research has shown that people are willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the relationships they are committed to. So, sometimes, the signs of true love from a woman are in the things she doesn’t do or gives up for you. Or, the times she puts your needs and interests above hers: 

  • Like when she cancels long-standing plans with friends to comfort you over losing out on a promotion, or 
  • When she goes to watch a play with you instead of watching the NBA playoffs like she wanted to

When coupled with other indicators, sacrifices can be signs she is madly in love with you. However, if she’s the only one making them, it won’t bode well for your relationship.

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16. How to know if a woman loves you truly? She holds you in respect

Mutual respect is often a good indicator of how healthy a bond is. So, if she respects you here’s what she will do:

  • Give you the space to speak your mind and make your decisions without her feeling threatened
  • Agree to disagree with you in an argument
  • Honor your wishes and boundaries

And here’s what she won’t:

  • Constantly criticize you or pan your decisions 
  • Try to control what you think or say
  • Put you down in private or in front of friends
  • Treat you like an afterthought

17. True love signs from a girl: She doesn’t take you for granted

How to tell if a girl loves you? When a girl falls for someone, she will make it obvious they’re on top of her priority list. If her feelings for you run deep, 

  • She will place high value on the things you say
  • She won’t ignore your calls/messages 
  • She won’t make plans and cancel them last minute 
  • She won’t let you do all the heavy lifting in the relationship 
  • She won’t keep you guessing about how she feels about you

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18. She likes you just as you are

When we fall in love, we tend to see past each other’s flaws, quirks, and shortcomings, at least initially. But the best relationships are the ones where partners like each other for exactly who they are, including the good, the not-so-good, and the somewhat ugly parts. So, if she makes you feel accepted and loved completely, you don’t need to look up psychology signs a woman is in love. Rather, you can take them as signs she cares about you deeply and has a special place for you in her heart.

19. She sees a future with you

When she talks about a possible future with you, know that it’s one of the biggest signs of true love from a woman. It could be as subtle as a casual remark about traveling the world together someday, imagining how crazy getting a dog together would be, or hinting at living with you one day. The bottom line is, she won’t waste her time trying to draw future plans with someone she thinks is not worthy of her respect and adoration.

If she talks about doing things with you years and years from now, it is one of the signs she is madly in love with you. However, if all this is happening too fast, there’s nothing wrong with dialing things down and taking the time to know each other better.

How to know if a woman loves you truly? And how to know she’s the one for you? The answer to these questions depends largely on figuring out whether your feelings and the effort you make with someone are reciprocated. And accurately reading any signs and hints they drop. If you do spot the signs of true love, however, go ahead and start planning the wedding. We’re kidding. That would be premature. Plan the engagement first! For all you know, you may just have found “the one”.


1. What are the signs of true love?

If she loves you truly, her words, actions, and gestures will make it obvious she cares about you and your well-being. She will also try to spend more time with you, be her real self with you, make an effort to nurture your relationship, and never take you for granted. She will also push you to be the best version of yourself.

2. What does true love feel like for a woman?

When real love stirs in a woman’s heart, she experiences an intense connection with you. She experiences true happiness when she is with you and places her trust in you. She may also feel a little jealous if something or someone else claims your time and attention.

3. How does a woman show her love?

A woman will show her love by showing how much she cares for you. She will be kind and respect you. She won’t take your relationship for granted. She will also be supportive of your dreams.

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